Royal Sovereign -> 1825 Captain

Nominal Guns100BWAS-1714
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down7.1.1774BWAS-1714
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardPlymouth Dockyard - Plymouth BWAS-1714
Designed byJohn Williams (1700-?)BWAS-1714
ConstructorThomas PollardBWAS-1714
CategoryFirst RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShip of the Line BWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714
Broken Up8.1841BWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck150' 9"Imperial Feet45.7246 
Breadth52' 1"Imperial Feet15.8623 
Moulded Breadth183' 10 ½"Imperial Feet55.7911 
Depth in Hold22' 2 ½"Imperial Feet6.7183 
Draught Forward13' 3"Imperial Feet3.9878 
Draught Aft18' 8"Imperial Feet5.5118 
Burthen2,175 2994Tons BM 


1786Broadside Weight = 1188 Imperial Pound ( 538.758 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck28 British 42-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck28 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 12-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 12-Pounder

1793Broadside Weight = 1048 Imperial Pound ( 475.268 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck28 British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck28 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 12-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 12-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource

33 Commanding Officers

1.10.1787 - 10.12.1787CaptainJames Samber (c.1736-1816) ADM 6/22/421ADM 6/2222.5.1790 - 28.8.1790Acting CaptainRichard FisherBWAS-171428.8.1790 - 21.9.1790CaptainJohn Houlton (c.1728-1791) ADM 6/24/63ADM 6/2421.9.1790 - 1.10.1790CaptainJohn Dilkes (c.1742-1827)BWAS-17141.10.1790 - 4.12.1790CaptainWilliam Domett (1754-1828) ADM 6/24/72BWAS-171427.2.1793 - 1795CaptainHenry Nicholls ADM 6/24/214BWAS-17143.1795 - 1796CaptainJohn Whitby (d.1806)BWAS-17146.1796 - 3.1797CaptainWilliam BedfordBWAS-17143.1797Acting CaptainJohn MillerBWAS-17143.1797 - 9.1800CaptainWilliam BedfordBWAS-17141800 - 1801CaptainRichard Brown (d.1803)BWAS-17141.1801 - 4.1802CaptainRichard RaggettBWAS-17144.1803 - 1.1804CaptainRichard Curry (1772-?)BWAS-17141.1804 - 3.1804CaptainPulteney Malcolm (1768-1838)BWAS-17143.1804 - 5.1805CaptainJohn Stuart (d.1811)BWAS-171414.9.1805 - 10.10.1805CaptainJohn ConnBWAS-171411.10.1805 - 26.1.1806CaptainEdward Rotherham (1753-1830)BWAS-171411.1805 - 1806CaptainHenry GarrattBWAS-171411.1806 - 8.1808CaptainHenry GarrattBWAS-17148.1808 - 11.1809CaptainDavid Colby (d.1834)BWAS-171411.1809 - 2.1810CaptainAbel FerrisBWAS-171426.11.1809 - 19.2.1810Acting CaptainAbel FerrisNAO2.1810 - 7.1810CaptainHenry Whitmarsh PearseBWAS-17147.1810 - 8.1811CaptainJoseph Spear (d.1837)BWAS-17148.1811 - 12.1811CaptainJohn Harvey (d.1837)BWAS-171412.1811CaptainRobert Plampin (1762-1834)BWAS-171412.1811 - 10.1812CaptainWilliam BedfordBWAS-171410.1812 - 12.1813CaptainJames BissettBWAS-171412.1813 - 3.1814CaptainThomas Gordon CaulfieldBWAS-17143.1814 - 5.1814CaptainCharles Thurlow SmithBWAS-17145.1814 - 8.1814CaptainRobert Stuart Lambert (1771-1836)BWAS-17144.1815 - 6.1815CaptainEdward Pelham Brenton (1774-1839)BWAS-171431.5.1815 - 30.8.1815CaptainWilliam Robert Broughton (1762-1821)BWAS-1714

12 Flag Officers

9.1790 - 11.1790Vice-Admiral of the BlueLord Samuel Hood (1st Baron Hood) (1724-1816) ADM 107/3/53BWAS-17142.1793 - 1794Vice-Admiral of the RedThomas Graves (1725-1802) ADM 107/3/474BWAS-171412.1794 - 7.1795Admiral of the BlueThe Hon. William Cornwallis (1744-1819)BWAS-17146.1796 - 3.1797Vice-AdmiralAlan Gardner (1742-1809)BWAS-17141800 - 1802Vice-Admiral of the White Henry Harvey (1737-1810)ODNB1.1801 - 4.1802Vice-AdmiralHenry Harvey (1812-1869)BWAS-171426.3.1804 - 17.6.1805Rear-Admiral of the WhiteSir Richard Hussey Bickerton (2nd Baronet Bickerton of Upwood) (1759-1832)BWAS-171411.10.1805 - 21.10.1805Vice-Admiral of the BlueCuthbert Collingwood (1750-1810)BWAS-171411.1806 - 11.1809Vice-AdmiralEdward Thornbrough (1754-1834)BWAS-17144.1812 - 1813AdmiralLord George Keith Elphinstone (Baron Keith) (1745/46-1823)BWAS-17141.1814 - 8.1814Vice-AdmiralWilliam Sidney Smith (1764-1840)BWAS-17144.1815 - 7.1815Rear-AdmiralSir Benjamin Hallowell (1761-1834)BWAS-1714

17 Commissioned Officers

27.2.1793 - 10.3.1795LieutenantMathew Buckle (1770-1855)NBD18495.7.1803 - 15.3.1804LieutenantSamuel Brown (1776-1852)NBD18491804 - 1805LieutenantHenry BoyesNBD18499.1804 - 21.8.1805LieutenantHenry Duncan (1786-1835)ref:6161805 - 11.11.1805LieutenantGeorge HewsonNBD184917.6.1805 - 1806LieutenantJoseph SimmondsNAO4.7.1805 - 14.8.1805LieutenantRichard Booth BowdenNBD184916.8.1805 - 1806LieutenantJames BashfordNAO10.9.1805 - 1806LieutenantFrancis Blower GibbesNAO15.9.1805 - 24.12.1805LieutenantEdward BarkerNAO11.10.1805 - 21.10.1805LieutenantBrice Gilliland (d.1805)NAO11.10.1805 - 4.11.1805LieutenantJohn ClavellNAO22.10.1805 - 22.12.1805Acting LieutenantJames Bayly (1785-1857)NBD184922.12.1805 - 19.4.1806LieutenantJames Bayly (1785-1857)NBD18493.2.1811 - 5.8.1812LieutenantJohn BulfordNBD18492.4.1814 - 16.5.1814LieutenantCharles Orlando Bridgeman (1791-?)NBD18494.1815 - 7.1815LieutenantGeorge Francis BridgesNBD1849

3 Warrant Officers

1780 - 22.2.1780BoatswainAlexander Mackay ADM 6/22/92ADM 6/221805 - 21.10.1805MasterWilliam Chalmers (d.1805)TRN519.2.1811 - 31.12.1811GunnerFrancis HarrisNAO

18 Petty Officers

18.5.1791 - 24.9.1791MidshipmanThomas Baker (1771-1845)ref:6161793 - 21.9.1795MidshipmanWilliam Henry Brown Tremlett (1777-?)ref:6161794MidshipmanJoseph BuckinghamADM 171/81797 - 4.1802MidshipmanThomas Beer (1787-1867)NBD184910.1800 - 26.4.1802Master's MateEdward BoysNBD184913.4.1803 - 21.10.1805MidshipmanJohn Aikenhead (1787-1805)NAO8.1803 - 3.1804MidshipmanIsaac BurchNBD184910.1804 - 1805MidshipmanSir James Athill (d.1863)NBD18494.1805 - 3.1806MidshipmanThomas Pitt Robinson (1792-1861)NBD184911.10.1805 - 23.11.1805MidshipmanGilbert Dutton Kennicott (1789-1874)NBD184911.1805 - 1806MidshipmanWilliam BishopNBD184911.1806 - 8.1808MidshipmanWilliam Nettleton BoyceNBD18495.1807 - 11.1809MidshipmanJohn BranfordNBD18491814 - 28.4.1814MidshipmanEdward Canes (d.1848)NBD18491.1814 - 3.1814MidshipmanWarre Squire Bradley (1797-?)NBD18495.1814 - 8.1814MidshipmanCharles BurnetNBD18491815Master's MateDaniel M'neale BeattyNBD18494.1815 - 8.1815Master's MateJoseph Fauriel Barrett (1793-?)NBD1849

25 Crewmen

1794Captain's ServantJohn GibsonADM 171/81794Able SeamanJohn RobinsonADM 171/81794LandmanWilliam YeomanADM 171/81794LandmanWilliam ColesADM 171/81794Ordinary SeamanHenry ParkADM 171/81794LandmanRichard WrightADM 171/81794LandmanJames ChalmersADM 171/81794Able SeamanJames McDonald (d.1829)ADM 171/81794Admiral's ServantThomas TristADM 171/81794Captain's ServantWilliam CarterADM 171/81794Able SeamanJohn LawlerADM 171/81794LandmanHenry SouthcottADM 171/81794Able SeamanJohn SmithADM 171/81794Ordinary SeamanRoger JefferyADM 171/81794Able SeamanGilbert SmithADM 171/81794LandmanJohn HowellsADM 171/81794Gunner's ServantSimon SimonsADM 171/81794LandmanJames HillADM 171/81794Lieutenant's ServantGeorge Elliott SalterADM 171/81794 - 1795Ordinary SeamanJohn KellyADM 171/81795Ordinary SeamanJames ChalmersADM 171/81795Master's ServantSamuel Perkins Pritchard (1787-?)ADM 171/81795Ordinary SeamanJohn DuncanADM 171/83.1796 - 17971st Class VolunteerThomas Beer (1787-1867)NBD184914.7.1803 - 8.18031st Class VolunteerIsaac BurchNBD1849

4 Marines

1794PrivateSamuel StrettonADM 171/81794DrummerJohn MullayADM 171/81794DrummerNicholas MorrishADM 171/81794PrivateAndrew FoleyADM 171/8

Service History

9.1787Completed and "Partly fitted for sea" at a cost of £61,254.14.7d for the hull, £6,203.14.9d for rigging and stores and £6,760.7.2d for fittingBWAS-1714

Paid off

5.1790Started fitting at PlymouthBWAS-1714
5.1790Recommissioned for the Spanish ArmamentBWAS-1714
8.1790Completed fitting at a cost of £7,311.18.2dBWAS-1714
24.8.1790Sailed from PlymouthBWAS-1714
6.1794Started refitting at PlymouthBWAS-1714
1.6.1794Glorious 1st of June
16.6.1795First Battle of Groix
2.1799Started refitting at PortsmouthBWAS-1714
4.1799Completed refitting at a cost of £11,556BWAS-1714

Arrived at Cawsand Bay, Plymouth

1.6.1799Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
2.1804Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
3.1804Off ToulonBWAS-1714
5.1805Escort to General Craig's expedition to the Mediterranean
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
5.1806Started a repair and refit at PlymouthBWAS-1714
1.1807Completed repair and refit at a cost of £63,500BWAS-1714
22.1.1814Sailed from Plymouth for the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
5.1814Still in the Mediterranean

Paid off

28.8.1815Paid offADM 51
17.5.1825Renamed CaptainBWAS-1714
6.1825Started fitting as a receiving ship at PlymouthBWAS-1714
8.1825Completed fittingBWAS-1714
8.1841Break up completed at Plymouth for £763. The value of stores and materials saved was £5,996BWAS-1714

Notes on Ship

Description of the launchTIMES
"... Monday, September 11. The wind this morning veered round from the W to the N and from the appearance of the weather promised a very fine day. At twelve o'clock at noon it was determined by the Builder and Master Attendant, that the Royal Sovereign should be launched in the evening. Preparations were made for the purpose; the usual colours were hoisted on board her as a signal for launching. At seven o'clock the last shores were cut away, and she went off the stocks into her proper element with a grandeur undescribable. The launch being very long, the appearance of her moving slowly into the sea was beautifully majestic. Conceive to yourself near 50,000 spectators at the moment this noble ship began to move, all eagerly looking at once object, struck with awe at so magnificent a sight, a dazed silence reigned among them, not even a whisper could be heard for the space of six or seven moments."


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1 March 1796 Royal Sovereign100 Captain John Whitby, Vice-Admiral Red William Cornwallis sailed for the Leeward Islands
15 March 1796 Royal Sovereign100 Captain John Whitby, Vice-Admiral Red William Cornwallis returned to port after a collision with a transport which sank with the loss of one hundred and forty two men

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