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Nominal Guns603DECKS
OperatorArmada Real
Home Port 3DECKS
ShipyardHavana - Cuba 3DECKS
CategoryFourth Rate3DECKS
Ship TypeShip of the Line3DECKS
Sailing RigShip Rigged3DECKS
Broken Up18103DECKS

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1759427 3DECKS

12 Ship Commanders

1.1762 - 1762Capitan de navio
Francisco TrevinnoSpanish
Naval Sailor
8.1768Capitan de navio
Francisco Hidalgo de Cisneros y la TorreSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1731-1831
8.1768 - 1770Capitan de navio
Pedro TrujilloSpanish
Naval Sailor
1770 - 1774Capitan de navio3DECKS6.1774 - 1775Brigadier de marina
Miguel Gaston de IriarteSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1755-1855
1775 - 1779Brigadier de marina
Jose de SomagliaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1721-1821
7.1779 - 1779Capitan de navio3DECKS21.12.1782 - 18.4.1786Capitan de navio
Pedro de Winthuyssen y PinedaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1745-1795
1790Capitan de navio
Benito Antonio de Lira y ZunnigaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1748-1848
1793 - 1795Capitan de navio
Don Enrique MacdonelSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1755-1855
3.1795 - 1797Capitan de navio
Pablo EstaparSpanish
Naval Sailor
1797Brigadier de marina
Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros y la TorreSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1775-1875

Service History

1760Arrived at Cartagena.3DECKS
1760Left Cartagena with other SoL & minor vessels to fight argelian pirates.
6.1760Joined La Habana department fleet.3DECKS
6.1760Left La Habana to Cadiz.
8.1760Arrived to Cadiz and its assigned to Cartagena squadron.
12.1760Entered at Cartagena from corso fighting.
1.1762Joined Commodore Idiaquez's squadron, patrolling the waters off Morocco & Algeria.3DECKS
6.1762Joined Commodore Idiaquez's squadron, patrolling the waters off Morocco & Algeria.3DECKS
12.1762Entered at Cartagena with Glorioso, Atlante, Astrea & Juno
1.1763Joinned Glorioso & Terrible to patrol waters off north african for pirates.
1764All arrived to La Habana.
1764All arrived to Veracruz.
4.1764Left Cartagena with Commodore Idiaquez's squadron.3DECKS
6.1764Left Cadiz to Veracruz with Glorioso, Dragon, Juno, Soledad & 4 merchantmen with troops.
8.1765Returned to Cadiz with Astuto, Glorioso, Juno & Soledad with gold.
8.7.1768At Cartagena, ordered to set in commission.
29.10.1768Left Cartagena with Septentrion & Santa Rosalia to the Pacific Sea.
6.11.1768Suffered a storm, lossing masts had to enter at Malaga to be reparied.
9.1.1769Repaired all damages, left Malaga with Septentrion & Santa Rosalia to the Pacific Sea.
6.1769Arrived alone due to storms at Montevideo, joinning there Septentrion & Santa Rosalia, already there.
12.1769Repaired at Montevideo with broken parts & masts from chambequin El Aventurero.
26.12.1769Left Montevideo with Septentrion & Santa Rosalia the Pacific Sea with troops.
17.2.1770Lost visual contact with Septentrion & Santa Rosalia
30.3.1770Arrived to Talcahuano with Septentrion & Santa Rosalia
25.6.1770Left Talcahuano with Septentrion & Santa Rosalia to El Callao.
21.7.1770Entered at El Callao with Septentrion & Santa Rosalia
18.1.1772Left El Callao to Cadiz with Septentrion, San Lorenzo, Santa Rosalia & Liebre with gold.
18.7.1772Entered at Cadiz with Septentrion, San Lorenzo, Santa Rosalia & Liebre with 9,163,603 pesos in gold & silver.
1774Arrived to Veracruz.
6.1774At Cadiz.
18.8.1774Left Cadiz to America with Santo Domingo, Santa Rosalia & Santa Maria Magdalena with troops.
28.8.1774Off coast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, divided, left the squadron alone to Veracruz.
1775Arrived to La Habana & left 1,806,000 pesos & left to Cadiz.
1775Arrived to Cadiz with 8,500,000 pesos in gold & silver.
1775Left Cadiz to America.
4.1775Left Veracruz to La Habana with 1 small war vessel & 2 merchantmen with gold.
1776Cruised around Sardinia and Trieste.
1776Left Cadiz to Lima with mercury.
3.1777At El Callao.
20.7.1778Entered at Cadiz from Veracruz with gold & set in ordinary, disarmed.
7.1779At Cadiz, under Admiral Cordoba's fleet for the 1st Campaign of the English Channel.
28.4.1780Left Cadiz to Caribbean with Adm. Bote's fleet of 12 SoL, 2 frigates, 3 minor vessels & 83 merchantmen with troops.
16.10.1780Sailing from La Habana to Pensacola.
4.1781Left La Habana for the Campaign of Pensacola.
5.1781At La Habana.
29.7.1781Left La Habana with Guerrero, Arrogante, Gallardo, Santa Lucia & over 60 merchantmen.
9.10.1781Entered at Cadiz with Guerrero, Arrogante, Gallardo, Santa Lucia & merchantmen with 2,857,000 pesos.
1.4.1782At Cadiz fitting.
9.1782At Algeciras, for the 2nd Campaign of Gibraltar.
20.10.1782Battle of Cape Spartel
21.10.1782Battle of Cape Spartel
9.1785Left Cadiz to Cartagena de Indias with Santa Tecla, Santa Bibiana, Santa Balbina & a small vessel with troops.
10.9.1785At Cadiz, ready to depart to Cartagena de Indias.
1786Set in ordinary, disarmed at La Habana?
10.1787Entered at Cadiz from Veracruz & La Habana with 341,542 pesos, set in ordinary.
19.10.1787At Cadiz.
1790Set in commission at Cadiz for the Nootka incident, under Adm. Bote's fleet of 26 SoL, 11 frigates & other vessels.
1793Cruised Sardinia, Saint Antioco & Saint Pedro.
5.5.1793Left Cadiz under Admiral Borja's fleet for the Campaign of Sardinia.
31.8.1793Entered at Cadiz under Admiral Borja's fleet.
1794Left Cadiz to Cartagena.
3.1795At Mahon under Adm. Langara's fleet.
10.1795Left Mahon to Cartagena.
6.5.1796Left Cartagena to Mahon with San Julian to transport food from Mahon to Cartagena.
21.6.1796Left Cartagena to Palermo with Minno & Santa Rosa.
1797Blocked at Palermo by british ships.
15.10.1800Arrived to Cartagena, avoiding british blocking.
12.1804At Cartagena, in ordinary, disarmed.
1808At Cartagena, in ordinary, disarmed.
10.6.1808Royal order to be broke up.
1810Out of navy list due to lack of careen, probably broke up.


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