British Baltic Fleet 1719

Fleet CommanderSir John Norris (1670-1749)
Fleet Formed6.1719
Fleet Disbanded11.1719

Cumberland (80) 17191719William Faulknor (d.1725)
Falmouth (54) 17191719Caleb Wade (d.1732)
Worcester (54) 17191719Charles Boyle (d.1720)
Dartmouth (54) 17191719Nicholas Eaton (d.c.1729)
Assistance (54) 17191719Edward Holland (d.1735/36)
Defiance (60) 17191719Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744)
Medway (60) 17191719Robert Trevor (d.1741)
Monck (64) 17191719Charles Smith (d.1749), Richard Hughes (1670-1756)
York (60) 17191719Charles Browne (c.1678-1753), Francis Percy (d.1740/41)
Plymouth (60) 17191719John Hager (d.1747/48)
Suffolk (70) 17191719The Hon. Charles Stewart (1681-1740/41)
Hampton Court (70) 17191719Robert Coleman
Monmouth (70) 17191719John Balchen (1669/70-1744)
Dorsetshire (80) 17191719John Furzer (d.1721), Sir Francis Hosier (d.1727)
Saint Albans (50) 17191719William Ellford (d.1723)

1719Cumberland (80) joined the fleet 
1719Dorsetshire (80) joined the fleet 
1719Monmouth (70) joined the fleet 
1719Hampton Court (70) joined the fleet 
1719Suffolk (70) joined the fleet 
1719Plymouth (60) joined the fleet 
1719York (60) joined the fleet 
1719Monck (64) joined the fleet 
1719Medway (60) joined the fleet 
1719Defiance (60) joined the fleet 
1719Assistance (54) joined the fleet 
1719Dartmouth (54) joined the fleet 
1719Worcester (54) joined the fleet 
1719Falmouth (54) joined the fleet 
1719Saint Albans (50) joined the fleet 
1719Cumberland (80) left the fleet 
1719Dorsetshire (80) left the fleet 
1719Monmouth (70) left the fleet 
1719Hampton Court (70) left the fleet 
1719Suffolk (70) left the fleet 
1719Plymouth (60) left the fleet 
1719York (60) left the fleet 
1719Monck (64) left the fleet 
1719Medway (60) left the fleet 
1719Defiance (60) left the fleet 
1719Assistance (54) left the fleet 
1719Dartmouth (54) left the fleet 
1719Worcester (54) left the fleet 
1719Falmouth (54) left the fleet 
1719Saint Albans (50) left the fleet 
1719/07/17Arrived off Copenhagen 
1719/08/26Entered the Baltic 
1719/09/05Arrived at the north end of Gland, but with only eleven vessels 
1719/11/07Started the voyage home 
1719/11/17Arrived at Copenhagen 
1719/11/23Left Copenhagen for England