Nominal Guns6BWAS-1793
NationalityUnited States of America
OperatorPrivate Owners
First Commissioned27.8.1812ref:1255
Ship TypeSchooner BWAS-1793

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
20.1.181499 ref:1254

1 Commanding Officer

27.8.1812 - 11.4.1814Captain (Privateer)Otway Burns (1775-1850)ref:1254

3 Commissioned Officers

20.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Second Lieutenant (Privateer)James Guthrieref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814First Lieutenant (Privateer)Benjamin Dale Coakleyref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Third Lieutenant (Privateer)Joseph F Anthonyref:1254

13 Warrant Officers

20.1.1814 - 11.4.1811Assistant Surgeon (Privateer)John Gardnerref:125420.1.1814 - 3.3.1814Boatswain (Privateer)Thomas Green (d.1814)ref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master (Privateer)Simon Pendletonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Surgeon (Privateer)Joseph Mairesref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master (Privateer)Gilbert D Gerryref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Cook (Privateer)James Belcherref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master (Privateer)William Fulfordref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner (Privateer)Israel Dyerref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master (Privateer)Theophilus S Fitchref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Master (Privateer)James Smithref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master (Privateer)Samuel S Pendletonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Purser (Privateer)Moses Hornref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master (Privateer)Gabriel Pennref:1254

8 Petty Officers

20.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Cook's Mate (Privateer)James Cajjoref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Steward (Privateer)John Parkerref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master's Mate (Privateer)George Trathref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Prize Master's Mate (Privateer)Turner Glawhornref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boat Mate (Privateer)Theodore Stickneyref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boat Mate (Privateer)Richard C Millerref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boat Mate (Privateer)Peter Cutlerref:125420.1.1814 - 14.4.1814Master's Mate (Privateer)Eli Crawfordref:1254

64 Crewmen

20.1.1814 - 3.3.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)William Burns (d.1814)ref:125420.1.1814 - 3.3.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Charles Moore (d.1814)ref:125420.1.1814 - 3.3.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Edward Bridgedon (d.1814)ref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Hendrichref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Ordinary Seaman (Privateer)John Johnsonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Alexander Babcockref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Taylorref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner Seaman (Privateer)William Fredericref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)James Ballantineref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)William Cargonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Sims Studleyref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)John Eubonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Aaron Plaseref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Ordinary Seaman (Privateer)John Masonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Drummer (Privateer)William B Reddeyref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Isaac Thomasref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner Seaman (Privateer)Jakeman Emeryref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Toney Johnref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Smithref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)John Lewisref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Arthur Orrref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Ordinary Seaman (Privateer)Peter Pohnref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Doyleref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)John Whiteref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)James Leonardref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner Seaman (Privateer)Joseph Davisref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Edgarref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)William Wattsref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Charley Jordanref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)James Jonesref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Alexander Konnonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Ordinary Seaman (Privateer)Alexander Taylorref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Joseph Peterref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)David Lewisref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Nicholas Hendricksonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner Seaman (Privateer)Alexander Cummingsref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Henry Weaverref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Nathaniel Crosbyref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Williamsref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)John Durongref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Ordinary Seaman (Privateer)John Peterref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Dizerref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)Arnett Lathamref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)William Colhounref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner Seaman (Privateer)Peter Johnref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Henry Fletcherref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Constant Dobyref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Nicholas Bencherref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)Peter Calearef:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Shillingref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Thomas Davisref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)William Smithref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)Peter Sullivanref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Royer Simpsonref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner Seaman (Privateer)Jabe Wrightref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Peter Van Burgenref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)James Starbuckref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Gunner Seaman (Privateer)John Wallaceref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Isaac Clarkref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Charles Williamsref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Christopher Kellyref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Boy (Privateer)Francis Barieref:125420.1.1814 - bef.11.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)Joseph Alexander (d.1814)ref:125420.1.1814 - 14.4.1814Able Seaman (Privateer)John Lougonref:1254

10 Marines

18.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine (Privateer)Samuel Dyerref:125420.1.1814 - 11.1.1814Marine (Privateer)William Eddsref:125420.1.1814 - 11.1.1814Marine (Privateer)Nat Owensref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine Lieutenant (Privateer)David Wallaceref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine Captain (Privateer)Thomas Barkerref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine (Privateer)Henry Frobusref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine (Privateer)Peter McFarlanref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine (Privateer)Allen Thomasref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine Sergeant (Privateer)Alexander Gloverref:125420.1.1814 - 11.4.1814Marine (Privateer)George Doyeref:1254

Service History

20.1.1814Sailed from Beaufort ref:1254

Chased a British vessel that struck its colours but was unable to board her as the sea was too boisterous

30.6.1814Taken by Martin (18)


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Posted by AvM on Wednesday 9th of January 2019 23:43

.07.1814 arrived Halifax US privateer Snap Dragon (6x4pdrs ,1x12opdr long on pivot 112 men), captain Murphy captured HMS Martin on Thursday last, near Sambro light house
Sent to Halifax 29.06.1814. Sailed from Ocracock 28.05.1814
6.12.1814 arrived St.John
registered #47 in 1814 175t at St.John, coatsiing. , master David Prindel 7 men, transferred to Jamaica
22.06.1815 Jamaica arrived Snap Dragon, Pringle from St.John, NB
registered #38 in 1815 175t at Kingston, Jamaica
27.03.1816 Havannah, arrived Snap Dragon from Jamaica
very probably sold there

became (?)
Hunter of Savannah 1817 commanded by Samuel Brown, jr

General Aresmand (late Snap Dragon) ca 130t , 4 guns 70 men seized by the Collector at Annapolis, captain Johnson of Baltimore
Trials on Beluche at Kingston 23.05.1818 , captain of General Arsimendi

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