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Battle of Smyrna Convoy

13th March 1671/72
Part of : The Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672 - 1674/02)
Previous action : Battle of Bugia 8.5.1671
Next action : Battle of Solebay 28.5.1672


Dutch Republic

1st Dutch Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Dordrecht (50) 1653-1673
Dutch 50 Gun
4th Rate Ship of the Line
 Fleet Flagship
2nd Dutch Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Vlissingen (46) 1653-1674
Dutch 46 Gun
4th Rate Ship of the Line
Jan le SageDutch
Naval Sailor
Service 1602-1653
Fleet Flagship
3rd Dutch Squadron
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Utrecht (48) 1653-1673
Dutch 48 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
 Fleet Flagship

Kingdom of England

Initial Attackers,
Sir Robert HolmesBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1660-1672
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Saint Michael (90) 1669-1706
British 90 Gun
2nd Rate Ship of the Line
Sir Robert HolmesBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1660-1672
Fleet Flagship 34 killed, 56 wounded
Resolution (70) 1667-1696
British 70 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
Lord Thomas Butler (Earl of Ossory)British
Naval Sailor
Service 1672-1674
Cambridge (68) 1666-1694
British 68 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
Fretchville HoliesBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1665-1672
Fairfax (60) 1653-1674
British 60 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
George LeggeBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1667-1688
York (58) 1653-1703
British 58 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
1660 Renamed "York"
Thomas ElliottBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1654-1673
Second Day Reinforcements
Ship NameCommanderNotes
Gloucester (60) 1654-1682
British 60 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
John HolmesBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1664-1679
Diamond (46) 1652-1693
British 46 Gun
4th Rate Ship of the Line
Thomas FoulisBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1666-1673
Success (24) 1658-1680
British 24 Gun
5th Rate Ship
1660 Renamed "Success"
George WatsonBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1660-1674



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Posted by Brian on Sunday 7th of February 2016 22:30

London Gazette 21 March 1672 Hague, March 29. Most of our Smyrna Fleet are arrived in Zealand and in the Maes, together with the Men of War, under whose convoy they were, though extremely torn and very much disabled; five of our merchantmen were taken by the English, two of which were the richest in the fleet, laden with silks and other rich commodities and were called the Landtman of Amsterdam and the Vrede of Rotterdam, besides one of our men of war, called the Little Holland, mounted with 44 guns and 150 men; Captain de Haes Admiral of this fleet was killed in this engagement, with many of our men, and many more wounded who have been since brought ashore at Rotterdam and other places. The Men of War which served for Convoys to the said fleet were: (their spelling!)The Ulisshing Capt. Adrian de Haes, 50 guns, 250 men;
The Dort Capt. Thomas de Bois 46 guns 170 men
The Entrecht Capt. Cornelius Everson 48 guns 220 men
The Hollania Capt. Thomas Nes 44 guns 150 men
The Dels Capt. Pourt 38 guns 145 men
The Lion Capt. Lenny 34 guns 140 men
The Centzur Capt. Thomas Alderson 41 guns 120 men
The Friezland Capt. Jacob Anderson 30 guns 110 men
The Munnick, a considerable merchant man mounted with 30 guns, was so torn and disabled,that with much difficulty they have brought her into Port; Captain du Bois Vice-Admiral of the Fleet, hath lost his right arm, and many of his men.

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