Fleets are collections of ships selected for a particular purpose or expedition. As such they may be a fleet engaged in an expedition, located in a specific area or dispatched on a particular mission.
Date FromDate ToNationalityFleetFleet Commander
15531554Kingdom of EnglandMuscovy Company Expedition to the North East Passage 1553Sir Hugh Willoughby (d.1554)
15951596Kingdom of EnglandExpedition to the West IndiesSir Francis Drake (1540-1596)
15961596Kingdom of EnglandExpedition to Cadiz 
1597/071597/10Kingdom of EnglandExpedition to the Azores 
1601/02/131603/09/11Kingdom of EnglandEast India Company, First Voyage (1601–1603)James Lancaster (1554-1618)
1618/031622/03DenmarkDanish Expedition to IndiaOve Giedde (1594-1660)
16201621Kingdom of EnglandExpedition to Algiers 
16231626Dutch RepublicThe Nassau FleetJacques l'Hermite (1582-1624)
16281628Kingdom of EnglandExpedition to La Rochelle 
16371637Kingdom of EnglandShips Lent to the Prince Elector 
16421642Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of the Irish Sea 1642Thomas Kettleby
16421642Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1642Sir John Pennington (d.1646)
16431643Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1643 
16431644Kingdom of EnglandWinter Guard of 1643 
16441644Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1644 
16451645Kingdom of EnglandWinter Guard 
16451645Kingdom of EnglandWinter Guard of 1645 
16451645Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1645 
16461646Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1646Sir John Pennington (d.1646)
16461646Kingdom of EnglandWinter Guard of 1646 
16471647Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1647 
16471648Kingdom of EnglandWinter Guard of 1647Thomas Rainsborough
16481648Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1648 
1648/111651Kingdom of EnglandRoyalist Fleet for Ireland 1649Sir Rupert Palatine (Prince Palatine of the Rhine) (1619-1682)
16491649Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1649 
1649/091650Kingdom of EnglandWinter Guard of 1649 
16501650Kingdom of EnglandSummer Guard of 1650 
1650/02/141652Kingdom of EnglandFleet sent to LisbonRobert Blake (1598-1657)
16511652Kingdom of EnglandFleet sent to Barbados 1651 
16511652Kingdom of EnglandFleet sent to BarbadosSir George Ayscue (d.1672)
16521652Dutch RepublicDutch Fleet to the Shetlands (1652) 
1652/09/091652/10/14Kingdom of EnglandBritish Baltic Fleet 1652Andrew Ball (d.1653)
1652/111652/12Kingdom of EnglandDutch Anti-Smuggling Squadron (1652/11) 
1653/091653/10Kingdom of EnglandDutch Fleet to Norway (1653)Witte Corneliszoon de With (1599-1658)
1654/09/291657/08Kingdom of EnglandFleet for the MediterraneanRobert Blake (1598-1657)
1654/12/251655/08/31Kingdom of EnglandFleet for the West IndiesWilliam Penn (d.1670)
16551656Kingdom of EnglandMediterranean Fleet 1655Robert Blake (1598-1657)
16561656Dutch RepublicBlockade of Danzig 
1658/11/131659Kingdom of EnglandBritish Baltic Fleet 1658William Goodson (1610-1680)
16591659Kingdom of EnglandBritish Baltic Fleet 1659Edward Montagu (d.1672)
1691/06/251691/08/14Royaume de FranceCampagne du Grand Large Anne Hilarion de Costentin (Chevalier de Tourville) (1642-1701)
1701/091702Kingdom of EnglandBritish Fleet for the West indiesJohn Benbow (1652/53-1702)
1703/061703Royaume de FranceCampagne of Spiztberg René Trouin (Sieur du Gué) (1673-1736)
1703/061703Royaume de FranceCampagne of Spiztberg Second Squadron 
1703/11/271703/11/27Kingdom of EnglandThe Great Storm 
1705/051705/10Kingdom of EnglandBritish Mediterranean FleetSir Cloudisley Shovell (1650-1707)
1711/04/291711/10/09Great BritainBritish Fleet For North AmericaSir Hovenden Walker (1666-1725)
1715/05/181716/11/29Great BritainBritish Baltic Fleet 1715Sir John Norris (1670-1749)
1717/03/301717/11/15Great BritainBritish Baltic Fleet 1717Sir George Byng (1st Baronet of Wrotham in the County of Kent) (1663/64-1732/33)
1718/04/281718/10Great BritainBritish Baltic Fleet 1718Sir John Norris (1670-1749)
1718/06/151720Great BritainBritish Mediterranean FleetSir George Byng (1st Baronet of Wrotham in the County of Kent) (1663/64-1732/33)
1719/041719/04Great BritainBritish Channel FleetSir James Berkeley (3rd Earl of Berkley) (1679-1736)
1719/061719/11Great BritainBritish Baltic Fleet 1719Sir John Norris (1670-1749)
1720/04/161720/12/01Great BritainBritish Baltic Fleet 1720Sir John Norris (1670-1749)
1721/04/131721/10/20Great BritainBritish Baltic Fleet 1721Sir John Norris (1670-1749)
1726/04/091729Great BritainBritish Squadron for the West indiesSir Francis Hosier (d.1727)
1726/04/171726/11/01Great BritainBritish Baltic FleetSir Charles Wager (1666-1743)
1726/07/201726/10Great BritainBritish Mediterranean FleetJohn Jennings (d.bef.1733)
1726/12/241728/04/09Great BritainBritish Squadron for the relief of GibraltarSir Charles Wager (1666-1743)
c.1727/021727Great BritainBritish Baltic Fleet 1727Sir John Norris (1670-1749)
1735/05/271735Great BritainBritish Fleet for PortugalSir John Norris (1670-1749)
17371737Great BritainBritish Mediterranean FleetNicholas Haddock (1686-1746)
1739/07/251741Great BritainBritish Fleet in the West indiesEdward Vernon (1684-1757)
1740/06/191744/06/14Great BritainAnson's CircumnavigationGeorge Anson (1697-1762)
1744/10/201744/10/21Great BritainJamaica Hurricane, 1744 
17461746Great BritainBritish Western Squadron 1746George Anson (1697-1762)
17461746Great BritainBritish Fleet at LouisbourgIsaac Townsend (1684-1765)
1754/091754/09/16Great BritainConvoy for the King from HollandLord George Anson (1st Baron Anson) (1697-1762)
1754/101755Great BritainBraddock's ExpeditionAugustus Keppel (1725-1786)
1755/041755Royaume de FranceFleet for Louisbourg 
1755/041755Royaume de FranceFleet for QuebecChevalier Emmanuel-Auguste de Cahideuc (Comte Dubois de la Motte) (1683-1764)
1755/04/271755/11/04Great BritainFleet for North AmericaThe Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761)
17561756Great BritainTransport for Hessian Troops to Britain 
1756/051756/05Great BritainTransport for Hanovarian Troops to Britain 
1758/10/161759/03/01Great BritainExpedition against Île de GoréeAugustus Keppel (1725-1786)
1775/01/011775/01/01Great BritainNorth American Squadron on the 1st of January 1775Samuel Graves (1713-1787)
1775/091776United States of AmericaWashington's Fleet 
1775/12/031776United States of AmericaFirst American Flottilla 1775Esek Hopkins (d.1802)
1780/03/071786Great BritainFleet for the East Indies Edward Hughes (1720-1794)
1782/061782/07/14United States of AmericaRaid on Nova ScotiaNoah Stoddard
1782/071783Great BritainPigot's Fleet to America 
1782/091782/12Great BritainFleet for the relief of Gibraltar 1782Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799)
1793/081793/08République françaiseFrench Ships at Toulon August 1793 
1795/10/061796Great BritainBritish expedition to the West IndiesHugh Cloberry Christian (1747-1798)
1796/12/151797/01/13République françaiseFleet for the convoy to Ireland of the Army under General HocheJustin Bonaventure Morard de Galles (1741-1808)
1798/05/141798/05/20Great BritainRaid on OstendHome Riggs Popham (1762-1820)
1798/08/141798Great BritainSaumarez's Squadron 1798Sir James Saumarez (1757-1836)
17991799Ottoman EmpireOttoman Expedition to CorfuSeremet Mehmed Bey
18011802Great BritainBritish ships on the Cape of Good Hope Station, 1801Sir Roger Curtis (Baronet ) (1746-1816)
18011802United States of AmericaAmerican Mediterranean Squadron 1801-1802Richard Dale (1756-1826)
18021803United States of AmericaAmerican Mediterranean Squadron 1802-1803Richard V Morris
18031804United States of AmericaAmerican Mediterranean Squadron 1803-1804Edward Preble (1761-1807)
1803/03/051803/07/11République françaiseLinois' squadron for Pondicherry Charles Alexandre Léon Durand de Linois (Comte de Linois) (1761-1848)
18041805United States of AmericaAmerican Mediterranean Squadron 1804-1805Samuel Barron (d.1810)
18051806United States of AmericaAmerican Mediterranean Squadron 1805-1806John Rodgers (d.1838)
1807/121807/12Great BritainHood's fleet at MadeiraLord Samuel Hood (1st Viscount Hood of Whitley) (1724-1816)
18211821Batavian RepublicDutch Expedition to Palembang 1821