Jamaica Hurricane, 1744

Fleet Formed1744/10/20TGM
Fleet Disbanded1744/10/21TGM


Kingston Gazette, 27 October 1744

On the 20th instant, happened as dreadful a storm as ever was known in this part of the world. It began about six o'clock in the evening, and lasted till 6 o'clock in the morning; the wind was all that time due south. By this hurricane, the new fort at Mesquita point was demolished, many houses were blown down, roofs and piazza's blown off, and the wharfs of this town, Port Royal and Passage Fort destroyed, and a great part of the goods thereon washed away. 8 of his Majesty's ships and vessels, and 96 merchant vessels were stranded, wreck'd, and founder'd, so that out of one hundred and five vesels, only his Majesty's ship the Rippon rid it out, and she without masts.

The people in Port Royal were terribly afraid of a deluge, the town being two or three feet overflowed from the harbour, and the sea threatened destruction, which the wall most happily prevented. They have met with great damages in their house &c. In the country, several plantations, houses, works &c were destroyed; many people, both white and black, drowned, and cattle, sheep. poultry, and provisions in great quantities of all kinds destroyed by the fury of the tempest, and rapidity of the overflowing rivers. Of his Majesty's ships, the Prince of Orange, Bonetta, and Thunder bomb were wreck'd, but the people saved. The Montague aground, bulg'd, lost her top mast, people saved. The St Albans and Experiment ashore, the people saved, and both will be got off. The Greenwich sunk, and capt. Allen. and lieutenant Butterworth, and 70 men drown'd. The Lark hulk sank, and about 20 white men, and 90 negroes drown'd. The greater part of the merchant ships will get off, and most of their cargoes saved. Sir Chaloner Ogle , with several men of war, were abroad on a cruize.

Prince of Orange (70) 1744/10/201744/10/21Miles Stapleton (d.1750)
Bonetta (8) 1744/10/201744/10/21George Elliott (c.1714-1795)
Thunder (8) 1744/10/201744/10/21Cotton Dent (d.1761)
Montagu (60) 1744/10/201744/10/21William Chambers (d.1753)
Experiment (20) 1744/10/201744/10/21Henry Dennis (d.1757)
Saint Albans (50) 1744/10/201744/10/21William Knight (d.1744)
Greenwich (50) 1744/10/201744/10/21Edward Allen (d.1744)
Lark Hulk (40) 1744/10/201744/10/21 
Rippon (60) 1744/10/201744/10/21James Rentone (1702-1747/48)


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