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Been busy adding loads of functionality and display logic for all the data we have accumulated related to nation states and places. There are new links in the menu (Nations & Places) as well as links to the national and location pages from ships and people. Please have a play and let us know what you think

Going forward we want to expand this to provide more information to help put the raw data into context, all ideas gratefully received, hint, hint.

Breaking News

Threedecks is the new home for Eicships.info. Andrea no longer has time to do his site justice, so we are providing a new home. The intention is to integrate the data into Threedecks its self, but that might take a while. In the meantime click the link to see what is available

Hello and Welcome

There are currently 23,631 ships, 27,779 seamen, 992 actions/battles and countless other items listed on this site.

Over the last few years Three Decks has grown to become the premier web resource for researching naval history during the Age of Sail. Even the National Maritime Museum links to us (VERY proud of that one).

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, questions or additional information just email me on , or add a comment to a page.