British Baltic Fleet 1718

Fleet CommanderSir John Norris (1670-1749)TRN3
Fleet Formed1718/04/28TRN3
Fleet Disbanded1718/10TRN3


He sailed from the mouth of the Thames on April 28th, and from Solebay on May 1st, with a squadron composed of ten sail of the line, a bomb ketch, and a fireship, with Rear-Admiral James Mighells as second in command, and with a number of merchantmen in convoy. Upon his arrival off Copenhagen, he was joined by a Danish squadron, with which he cruised to the northward; but as the Swedes, upon his approach, shut themselves up in their ports, no naval action resulted.

Cumberland (80) 1718/04/281718/10William Faulknor (d.1725)
Buckingham (70) 1718/04/281718/10Robert Trevor (d.1741)
Hampton Court (70) 1718/04/281718/10Robert Coleman
Prince Frederick (70) 1718/04/281718/10Covill Mayne (c.1674-1746)
Salisbury (50) 1718/04/281718/10John Cockburn (c.1666-c.1731)
Defiance (60) 1718/04/281718/10Joseph Soanes (d.1737)
Winchester (50) 1718/04/281718/10James Campbell (d.1718)
Guernsey (50) 1718/04/281718/10Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744)
Windsor (60) 1718/04/281718/10Francis Percy (d.1740/41)


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