Battle of Solebay

28th May 1672
Part of : The Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672 - 1674/02)
Previous action : Battle of Smyrna Convoy 13th March 1672
Next action : First Battle of Schooneveld 28th May 1673


Allied (Kingdom of England & Royaume de France)

Blue Squadron, Sir Edward Montagu (1st Earl of Sandwich)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Blue Squadron Van Division, Sir John Kempthorne
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Bonaventure 48Richard Trevanion
Saint George 66Geoffrey Pearce
Saint Andrew 100John ArcherSquadron Flagship
Warspite 64Robert Robinson
Antelope 52Richard WhiteFireship (Expended)
French Ruby 74Thomas Room Coyle
Blue Squadron, Center Division, Sir Edward Montagu (1st Earl of Sandwich)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Henry 64The Hon. Francis Digby CO Killed
Princess 56 
Mary Rose 50William DaviesFireship (Expended)
Montagu 58Thomas Darcy
Royal James 100Richard HaddockSquadron Flagship
Rupert 64Sir John Holmes
Leopard 56Peter Bowen
Edgar 70John Wetwang
Crown 48William FinchFireship (Expended)
Blue Squadron, Rear Division, Sir Joseph Jordan
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Plymouth 52Roger Strickland
Unicorn 46Richard James
Triumph 74Willoughby Hannam
Ruby 46 
Tiger 40John Turner
Mary 58John Brooks
Red Squadron, Sir James Stuart (Duke of York)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Red Squadron, Van Division, Sir Edward Spragg
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Resolution 70Sir John BerrySquadron Flagship
Bristol 52Charles Wylde
London 96 
Old James 48John Hayward
Sweepstakes 36George Canning
Dunkirk 58Francis Courtnay
Diamond 46Thomas Fowles
Monck 58Bernard Ludman
Red Squadron, Center Division, Sir James Stuart (Duke of York)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Phoenix 42Ralph Sanderson
Yarmouth 50Robert Werden
Cambridge 68Fretchville Holies CO Killed
Fairfax 72George Legge
Victory 82Lord Thomas Butler (Earl of Ossory)
Prince 100John NarboroughSquadron Flagship
Saint Michael 90Sir Robert Holmes
Monmouth 64Richard Beach
Adventure 38John Tyrwhitt
Red Squadron, Rear Division, Sir John Harman
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Yarmouth 50Robert Werden
York 58Thomas Elliott
Greenwich 58Levy Green
Anne 58John Waterworth CO Killed
Charles 96Sir John HarmanSquadron Flagship
Rainbow 64James Storey
Forrester 22Sir Henry Killigrew
Dover 48Sir John Ernle
Revenge 58John Hart
White Squadron, Jean d'Estrées (Comte d'Estrées)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
White Squadron, Van Division, Abraham II Duquesne
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Illustre 64 François-Bénédict de Rouxel (Marquis de Grancey)
Téméraire 52 de Larson
Admirable 70Jérome-Augustin du Vernay de Beaulieu
Le Terrible 70Abraham II DuquesneSquadron Flagship
Le Conquérant 66 de Beaulieu de Tivas
Hasardeux 34 Théophile du Vigier (Sieur de La Vigerie-Treillebois)
Bourbon 48 de Kerven
Alcyon 44 Bitaut de Beor
Prince 50 Charles-François Davy (Marquis d'Amfreville)
Vaillant 52André de Nesmond
White Squadron, Center Division, Jean d'Estrées (Comte d'Estrées)
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Françoise 32 Jacques de Cuers (Seigneur de Cogolin)
Foudroyant 76 Jean Gabaret (Seigneur d'Angoulins)
Brave 50 Jean-Baptiste Valbelle (Chevalier de Valbelle)
Aquilon 52 d'Ailly
Le Tonnant 64Hector des Ardens
Le Saint Philippe 82 de CouSquadron Flagship
Grand 66 Gombaud
Duc 48 Bernard Jean-François Jacques Kadot
L'Oriflamme 50 Kerjean-Lesmoual
Excellent 56 Pierre Guérusseau (Seigneur du Magnou)
L'Arrogant 32François de Villeneuve-Ferrieres
White Squadron, Rear Division, du Vigier (Sieur des Rabesnières-Treillebois )
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Fort 56 Charles de Courbon-Blénac (1st Comte de Blénac)
Rubis 48 Louis Le Roux d'Infreville-Saint-Aubin (Chevalier d'Infreville-Saint-Aubin)
Le Galant 46Chevalier Pierre Le Bret (Chevalier de Flacourt)
Sans Pareil 64 Chadeau de la Clocheterie
Superbe 76 du Vigier (Sieur des Rabesnières-Treillebois )Squadron Flagship CO Killed
Sage 52 Anne Hilarion de Costentin (Comte de Tourville)
Le Hardi 32 de la Roque-Garseval
L'Heureux 52 François Panetié (Seigneur de la Croix)
L'Invincible 64 François de Livenne de Verdille
Vessels not in the Line
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Falcon 36Charles Montagu
Fountain 34Robert Stout
Nightingale 30Henry Clarke
Success 24George Watson
Dartmouth 28 
Ann and Christopher 8William Humble Fireship
Bantum 6Henry Pattison Sunk Fireship
Katherine 6Thomas Andrews
Alice and Francis 6Ezekiel Yennis
Anne and Judith 6Joseph Harris
Thomas and Edward 6John Holmes
Fanfan 4John Pibus
Francis 4Robert Fortescue

Dutch Republic

Van Squadron, Adriaen van Trappen Banckert
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Zevenwolden 76 
Groningen 72 
Prins Hendrik Casimir 72 
Gelderland 72 
Oudshoorn 70 
Walcheren 70 
Kalandsoog 68 
Steenbergen 64Jan Roetering
Wapen van Nassau 60 
Schieland 60Nicolaas Naalhout
Huis te Kruiningen 58 
Oostergo 64Jan Janszoon Vijselaer
Elf Steden 54 
Zwanenburg 52Cornelis Evertsen
Drie Helden Davids 50 
Middelburg 50 
Oranje 50 
Vlissingen 46Jan le Sage
Medemblik 46Hendrik Visscher
Zierikzee 40Willem Hendriksen
Veere 40Adriaan van Cruiningen
Center Squadron, Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
De Zeven Provinciën 86 Fleet Flagship
Reigersbergen 74Jacob van Meeuwen
Ridderschap 72 
Wapen van Hoorn 70 
Groot Hollandia 68Jan van Brakel
Maagd van Dordrecht 68 
Waasdorp 68Francois Palm
Westfriesland 78 
Utrecht 62 
Alkmaar 62Klaas Anker
Delft 62Gerolf Ysselmuyden
Deventer 62 
Jozua 60Jan Dick Sunk
Provincie van Utrecht 60 
Westergo 56 
Wassenaer 56Philips van Almonde
Beschermer 54David Swerius
Agatha 50 
Zeelandia 48 
Jaarsveld 34 
Stavoren 46Daniel Elsevier Captured
Rear Squadron, Willem Josef van Ghent
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Dolfijn 84Michael KindtSquadron Flagship
Olifant 82 
Gouda 72 
Pacificatie 70Volckert Schram
Komeetster 70Hendrik van Tol
Woerden 68Jacob Binckes
Wapen van Enkhuizen 66 
Justina van Nassau 60Jan Heck
Akerboom 60Jacob Teding van Berkhout
Noorderkwartier 60Jan Dick
Gideon 60Pieter van Middelandt
Oosterwijk 62 
Amsterdam 62 
Essen 50 
Dordrecht 50 
Caleb 50Jan Crook
Gouden Leeuwen 50 
Stavoreen 48 
Jupiter 48 
Frigates Etc.
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
Harderwijk 34Mozes Wichmans
Asperen 32 
Overijssel 30 
Popkensburg 24Matheeus Megang
Schiedam 24 
Bommel 24Pieter Claesse Decker
Haas 24 
Windhond 4 
Brak 24Cornelis van der Zaen
Postiljon 20 
Sollenburgh 4Jan Janszoon Bout


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Posted by gauthard serge on Wednesday 18th of January 2017 17:13

Van Division:
Ship: TEMERAIRE : captain : de Larson.
Center Division:
Ship: ARROGANT : captain : de Villeneuve-Ferrières.
Rear Division :
Ship: RUBIS : captain : Saint- Aubin d'Infreville.
Ship: SAGE : captain : Anne-Hilarion Chevalier de Tourville.
Ship: HARDI : captain : de la Roque-Garseval.
Ship: HEUREUX : captain : François Panetié.
Ship: INVINCIBLE : captain : Chevalier de Verdille.
Ship:SANS PAREIL : another captain : de la Clocheterie !!

Posted by Brian on Thursday 12th of June 2014 17:56

The London Gazette
Publication date:June 1672
Ostend June 15 By divers vessels, arrived here from Zealand we have advice that several Dutch men of war are come in three miserably damaged and torn ans shattered, and amongst others Lieu. Admiral Van Ghents ship, who hath above 200 men killed and 60 wounded, Van Effs ship, Vice Admiral of Rotterdam, young Eversons ship, the Haas of Amsterdam, as likewise Cap. Brackels ship who have all lost abundance of men; we are certainly informed that de Ruyter lost above 200 men on board his own ship; and the Dutch themselves confess that the have lost more men in this engagement that in any two battles during any former war; all the hospitals at Terveer, Ulissing, and Middleburgh are now crowded with wounded men, so that notwithstanding all the extravagant reports that have been spread abroad in Holland, of the advantage they had over the English in this engagement, the people begin to become very sensible of the contrary and cannot be longer kept from knowing that their fleet is extremely torn and disabled. etc.

Posted by Brian on Thursday 12th of June 2014 17:32

The London Gazette
Publication date:27 May 1672
Southwould, May 28. past nine at night. About five a clock this morning, His Majesty's Fleet, under the Command of Hid Royal Highness, discovered the Dutch standing in for this Bay, upon which our fleet weighed, and about seven the Dutch engaged with the Blue Squadron, the Royal James, being the first that fired. The next that was engaged was his Royal Highness who was becalmed; the Blue Squadron who were to the northward, and the French who were to the southward, having a gale, the French got up with his Royal Highness and fought bravely; the Blue stood to the northward, but were divided. The Sovereign with part of the Blue Squadron engaging with the Dutch, the wind being at E.S.E. were with the ebb tide driven to the northward as low as Leistoff, and about noon the wind coming up northerly to the northward of the east. Sir. Joseph Jordan and the St. Andrew, with upward of twenty more got the weather gage of the Dutch and betwixt two and three in the afternoon, were hotly engaged, the Dutch standing away to the S.E. Betwixt two and 3 a clock, the Royal Highness being over pressed with men of war and fireships, a Flag-ship laid himself thwart behind his harse, who finding hot entertainment called for Quarter; our men entring him, thee Fire-ships attacked the Royal James, two of which he sunk, the other took place and burnt him; the Earl of Sandwich is safe, and Captain Haddock, only the Captain wounded in the thigh. The Henry and two or three ships more being disabled, are now standing for Harwich. Several ships were observed to have been fired, what the are is not known. The wind is now at N.E. and blows a fresh gale , the ceased from fighting between eight and nine this night.

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