British expedition to the West Indies

Fleet CommanderHugh Cloberry Christian (1747-1798)EWIKI
Fleet Formed6.10.1795EWIKI
Fleet Disbanded1796EWIKI


In 1795 Admiral Hugh Cloberry Christian mounted and expedition to the West Indies. The expedition sailed on 6 October, 16 November, and 9 December, but weather forced the vessels to put back. The fleet finally successfully sailed on 20 March to invade St Lucia, with troops under Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercromby. St Lucia surrendered to the British on 25 May. The British went on to capture Saint Vincent and Grenada.

Britannia 6.10.17951796 
Duke of Montrose (26) 6.10.17951796 
Dutton (26) 6.10.179526.1.1796Peter Sampson

1796/01/26Dutton (26) left the fleet 


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