British Fleet For North America

Fleet CommanderSir Hovenden Walker (1666-1725)
Fleet Formed1711/04/29
Fleet Disbanded1711/10/09

Edgar (70) 1711/04/291711/10/09Joseph Soanes (d.1737)
Basilisk (4) 1711/04/291711/10/09Robert Harward
Lowestoffe (32) 1711/04/291711/10/09George Gordon (d.1731)
Sapphire (42) 1711/04/291711/10/09John Cockburn (c.1666-c.1731)
Enterprise (42) 1711/04/291711/10/09Nicholas Smith (c.1671-1721)
Leopard (54) 1711/04/291711/10/09Isaac Cooke (c.1668-1712)
Dunkirk (50) 1711/04/291711/10/09Thomas Butler (d.1727)
Montagu (60) 1711/04/291711/10/09Sir George Walton (1665-1739)
Kingston (60) 1711/04/291711/10/09Joseph Winder (c.1661-1737/38)
Sunderland (60) 1711/04/291711/10/09Henry Gore (c.1666-1726)
Monmouth (64) 1711/04/291711/10/09John Mitchell
Swiftsure (64) 1711/04/291711/10/09John Cooper (d.1728)
Granado (4) 1711/04/291711/10/09James Grainger
Windsor (60) 1711/06/241711/10/09George Paddon (1670-1719)

1711/04/29sailed from St. Helens 
1711/06/24Windsor (60) joined the fleet 
1711/06/24Reached Nantasket Road, near Boston 
1711/07/30Sailed from Boston 
1711/08/18Anchored in Gaspe Bay, near the mouth of the St. Lawrence 
1711/08/20Left the Bay 
1711/08/21Turned into the river St. Lawrence 
1711/08/22and the 23rd. Eight transports were wrecked, and eight hundred and eighty-four men, out of less than fourteen hundred on board them, perished 
1711/09/16Sailed from Spanish River Bay bound for England 
1711/10/09Arrived at St. Helens 
1712No inquiry was instituted at the time; but, after the accession of George I, the administration took up the question, and Walker was struck off the flag-list and deprived of his half-pay. Paddon also was dismissed the service, and afterwards entered that of Peter the Great. Apart from the intrinsic merits of their case, it seems hard that the two officers should have been thus dealt with when their conduct had been condoned, if not tacitly approved, by the fact of their appointment to fresh commands after the return of the Quebec expedition