Fleet for the relief of Gibraltar 1782

Fleet CommanderLord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799)
Fleet Formed1782/09
Fleet Disbanded1782/12

Bristol (50) 1782/091782/09/27James Burney
Proserpine (28) 1782/091782/09/27 
Termagant (26) 1782/091782/10/02Charles Stirling (1760-1833)
Latona (38) 1782/091782/10/21Hugh Seymour Conway (d.1801)
Panther (60) 1782/091782/12Robert Simonton (c.1737-1768)
Buffalo (50) 1782/091782/12John Holloway (1747-1826)
Crown (64) 1782/091782/12Samuel Reeve (c.1732-1803)
Sampson (64) 1782/091782/12John Harvey (1740-1794)
Raisonable (64) 1782/091782/12Lord John Augustus Hervey (1757-1796)
Suffolk (74) 1782/091782/12Sir George Home (7th Baronet of Blackadder) (1740-1803)
Ruby (64) 1782/091782/12John Collins (c.1734-1794)
Polyphemus (64) 1782/091782/12The Hon. William Clement Finch (1753-1794)
Edgar (74) 1782/091782/12William Cayley (1742-1801)
Fortitude (74) 1782/091782/12George Keppel
Alexander (74) 1782/091782/12Lord Edward Michael Pakenham (2nd Baron Longford) (1743-1792)
Bienfaisant (64) 1782/091782/12John Howorth (c.1729-1801)
Asia (64) 1782/091782/12Richard Rodney Bligh (1737-1821)
Vigilant (64) 1782/091782/12John Leigh Douglas (1741-1810)
Egmont (74) 1782/091782/12James Ferguson (1723-1793)
Vengeance (74) 1782/091782/12John Moutray (d.1785)
Britannia (100) 1782/091782/12Joseph Peyton (1725-1804), Benjamin Hill (c.1736-1785)
Queen (90) 1782/091782/12Frederick Lewis Maitland (1729/30-1786), William Domett (1754-1828)
Ocean (90) 1782/091782/12Richard Boger (1739-1822)
Princess Amelia (80) 1782/091782/12John Reynolds (d.1793)
Princess Royal (90) 1782/091782/12Jonathon Faulknor (c.1729-1795)
Blenheim (90) 1782/091782/12Adam Duncan (1731-1804)
Union (90) 1782/091782/12John Dalrymple (1722-1798)
Cambridge (80) 1782/091782/12The Hon. Keith Stewart (1739-1795)
Atlas (98) 1782/091782/12George Vandeput (d.1800)
Royal William (84) 1782/091782/12John Carter Allen (1724-1800)
Ganges (74) 1782/091782/12Charles Fielding (1738-1783)
Foudroyant (80) 1782/091782/12 John Jervis (1734/35-1823)
Courageux (74) 1782/091782/12Lord Constantine John Phipps (2nd Baron Mulgrave) (1744-1792)
Berwick Hulk (70) 1782/091782/12 
Goliath (74) 1782/091782/12Sir Hyde Parker (1739-1807)
Dublin (74) 1782/091782/12Archibald Dickson (c.1739-1803)
Bellona (74) 1782/091782/12Richard Onslow (1741-1817)
Victory (100) 1782/091782/12The Hon. John Leveson Gower (1740-1792), Henry Duncan (1735-1814)

1782/09/27The Bristol with the East India, and Proserpine with the West India convoys, parted company on their destined voyages, without losing a ship of their convoy 
1782/09/27Proserpine (28) left the fleet 
1782/09/27Bristol (50) left the fleet 
1782/10/02The Termagant, with all the Oporto convoy, parted from the fleet off Cape Finisterre 
1782/10/02Termagant (26) left the fleet 
1782/10/05Made the land to northward of Lisbon 
1782/10/11In the morning saw the entrance of the Gut of Gibraltar; the same evening passed through; the Panther and Buffalo had orders to lead the transports into the bay, but by mismanagement on the part of the transports they all drove past the Rock except four sail. 
1782/10/13Sunday. The enemy's fleet came out of the bay and stood over towards their own shore. In the evening we passed them very close and stood to the southward. The Buffalo was ordered to proceed to the Zaffarine Islands with the transports that were now with us, about twenty sail, and return to Gibraltar the first easterly wind; she parted from us in the night, but half the convoy remained with the fleet; the wind came to the southward and eastward, and we ran down to Tetuan Bay with intention to anchor there to shift the troops and send a supply of powder to the garrison from the ships. We stood close in and found that there could not be anchorage for so large a number of ships 
1782/10/21Latona (38) left the fleet