Ships Lent to the Prince Elector

Fleet Formed1637
Fleet Disbanded1637

Bonaventure (28) 16371637Henry Mervyn
Mary Rose (26) 16371637Lewis Kirke, Thomas Trenchfield
Lions Whelp I (14) 16371637Richard Donnel, Robert Slingsby (1611-1661)
Lions Whelp X (14) 16371637 
Swan (6) 16371637Henry Dunning
William and Elizabeth (22) 16371637 

1653/03/01List of fourteen ships lent by the King to the Prince Elector. They were the Bonaventure, the Mary Rose, the Unicorn, of London, the Industry, the Mary [May ?] Flower, the William and Elizabeth, the Golden Eagle, the Margaret, the William, the Prudence, the Royal Defence, the First and Tenth Whelps, and the Swan.