British Baltic Fleet 1721

Fleet CommanderSir John Norris (1670-1749)TRN3
Fleet Formed13.4.1721TRN3
Fleet Disbanded20.10.1721TRN3


In 1721, Sir John was employed in the same way, his mission being, however, not only to protect Sweden, but also to lend moral support to the mediatory efforts of the British minister at Stockholm. He sailed from the Nore on April 13th with a fleet of twenty-one ships of the line, two fireships, three bombs, and two tenders, and with Rear-Admiral Francis Hosier (W.), and Rear-Admiral Edward Hopsonn (B.), in command under him. His appearance in the Baltic undoubtedly favoured the conclusion of peace between the belligerents : and on September 10th hostilities between Sweden and Russia were formally terminated by the Treaty of Nystadt. Sir John dropped anchor at the Nore on October 20th.

Sandwich (90) 17211721William Faulknor (d.1725)
Defiance (60) 17211721Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744), Arthur Field (d.1726)
Kingston (60) 17211721Nicholas Eaton (d.c.1729)
Nottingham (60) 17211721Richard Hughes (1670-1756), The Hon. George Clinton (1686-1761)
Guernsey (50) 17211721William Houlding (c.1672-1731)
Worcester (54) 17211721Francis Blake Delavall (d.1752), Robert Man (1675-1745)
Dartmouth (54) 17211721William Smith (c.1674-1756)
Falmouth (54) 17211721Caleb Wade (d.1732)
Panther (54) 17211721Samuel Atkins (d.1765)
Gloucester (54) 17211721Edward Holland (d.1735/36)
Warwick (54) 17211721Thomas Williams (1671-?)
York (60) 17211721William Ellford (d.1723), Henry Medley (d.1747)
Medway (60) 17211721Robert Trevor (d.1741)
Dorsetshire (80) 17211721Richard Thomas Girlington (d.1743)
Chichester (80) 17211721Richard Hughes (1670-1756)
Suffolk (70) 17211721John Cooper (d.1728)
Expedition (70) 17211721 
Bedford (70) 17211721Robert Bowler (d.1734)
Monmouth (70) 17211721John Balchen (1669/70-1744)
Buckingham (70) 17211721Robert Coleman
Revenge (70) 17211721John Hager (d.1747/48)
Elizabeth (70) 17211721Robert Thompson
Gosport (42) 17211721James Luck (d.1730)

1721Sandwich (90) joined the fleet 
1721Dorsetshire (80) joined the fleet 
1721Chichester (80) joined the fleet 
1721  joined the fleet 
1721Suffolk (70) joined the fleet 
1721Expedition (70) joined the fleet 
1721Bedford (70) joined the fleet 
1721Monmouth (70) joined the fleet 
1721Buckingham (70) joined the fleet 
1721Revenge (70) joined the fleet 
1721Elizabeth (70) joined the fleet 
1721Medway (60) joined the fleet 
1721York (60) joined the fleet 
1721Defiance (60) joined the fleet 
1721Kingston (60) joined the fleet 
1721Nottingham (60) joined the fleet 
1721Guernsey (50) joined the fleet 
1721Worcester (54) joined the fleet 
1721Dartmouth (54) joined the fleet 
1721Falmouth (54) joined the fleet 
1721Panther (54) joined the fleet 
1721Gloucester (54) joined the fleet 
1721Warwick (54) joined the fleet 
1721Gosport (42) joined the fleet 
1721Sandwich (90) left the fleet 
1721Dorsetshire (80) left the fleet 
1721Chichester (80) left the fleet 
1721  left the fleet 
1721Suffolk (70) left the fleet 
1721Expedition (70) left the fleet 
1721Bedford (70) left the fleet 
1721Monmouth (70) left the fleet 
1721Buckingham (70) left the fleet 
1721Revenge (70) left the fleet 
1721Elizabeth (70) left the fleet 
1721Medway (60) left the fleet 
1721York (60) left the fleet 
1721Defiance (60) left the fleet 
1721Kingston (60) left the fleet 
1721Nottingham (60) left the fleet 
1721Guernsey (50) left the fleet 
1721Worcester (54) left the fleet 
1721Dartmouth (54) left the fleet 
1721Falmouth (54) left the fleet 
1721Panther (54) left the fleet 
1721Gloucester (54) left the fleet 
1721Warwick (54) left the fleet 
1721Gosport (42) left the fleet 
1721/05/09Arrived of the Sound as Flagship of the English fleet for the Baltic 


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