British Baltic Fleet 1652

Fleet CommanderAndrew Ball (d.1653)
Fleet Formed9.9.1652
Fleet Disbanded14.10.1652

Antelope (56) 9.9.165230.9.1652Andrew Ball (d.1653)
Hannibal (44) 9.9.165214.10.1652Francis Barham, William Haddock (1607-1667)
Elizabeth and Anne (12) 9.9.165214.10.1652 
Oak (32) 9.9.165214.10.1652John Edwin
Paul (32) 9.9.165214.10.1652Thomas Adams (d.1658)
Gillyflower (32) 9.9.165214.10.1652John Hayward (d.1673)
Convert (32) 9.9.165214.10.1652Stephen Rose
Greyhound (12) 9.9.165214.10.1652Henry Southwood
Star (12) 9.9.165214.10.1652Peter Mootham (d.1666)
Recovery (20) 9.9.165214.10.1652Francis Allen (d.1662)
Tiger (38) 9.9.165214.10.1652James Peacock (d.1653), James Peacock (d.1653), William Chant (d.1652)
Thomas and William (36) 9.9.165214.10.1652Thomas Paulson, John Jefferson

1652/08Twenty-one English merchantmen collected at Helsinger to wait for convoy home to England 
1652/08The King of Denmark invited them to seek safety at Copenhagen, 18 took advantage of this offer 
1652/08Two of the other ships were taken by a Dutch man-of-war, though one of these was recovered 
1652/08The eighteen merchantmen ships were now allowed to enter the harbour of Copenhagen 
1652/09/09Andrew Ball's squadron left Yarmouth to escort the merchantmen home 
1652/09/20The Danish Government complained that no notice had been given of the squadron's approach, and using this as a pretext refused to allow the merchantmen to sail. Further, they forbade the English to pass the Sound, saying that if they did so the Danish ships would join the Dutch against them 
1652/09/26The crews of the merchantmen left their ships and embarked in Ball's squadron 
1652/09/27The squadron set sail to return to England 
1652/09/30The Antelope was wrecked on the Jylland coast 
1652/09/30Antelope (56) left the fleet 
1652/10/02The survivors of the Antelope were taken off. 
1652/10/14Anchored in Bridlington Bay with several prizes