Winter Guard of 1647

Fleet CommanderThomas Rainsborough
Fleet Formed1647
Fleet Disbanded1648

Leopard (36) 16471648William Batten (c.1600-1667), Benjamin Crandley, Thomas Rainsborough
Expedition (30) 16471648Joseph Jordan (1603-1685)
Warwick (22) 16471648James Peacock (d.1653), Richard Farmer, Richard Fernes
Lions Whelp X (14) 16471648William Lawrence, William Brandley, John Tayler
Star (12) 16471648 
Crescent (14) 16471648John Edwin
Greyhound (12) 16471648John Coppin (d.1666)
Weymouth (18) 16471648John Pierce
Robert (8) 16471648William Rew
Hector (22) 16471648Edward Eliot, Francis Penrose
President (34) 16471648John Pilgrim
Fellowship (28) 16471648Henry Jervoise
Lion (42) 16471648Richard Swanley, Richard Swanley
Bonaventure (28) 16471648Walter Maynard, John Crowther
Nonsuch (34) 16471648William Thomas, Richard Willoughby
Assurance (40) 16471648William Penn (d.1670)
Adventure (32) 16471648Thomas Beddall
John (28) 16471648William Swanley
Providence (30) 16471648John Stansby
Mary Rose (26) 16471648Phineas Pett (d.1665), Thomas Harrison
Increase (12) 16471648Robert Moulton (d.1652), William Ledgant

1647/08/24Report from the Admiralty Committee, concerning the Winter's Guard
By the Committee of Lords and Commons for the Admiralty and Cinque Ports.
The Committee did this Day take into Consideration, that the Victualing of the Summer Guard begins to expire, and that it is necessary to have a Resolution taken touching the next Winter's Guard, that the Preparations may be made accordingly: And whereas there were ordered, for the last Winter's Expedition, Forty-one Ships and Vessels, which did bear Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy-eight Men: Now, on Consideration of a Report from the Commissioners of the Navy (in Pursuance of a Reference to them made), touching the Ships of the Fleet fittest for the next Winter's Expedition, it is this Day Ordered, That the Ships and Vessels here-under mentioned, bearing in the whole Two Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Men, be presented to the Approbation of both Houses of Parliament, for the making up of the next Winter's Guard