Nominal Guns70B028
NationalityKingdom of England
OperatorRoyal Navy
PreviouslyBritish Third Rate ship of the line 'Suffolk' (1680) (70)
First Commissioned19.5.1699B028
How acquiredPurpose builtB028
ShipyardBlackwall Yard - Blackwall B028
Ship Class1677 Programme - 3rd RatesB028
ConstructorSir Henry Johnson (1624-1683)B065
CategoryThird RateB028
Ship TypeShip of the Line B028
Sailing RigShip RiggedB028
Broken Up to Rebuild1717B028


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB065
Length of Gundeck151' 4"Imperial Feet46.0268 
Length of Keel124' 0"Imperial Feet37.7952 
Breadth40' 4 ½"Imperial Feet12.2047 
Depth in Hold16' 7 ½"Imperial Feet4.8895 
Burthen1,078Tons BM 
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck151' 4"Imperial Feet46.0268 
Length of Keel124' 0"Imperial Feet37.7952 
Breadth40' 4 ½"Imperial Feet12.2047 
Depth in Hold16' 7 ½"Imperial Feet4.8895 
Burthen1,075 1894Tons BM 
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1603
Length of Gundeck151' 4"Imperial Feet46.0268 
Length of Keel124' 0"Imperial Feet37.7952 
Breadth40' 4 ½"Imperial Feet12.2047 
Depth in Hold16' 7 ½"Imperial Feet4.8895 
Burthen1,075 1894Tons BM 


1703Broadside Weight = 459 Imperial Pound ( 208.1565 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck24 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British Demi-Culverin
Quarterdeck12 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder
Roundhouse4 British 3-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1699460 BWAS-1714

6 Ship Commanders

19.5.1699 - 21.2.1699/1700Captain Stafford Fairborne (d.1716) ADM 6/5/53BWAS-171426.2.1700/1 - 25.12.1701Captain Thomas Fowlis (d.1703) Transfered ADM 6/6/61ADM 6/626.12.1701 - 15.3.1702/3Captain Edward Good (d.1709/10) Transfered ADM 6/6/126BWAS-171415.1.1702/3 - 15.1.1704/5Captain Robert Kirktown (d.1718) Transfered ADM 6/7/81BWAS-171416.1.1704/5 - 1.10.1705Captain William Wakelin (d.1705)† Discharged Dead ADM 6/8/136BWAS-171430.3.1708 - 28.12.1711Captain William Cleveland ADM 6/9/152BWAS-1714

1 Flag Officer

3.1.1704/5 - 1705Rear-Admiral of the Blue William WhetstoneBWAS-1714

31 Commissioned Officers

19.5.1699 - 8.1.1699/1700First Lieutenant Elias Waffe Transfered ADM 6/5/53ADM 6/519.5.1699 - 21.2.1699/1700Second Lieutenant John Ford ADM 6/5/53ADM 6/519.5.1699 - 21.2.1699/1700Third Lieutenant Henry Maynard (d.1742) ADM 6/5/53ADM 6/55.6.1699 - 15.1.1699/1700Third Lieutenant George Dolman (d.1704/5) Transfered ADM 6/6/3ADM 6/627.2.1700/1 - 26.9.1701First Lieutenant Robert Drownd (d.1706) Transfered ADM 6/6/63ADM 6/628.2.1700/1 - 1.10.1701Second Lieutenant Joseph Taylor (c.1664-?) Transfered ADM 6/6/64ADM 6/628.2.1700/1 - 7.3.1700/1Third Lieutenant Richard Bray ADM 6/6/64ADM 6/68.3.1700/1 - 3.4.1701Third Lieutenant George Saunders (c.1671-1734) Transfered ADM 6/6/70ADM 6/65.4.1701 - 19.1.1701/2Third Lieutenant George Graydon Transfered ADM 6/6/85ADM 6/61.1.1701/2 - 5.6.1704First Lieutenant Mark Harrison Transfered ADM 6/6/128ADM 6/61.1.1701/2 - 18.2.1701/2Third Lieutenant William Collier (d.1736) ADM 6/6/126ADM 6/619.2.1701/2 - 25.7.1703Second Lieutenant William Collier (d.1736) Transfered ADM 6/7/12ADM 6/719.2.1701/2 - 12.12.1703Third Lieutenant George Protheroe (c.1674-?) ADM 6/7/19ADM 6/713.12.1703 - 13.12.1704First Lieutenant William Collier (d.1736) ADM 6/8/32ADM 6/813.12.1703 - 20.12.1704Second Lieutenant George Protheroe (c.1674-?) ADM 6/8/32ADM 6/813.12.1703 - 19.1.1703/4Third Lieutenant Nathaniel Belsham (c.1672-?) ADM 6/8/33ADM 6/814.12.1704 - 21.12.1704First Lieutenant Charles Carter ADM 6/8/123ADM 6/821.12.1704 - 3.6.1705Second Lieutenant Henry Roach (d.1706) ADM 6/8/125ADM 6/825.1.1704/5 - 13.2.1704/5Third Lieutenant Galfridus Walpole (1683-1726) Transfered ADM 6/8/143ADM 6/827.1.1704/5 - 15.1.1705/6First Lieutenant William Massam (d.1708) ADM 6/8/144ADM 6/813.2.1704/5 - 16.1.1705/6Second Lieutenant John Thomas Transfered ADM 6/8/150ADM 6/814.2.1704/5 - 26.6.1706Third Lieutenant John Yonnis ADM 6/8/151ADM 6/816.1.1705/6 - 25.3.1707First Lieutenant John Thomas ADM 6/9/51
Confirmed 19.2.1706/7
16.1.1705/6 - 25.3.1707Second Lieutenant Thomas Canninge (d.1703) ADM 6/9/49ADM 6/927.6.1706 - 19.9.1706Third Lieutenant George Beech (c.1673-1749) ADM 6/9/52
Confirmed 24.2.1706/7
ADM 6/9
31.12.1706 - 25.3.1707Third Lieutenant Charles Yarborough ADM 6/9/61
Confirmed 15.4.1707
ADM 6/9
30.3.1708 - 28.12.1711First Lieutenant Israel Sparkes (d.1753) ADM 6/9/152ADM 6/930.3.1708 - 13.9.1708Second Lieutenant Ezekiel Wright (d.1736) ADM 6/9/152ADM 6/930.3.1708 - 8.9.1709Third Lieutenant Busby Mansell (d.bef.1734) Transfered ADM 6/9/152ADM 6/914.9.1708 - 28.12.1711Second Lieutenant Thomas Canninge (d.1703) ADM 6/9/183ADM 6/922.8.1710 - 13.6.1711Third Lieutenant Humphrey Haycocke Transfered ADM 6/11/237
Confirmed 26.12.1712
ADM 6/11

1 Petty Officer

23.10.1704 - 15.3.1704/5Midshipman Tancred Robinson (c.1685-1754) Transfered ADM 107/2/62ADM 107/2

Service History

1701At Spithead with a reduced crewBWAS-1714
6.5.1704Took the privateer Le Saint Pierre BWAS-1603
21.7.1704Capture of Gibraltar
13.8.1704Battle of Malaga
1705In the West IndiesBWAS-1714
1708In the ChannelBWAS-1714
1709In the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
2.5.1710Took the Ship of the Line Le Gaillard (54)
5.5.1710Took the Le Gaillard (54) in the MediterraneanBWAS-1603
7.1711Ordered homeBWAS-1714


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Posted by Cy on Sunday 26th of April 2020 13:55

You'll need to look at the muster (ADM 36) and/or pay books (ADM 33)for the ship.
Held by the National Archives at Kew, but not digitised.

Posted by Bronwen Summers on Sunday 26th of April 2020 10:23

Trying to find Herbert Blackbourne who was a sailor on this ship when he married in London in 1711. Need to see a list, was he a regular sailor, what did that mean in that time.

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