Battle of Negroponte

1st September 1697
Part of : Morean War (1684 - 1699)
Previous action : Battle of Lemnos 6th July 1697
Next action : 2nd Battle of Negroponte 20th September 1697



Venetian Squadron
Ship NameGunsCommanderNotes
San Lorenzo Zustinian 70Bartolomeo Contarini
Iride 70Marco Giaffero


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Posted by Brian on Saturday 23rd of January 2016 19:11

London Gazette 1696, Venice, Nov. 9 - The Captain General sailed from Porto Parro in July, and after having cruised several days in the Archipelago, understanding that the Turkish Fleet, commanded by the Captain Bassa Mezzo??? was at Spalmadori and showed no inclination of coming out to engage him. He left the Men of War at Andros and went with the Gallies towards the Gulf of Eugena to make some attempt upon the enemy by land, or at least to draw their fleet out of Port. Soon after the Captain General was informed, that the Turkish Fleet had appeared near Negrepont, consisting of 36 Men of War, with divers Galliots and other small vessels. whereupon he returned with the Gallies to rejoin the Men of War, and then sailed with the whole fleet, to meet the enemy. On the 22th of August the two fleets came in sight of each other, and about noon 7 or 8 of the foremost ships on each side were engaged, the rest not being able to come up, through the calmness of the weather; the fight continued between the ships above mentioned, till the night put an end to it. The 23rd the enemy retired towards Scira, and the Venetians pursued them; but the Turks got into port where they stayed several days to repair the damage the ships, that fought, had sustained, three of which were very much disabled, and one made unfit for further service. They lost 3 Galliots and had about 500 men killed and wounded. The Captain General after this sailed to Andros. In the beginning of September, the two fleets being at sea had again sight of each other; but the Turks bore away with all the sail they could make. On the 19th of September the Captain General sent home the Pope's and Maltese Galleys, and sailed himself with the Venetian Galleys and Galleass to Napoli di Romania to take in provisions and other necessaries, which having done, returned to the Archipelago about the 28th of the last month, re enforced with 3 Man of War. The Turks left 3 of their ships in the Port of Scira, who were not in condition to put to sea, and the Captain General had sent some Men of War to endeavour to destroy them.

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