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Santa Teresa de Jesus
Nominal Guns64
OperatorArmada Real
Keel Laid Down1744
First Commissioned1745
Home Port 
ShipyardHavana - Cuba
Designed by
Ciprián AutránFrench
Ship Builder
Service 1728-1730
Manuel de ZubiriaSpanish
Ship Builder
CategoryThird Rate
Ship TypeShip of the Line
Sailing RigShip Rigged


1745Broadside Weight = 426 Spanish libre (459.654 lbs 195.534 kg) 
Lower Gun Deck26 Spanish 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck28 Spanish 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle8 Spanish 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource

10 Ship Commanders

1748Capitan de navio
Manuel de PazSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1698-1798
1750Capitan de navio
Pedro de Stuart y PortugalSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1700-1800
11.1.1751/52 - 4.1753Capitan de navio
Joaquin GutierrezSpanish
Naval Sailor
4.1753 - 1753Capitan de navio
Francisco CumplidoSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1699-1799
6.1764 - 1764Capitan de navio
Juan Manuel Perez de AldereteSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1714-1814
3.5.1766 - 21.12.1768Capitan de navio
Manuel de GuiriorSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1716-1816
22.12.1768 - 1768Capitan de navio
Isidoro LatorreSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1718-1818
8.5.1776 - 1776Brigadier de marina
Juan Antonio CorderoSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1726-1826
28.4.1780 - 1780Capitan de navio
Pedro AutránSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1730-1830
22.5.1782 - 29.5.1783Capitan de navio
Miguel Alfonso de SousaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1732-1832

1 Flag Officer

29.5.1772 - 1772Capitan General
Luis de CórdovaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1706-1796

Service History

12.10.1748Battle of Havana
14.5.1749Entered at Cartagena de Indias with Real Familia.
1750At Cadiz.
1751Left Cadiz with America to patrol waters off Algeria for pirates.
28.11.1751Action vs Danzik
12.1751Entered at Cadiz with America
1752Left El Ferrol to Cadiz.
1752Left Cadiz to Veracruz scorting merchantmen.
1752Back to Cadiz.
2.1752Left Cadiz with America to El Ferrol with 150 turkish prisioners to work at the Arsenal.
1753Left Veracruz to Cadiz with 7,000,000 pesos.
4.1753Left Cadiz to Veracruz.
5.9.1755Left Cadiz to Veracruz with Infante & America
1760At the Mediterranean patrolling.
1764All arrived to La Habana.
1764All arrived to Veracruz.
6.1764Left Cadiz to Veracruz with Astuto, Glorioso, Juno, Soledad & 4 merchantmen.
8.1765Returned to Cadiz with Astuto, Glorioso, Juno & Soledad with gold.
1766With America & a minor ships to patrol coast off La Habana.
3.5.1766Left Cadiz to Veracruz.
18.7.1766Entered at Veracruz.
30.5.1767Left Veracruz with America, Flora & Jupiter to La Habana with gold.
23.6.1767Entered at La Habana with America, Flora & Jupiter with gold.
28.8.1767Entered at Cadiz from La Habana with 4,589,920 gold & silver pesos fuertes.
22.12.1768Left Cadiz with Espanna & 9 merchantmen.
23.7.1770Back to Spain with with Espanna & merchantmen.
29.5.1772Left Cadiz with America, Buen Consejo & 13 merchantmen to Veracruz.
12.8.1772Arrived to Veracruz with America & 13 merchantmen.
30.11.1773Left Veracruz to La Habana with gold.
18.3.1774Arrived to Cadiz from La Habana with America & more than 7,000,000 pesos.
8.5.1776Left Cadiz to Veracruz with Espanna & 15 merchantmen.
25.7.1776Arrived to Veracruz with Espanna & 15 merchantmen.
7.1777At Veracruz, set to maintenance repairs.
11.1777Finished repairs.
1778Left La Habana to Cadiz with Espanna & merchantmen.
16.1.1778Left Veracruz with Espanna & merchantmen San Cristobal & Victoria to La Habana.
8.2.1778Joinned with San Lorenzo, Angel de la Guarda, Santa Cecilia & Santa Barbara in their way to La Habana.
13.2.1778Entered at La Habana all together.
29.6.1778Arrived to Cadiz with Espanna & merchantmen.
7.1778Left Cadiz to El Ferrol with Espanna
1779Left El Ferrol with 4 frigates to patrol the Biscay Bay.
1779Commissioned to patrol Azores Islands.
10.1779Entered at El Ferrol.
10.1779Left El Ferrol to Cadiz.
1.1780Joined Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
28.4.1780Left Cadiz to La Habana under Adm. Bote's squadron.
4.8.1780Arrived to La Habana.
1781Campaign of Pensacola.
1781With Santa Clara captured british privateers frigate London & brig Margara.
4.1782Under repairs at La Habana.
1783Sunk at Isla Mujeres (Mexico).
1.1783Left to recapture the spanish Catalina, captured by the british.
22.5.1783Left La Habana with San Leandro to Veracruz.
27.5.1783Runned ashore at Bajo Nuevo, Campeche (Mexico).
29.5.1783Recovered with the help of San Leandro, turned upside down by storm waves and wrecked.
1.6.1783All the crew but 60 (lost in a boat), saved by San Leandro, that left to Veracruz.



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Posted by George Garcia on Monday 10th of May 2021 01:31

Supposedly my family descendants came from Spain to America on the Dragon. Is there a list of people who were on the ship by chance? Thank you for any information.
George Garcia.

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