Fleet sent to Lisbon

Fleet CommanderRobert Blake (1598-1657)
Fleet Formed1650/02/14
Fleet Disbanded1652

George (60) 1650/02/14UnknownSir Charles Thorowgood
Lions Whelp X (14) 1650/02/14UnknownGeorge Dakins, Robert Baynes
Cygnet (18) 1650/02/14UnknownWilliam Wheatley
Merchant Frigate (30) 1650/02/14UnknownJohn Bourne
Constant Warwick (32) 1650/02/14UnknownRobert Moulton (d.1652)
John (28) 1650/02/14UnknownCharles Saltonstall
Tiger (38) 1650/02/14UnknownJames Peacock (d.1653), James Peacock (d.1653)
Providence (30) 1650/02/14UnknownJohn Pearse (d.1668)
Adventure (32) 1650/02/14UnknownAndrew Ball (d.1653)
Assurance (40) 1650/02/14UnknownBenjamin Blake (d.1689)
Happy Entrance (28) 1650/02/14UnknownRichard Badiley (d.1657)
Bonaventure (28) 1650/02/14UnknownRobert Hackwell
Leopard (36) 1650/02/14UnknownRobert Moulton (d.1652)
Merchant Frigate (30) 1650/05/26Unknown 
Lewis (30) 1650/05/26UnknownJohn Barker (d.1652/53)
Satisfaction (26) 1650/05/26UnknownWilliam Brandley, John Lambert
Phoenix (38) 1650/05/26UnknownWilliam Brandley, John Wadsworth
Andrew (42) 1650/05/26Unknown 
Hercules (34) 1650/05/26UnknownZachary Browne

UnknownSaint George (60) left the fleet 
UnknownLeopard (36) left the fleet 
UnknownBonaventure (28) left the fleet 
UnknownHappy Entrance (28) left the fleet 
UnknownAssurance (40) left the fleet 
UnknownAdventure (32) left the fleet 
Unknown  left the fleet 
UnknownProvidence (30) left the fleet 
UnknownTiger (38) left the fleet 
UnknownJohn (28) left the fleet 
UnknownConstant Warwick (32) left the fleet 
UnknownMerchant Frigate (30) left the fleet 
UnknownCygnet (18) left the fleet 
UnknownLions Whelp X (14) left the fleet 
UnknownSaint Andrew (42) left the fleet 
UnknownPhoenix (38) left the fleet 
UnknownSatisfaction (26) left the fleet 
Unknown  left the fleet 
UnknownLewis (30) left the fleet 
UnknownMerchant Frigate (30) left the fleet 
UnknownHercules (34) left the fleet 
1650/03/10Arrived off Lisbon 
1650/05/21The Portugese Brazil Fleet was stopped as it left the Tagus and nine English ships laden with Portuguese goods were detained 
1650/05/26Andrew (42) joined the fleet 
1650/05/26Phoenix (38) joined the fleet 
1650/05/26Satisfaction (26) joined the fleet 
1650/05/26  joined the fleet 
1650/05/26Lewis (30) joined the fleet 
1650/05/26Merchant Frigate (30) joined the fleet 
1650/05/26Hercules (34) joined the fleet 
1650/05/26Joined by reinforcements under Edward Popham 
1650/08/15The nine Brazil prizes were judged unseaworthy and were sent to England 
1650/09/07Minor engagement with 36 royalist vessels under Prince Rupert. Thick fog prevented more than a minor skirmish. 
1650/09/14Intercepted and attacked the Portugese Brazil Fleet, Seven ships were either taken or destroyed. 
1650/09/14The fleet sailed for Cadiz