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Hello and welcome to the world of sailing navies

Over the last few years Three Decks has grown to become the premier web resource for researching naval history during the Age of Sail. Three Decks features detailed information on vessels, crew, shipyards, dockyards, naval actions, geographical locations and much, much more including background details on the ranks, appointments and the nations involved. Even the National Maritime Museum links to us (VERY proud of that one).

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Date format changes : As of January 2018 we have started the process of changing the date display format to DD.MM.YYYY. This update is necessary so that dates from the Julian calendar in use in England until 1752 can be displayed with the Julian year, e.g. dates within February 1702 will be displayed as DD/MM/YYJJ/GG where JJ is the Julian year and GG the Gregorian. E.g. 1st February 1702 will be displayed as 1.2.1702/3. The Gregorian equivalent would be 12.2.1703. Hovering over a date will display a tool-tip showing a text version of the date, in Julian and Gregorian forms if appropriate.

This change will take some time to fully implement, so there will be a mix of date styles, including within a single page, for some time to come.

There are currently 25,911 ships, 36,566 seamen, 1,028 actions/battles and countless other items listed on this site.

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