Çifte Arslan kıçlı

Nominal Guns110ref:817
NationalityOttoman Empire
OperatorState Navy
How acquiredPurpose builtref:817
ShipyardConstantinople - Turkey ref:817
CategoryFirst Rateref:817
National RateKebir Kalyon (large galleon)RN-JT
Ship TypeShip of the Line RN-JT
Sailing RigShip RiggedRN-JT


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric Equivalentref:817
Length of Keel61.5Turkish Zirai46.2197 (151′ 7″ Imperial)


9.3.1722/23Broadside Weight = 532 Turkish Okka (1504.7088 lbs 682.5028 kg)ref:817
Lower Gun Deck8 Turkish 44-Okka Gun
Lower Gun Deck22 Turkish 16-Okka Gun
Middle Gun Deck30 Turkish 7-Okka Gun
Upper Gun Deck50 Turkish 3-Okka Gun

Notes on Ship


Name means Double Lion at the stern.


Upper deck armament above includes guns on the forecastle and quarter deck. A report of 1738 in the French national archives lists armament as 8 112-pounders, 22 48-pounders, 2 24-pounders, 30 18-pounders, 28 12-pounders, 18 8-pounders.


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Posted by Hilmi on Friday 29th of January 2021 12:50

Ottoman galleons were graded according to the length of the spine. But what should we understand when it comes to spine length? To understand it, one should look at the Ottoman galleon plans (Peleng-i Bahri, Ejder Headed and One Swallow) in Russian sources and the Mariia Magdalene galleon captured from the Russians. When the Ottomans captured Mariia Magdalene, they classified it as a galleon of 53 Zira. Although drawings of the galleon are not available, drawings of another ship of the same size (according to Veselago's list) dated 1788 show a keel length of 139 feet. 139 feet is 56 Zira. In other words, the length of 53 zira cannot be the actual keel length of the ship. So 53 Zira what is the length value and how could it be obtained?

Probably the given length value should be a value obtained by the keel calculation formula for Tonnage given in the Builder's Old Measurement used in British shipbuilding. In its simplest form, it is not the actual length of the spine, but the length they use in the tonnage calculation.

Builder's Old Measurement T=((L-(W*3/5))*W*W/2)/94

Using the keel calculation formula for the tonnage given here, we can calculate the tonnage backbone value for ottoman galleons in terms of zira.

Tonaj Keel (ZIRA) = ((L-(W*3/5))*0,3048)/0,758

Sources give two different length values for Mariia Magdalina. Using the formula above, let's calculate the lengths claimed to belong to the galleon in terms of ZIRA.

Veselago : 155x42,5x19 - Tonaj Keel (ZIRA)=((155-(42,5*3/5))*0,3048)/0,758 = 52 Zira.
Golovachev : 156x42x18 - Tonaj Keel (ZIRA)=((156- (42 * 3/5)) * 0,3048) / 0,758 = 52,6 Zira.

Let's not forget that the measurements given for the galleon are not a clear number even in Russian sources, as can be seen. In addition, the length value of the galleon in our historical records may be incorrect. For example, a rounded number may have been used during the tonnage calculation. Or, with a small calculation error, 53 zira could be written instead of 52. Despite everything, the value obtained is 53 zira, a number very close to its value.

If the value of zira used in Ottoman galleons is not the actual keel length but the keel length value for tonnage, it is possible to calculate the measurements of the Ottoman galleons over the tonnage value. As a result, the tonnage keel value is calculated over the length and width of the ships. Logically, we can easily find the deck length and tonnage in the opposite direction using the tonnage value. Known value is the length of the keel calculated for the tonnage of the ship. If not known, the value to be found is the ship's width.

Let's explain this calculation with an example.

In the summer of 1740, when a British named P. Pococke visited the Shipyard, he noted that there were 11 galleons here, and the largest galleon had 56.69 m (186 feet) long. This galleon is the "Çifte Arslan Kıçlı" galleon of 61.5 zira long, which was launched in 1723. Here we learn the length of the deck. Another 61.5 zira galleon was launched in 1754, the deck width of the galleon is known to be 22.5 zira. (about 56 feet)

L (Deck Length): 186 feet
W (Deck Width): 56 feet

Tonaj Keel (ZIRA) = ((186-(56*3/5))*0,3048)/0,758 = 61,28 Zira.

As can be seen, we obtained a result close to the Zira value recorded in history for the Ottoman galleon with the keel calculation formula for tonnage. If we write down the length of the deck as 186 feet 6 inches, the formula gives us 61.5 zira length.

Çifte Aslan Kıçlı (1723) 61,5 Zira

Length of Gundeck : 186’ 6” (56,85 m.)
Length of Keel : 153’ (46,62 m.)
Breadth : 56’ (17,06 m.)
Bruthen : 2547 Tons BM.

Posted by TopNard on Tuesday 4th of October 2016 09:30

Guns: 8-112, 22-48 (1), 2-24, 30-18 (2),
28-12 (3), 18-8 Source: felipe.mbnet.fi

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