British Baltic Fleet 1659

Fleet CommanderEdward Montagu (d.1672)
Fleet Formed1659
Fleet Disbanded1659

Nonsuch (38) 1659 Fleet disbanded
James (48) 1659John Lawson (1610-1665)Fleet disbanded
Swiftsure (64) 1659William Goodson (1610-1680)Fleet disbanded
Truelove (14) 1659Benjamin FirmaseFleet disbanded
Sparrow (16) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Providence (30) 1659John Pointz, Giles ShelleyFleet disbanded
Pembroke (22) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Elizabeth (38) 1659John GrimsditchFleet disbanded
Hampshire (46) 1659Robert StoreyFleet disbanded
Ruby (42) 1659Sir Robert Kirby (d.1665)Fleet disbanded
Taunton (40) 1659Nathaniel BrownFleet disbanded
Reserve (44) 1659Robert PlumleighFleet disbanded
Fairfax (52) 1659Thomas WhetstoneFleet disbanded
Newbury (52) 1659Robert BlakeFleet disbanded
Bridgewater (52) 1659Anthony EarningFleet disbanded
Norwich (22) 1659Michael NuttonFleet disbanded
Pearl (22) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Guinea (34) 1659Geoffrey Pearce (d.1672)Fleet disbanded
Assurance (40) 1659Philip Holland (d.1666)Fleet disbanded
Portland (50) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Diamond (42) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Foresight (42) 1659Peter Mootham (d.1666)Fleet disbanded
Advice (42) 1659Francis Allen (d.1662)Fleet disbanded
Dragon (38) 1659Richard Haddock (1629-1714/15)Fleet disbanded
Winsby (44) 1659Joseph AmesFleet disbanded
Torrington (52) 1659Robert Sanders (d.1666/67), John Harman (d.1673)Fleet disbanded
Portland (50) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Centurion (50) 1659Francis ParkFleet disbanded
Newcastle (44) 1659Edmond CurtisFleet disbanded
Dover 1659Robert MartinFleet disbanded
Phoenix (38) 1659Thomas Bunn (d.1662)Fleet disbanded
Kentish (46) 1659Willoughby Hannam (d.1672)Fleet disbanded
Bristol (50) 1659George DakinsFleet disbanded
Essex (56) 1659John Hayward (d.1673)Fleet disbanded
Tredagh (52) 1659Thomas Teddeman (1620-1668)Fleet disbanded
Langport (52) 1659John Coppin (d.1666)Fleet disbanded
Lyme (52) 1659John StokesFleet disbanded
Unicorn (46) 1659 Fleet disbanded
George (52) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Naseby (80) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Jersey (40) 1659John SimonsFleet disbanded
Maidstone (40) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Nantwich (40) 1659Bernard Gilpin (d.1665)Fleet disbanded
Colchester (24) 1659Samuel BlakeFleet disbanded
Worcester (50) 1659Robert NixonFleet disbanded
Speaker (54) 1659Richard Stayner (d.1662), Eustace SmithFleet disbanded
Rainbow (64) 1659Eustace Smith, Anthony YoungFleet disbanded
Andrew (52) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Merlin (14) 1659 Fleet disbanded
Cheriton (22) 1659John Parker (d.1666)Fleet disbanded
Basing (22) 1659Richard Hodges (d.1666)Fleet disbanded
Mermaid (24) 1659Peter Foote (d.1666)Fleet disbanded
Amity (36) 1659Henry PackeFleet disbanded
Tiger (38) 1659Gabriel SandersFleet disbanded
Plymouth (52) 1659Edward WitheridgeFleet disbanded

UnknownPlymouth (52) left the fleet 
UnknownNaseby (80) left the fleet 
UnknownSaint George (60) left the fleet 
UnknownUnicorn (46) left the fleet 
UnknownLyme (52) left the fleet 
UnknownLangport (52) left the fleet 
UnknownTredagh (52) left the fleet 
UnknownEssex (56) left the fleet 
UnknownBristol (48) left the fleet 
UnknownKentish (46) left the fleet 
UnknownPhoenix (38) left the fleet 
UnknownDover left the fleet 
UnknownJersey (40) left the fleet 
UnknownMaidstone (40) left the fleet 
UnknownNantwich (40) left the fleet 
UnknownTiger (38) left the fleet 
UnknownAmity (36) left the fleet 
UnknownMermaid (24) left the fleet 
UnknownBasing (22) left the fleet 
UnknownCheriton (22) left the fleet 
UnknownMerlin (14) left the fleet 
UnknownSaint Andrew (42) left the fleet 
UnknownRainbow (64) left the fleet 
UnknownSpeaker (50) left the fleet 
UnknownWorcester (48) left the fleet 
UnknownColchester (24) left the fleet 
UnknownNewcastle (44) left the fleet 
UnknownCenturion (34) left the fleet 
UnknownPortland (50) left the fleet 
UnknownReserve (34) left the fleet 
UnknownTaunton (40) left the fleet 
UnknownRuby (42) left the fleet 
UnknownHampshire (46) left the fleet 
UnknownElizabeth (38) left the fleet 
UnknownPembroke (22) left the fleet 
UnknownProvidence (30) left the fleet 
UnknownSparrow (16) left the fleet 
UnknownTruelove (14) left the fleet 
UnknownSwiftsure (56) left the fleet 
UnknownJames (48) left the fleet 
UnknownFairfax (52) left the fleet 
UnknownNewbury (52) left the fleet 
UnknownBridgewater (52) left the fleet 
UnknownTorrington (52) left the fleet 
UnknownWinsby (44) left the fleet 
UnknownDragon (38) left the fleet 
UnknownAdvice (34) left the fleet 
UnknownForesight (34) left the fleet 
UnknownDiamond (42) left the fleet 
UnknownPortland (50) left the fleet 
UnknownAssurance (40) left the fleet 
UnknownGuinea (30) left the fleet 
UnknownPearl (22) left the fleet 
UnknownNorwich (22) left the fleet 
UnknownNonsuch (34) left the fleet 
1659/04/06Arrived in the Sound 



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