Campagne du Grand Large

Fleet Commander Anne Hilarion de Costentin (Chevalier de Tourville) (1642-1701)FWIKI
Fleet Formed25.6.1691FWIKI
Fleet Disbanded14.8.1691FWIKI


Impossible capture of the Convoy of Smyrne (July - August) and the fruitless Campagne du Large in the Atlantic and the Channel (June - Aout)

Depart from Brest with 72 Ships of Lines and 21 fireships against the 86 ships of the Admiral Russell

First in the Channel , take a few prizes in the first 15 days 

Near the Isle Sorlingues took the escort and 11 merchand ships from a fleet bound from Jamaica to the Great-Britain but Russell came because of the son of guns

When Tourville heard of the fleet of Russell , go to the Atlantic for 35 days .
Russel giving up the pursuit and go to the coast of Ireland where a tempest foundered 4 of his ships and 1500 mens

Return of the fleet of Tourville the 15/08/1691 at Brest : ships intact but seamens sick

The transports ships of troop for Ireland escape Russell when he pursuit Tourville

French Tactical Victory but the King Louis XIV wanted a battle because of this : next year defeat of Barfleur , Cherbourg and La Hogue





La Sirène (64) 25.6.169114.8.1691 Rolland Barrin (Marquis de la Galissonnière) (1646-1737)
Le Victorieux (94) 25.6.169114.8.1691 Phillippe Le Valois (Marquis de Villette-Mursay) (1632-1707)
Le Monarque (80) 25.6.169114.8.1691André de Nesmond (1641-1702)


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