British Baltic Fleet 1718

Fleet CommanderSir John Norris (1670-1749)TRN3
Fleet Formed28.4.1718TRN3
Fleet Disbanded10.1718TRN3


He sailed from the mouth of the Thames on April 28th, and from Solebay on May 1st, with a squadron composed of ten sail of the line, a bomb ketch, and a fireship, with Rear-Admiral James Mighells as second in command, and with a number of merchantmen in convoy. Upon his arrival off Copenhagen, he was joined by a Danish squadron, with which he cruised to the northward; but as the Swedes, upon his approach, shut themselves up in their ports, no naval action resulted.

Cumberland (80) 28.4.171810.1718William Faulknor (d.1725)
Buckingham (70) 28.4.171810.1718Robert Trevor (d.1741)
Hampton Court (70) 28.4.171810.1718Robert Coleman
Prince Frederick (70) 28.4.171810.1718Covill Mayne (c.1674-1746)
Salisbury (50) 28.4.171810.1718John Cockburn (c.1666-c.1731)
Defiance (60) 28.4.171810.1718Joseph Soanes (d.1737)
Winchester (50) 28.4.171810.1718James Campbell (d.1718)
Guernsey (50) 28.4.171810.1718Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744)
Windsor (60) 28.4.171810.1718Francis Percy (d.1740/41)


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