Raid on Nova Scotia

Fleet CommanderNoah Stoddard
Fleet Formed6.1782
Fleet Disbanded14.7.1782

Scammell (16) 6.178214.7.1782Noah Stoddard
Hero (9) 6.178214.7.1782George Waith Babcock
Dolphin (8) 6.178214.7.1782Gregory Powers (1738-1833)
Hope (6) 6.178214.7.1782Herbert Woodberry
Swallow (5) 6.178214.7.1782John Tibbets

1782/06Sailed from Boston. The Swallow joined at sea sometime later. 
1782/06/30Arrived at Chester, near Halifax Nova Scotia and withdrew after a skirmish and parley 
1782/07/01Landed at Luneburg, Nova Soctia at around 04:00 in the morning. After sacking the town and taking some merchant ships prize they sailed at 17:00 
1782/07/14Returned to Boston