Le Languedoc -> 1794 Antifédéraliste -> 1795 Victoire

Nominal Guns80NNF-1715
NationalityRoyaume de France
OperatorMarine Royale
Keel Laid Down5.1762NNF-1715
First Commissioned11.1767NNF-1715
How acquiredPurpose builtNNF-1715
ShipyardToulon - Provence NNF-1715
Constructor Joseph Coulomb (1704-1728)NNF-1715
CategoryThird RateNNF-1715
National RatePremier RangNNF-1715
Ship TypeShip of the Line NNF-1715
Sailing RigShip RiggedNNF-1715
Broken Up1799NNF-1715


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentNNF-1715
Length of Gundeck188'French Feet (Pied du Roi)61.0649 (200′ 4″ Imperial)
Length of Keel168'French Feet (Pied du Roi)54.5696 (179′ 0″ Imperial)
Breadth48' 6"French Feet (Pied du Roi)15.6107 (51′ 2″ Imperial)
Depth in Hold23' 2"French Feet (Pied du Roi)7.4884 (24′ 6″ Imperial)


11.1767Broadside Weight = 1032 French Livre (1113.7344 lbs 505.164 kg)NNF-1715
Lower Gun Deck30 French 36-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck32 French 24-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle18 French 12-Pounder

1778Broadside Weight = 1052 French Livre (1135.3184 lbs 514.954 kg)FWAS1786
Lower Gun Deck30 French 36-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck34 French 24-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle26 French 8-Pounder

1783Broadside Weight = 1036 French Livre (1118.0512 lbs 507.122 kg)FWAS1786
Lower Gun Deck30 French 36-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle12 French 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle8 French 8-Pounder
Roundhouse4 French 4-Pounder
Upper Deck Bow Chaser32 French 24-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
11.17679099 officers, 900 menNNF-1715
13.4.1778875 ExDE

4 Ship Commanders

1781Capitaine de Vaisseau Hervé Louis Joseph Marie Duplessis-Parscau (Comte Duplessis-Parscau)E-WIKI1.10.1781 - 21.7.1781Capitaine de Vaisseau Jean-François d'Arros (Baron d'Argelos) (1726-1791)ref:127515.12.1781 - 7.9.1782Capitaine de Vaisseau Jean-François d'Arros (Baron d'Argelos) (1726-1791)ref:12751795Capitaine de VaisseauChevalier Daniel Savary (1742/43-1808)E-WIKI

2 Commissioned Officers

6.4.1778 - 13.3.1779Enseigne de Vaisseau Antoine Hyacinthe Anne de Chastenet (1752-1809)ref:127513.3.1779 - 14.9.1779Lieutenant de Vaisseau Antoine Hyacinthe Anne de Chastenet (1752-1809)ref:1275

21 Warrant Officers

1778 - 1779Timonier Jacques Terreneuveref:13131778 - 1779Gabier François Berthelotref:13131778 - 1779Timonier Pierre Jacques Laumosneref:13131778 - 1779Maître Voilier Joseph Favetteref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Jacque Réauref:13131778 - 1779Timonier Jean Thomas Augustin Aubertref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Jacques Noel Bithalieref:13131778 - 1779Timonier Simon Monevauref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Audrien Pierre Bouleyref:13131778 - 1779Timonier René Duvinçauref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Jean Pibouinref:13131778 - 1779Timonier Nicolas Roquerref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Jean Baptiste Férardref:13131778 - 1779Timonier Jean Baptiste François Jouyref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Pierre Blancref:13131778 - 1779Timonier François Etienne Arnaudref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Vincent Claude Dardelref:13131778 - 1779Timonier Pierre Couletref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Jean André Ferratref:13131778 - 1779Timonier Jean André Azibertref:13131778 - 1779Gabier Michel Moutonref:1313

3 Petty Officers

1778 - 1779Deuxième Voilier Antoine Augustin Julienref:13131778 - 1779Aide-Voilier Pierre Guillaume Pourquierref:13131778 - 12.9.1779Aide-Voilier Jean Baptiste Méric (d.1779)ref:1313

40 Crewmen

1778 - 7.3.1778Matelot Louis Aillaud (d.1778)ref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Charles François Doguincourtref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Joseph Ventreref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Pierre Douaronref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Joseph Davidref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jean François Paul Barbarouxref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Adrien Cayeuxref:13131778 - 1779Calfat Antoine Tortelref:13131778 - 1779Matelot David Tambonref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Claude Camoinref:13131778 - 1779Calfat Jean Joseph Laureref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jacques Courrenref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Louis Pascalref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Pierre Pageref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jacques Guibaudref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jacques Joannisref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Antoine Mattouref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Guillaume Hipolite Sauvageref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Toussaint Tortelref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Louis Mathieu Mouttonref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Augustin Curetref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Louis Alexandre Eustache Flavignèsref:13131778 - 1779Deuxième Boulanger Jean Baptiste Bourbonref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jean André Mouttonref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jean Antoine Turinref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Guillaume Luquoniderref:13131778 - 1779Deuxième Boulanger Jean Pierre Bouchardref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jean Baptiste Costeref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Antoine Pourquierref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jacques La Porgeréref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jean Toussaint Cambaudref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Joseph Maurinref:13131778 - 1779Matelot André Gautierref:13131778 - 1779Matelot François Le Flochref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jean Maudetref:13131778 - 1779Matelot André Barbarouxref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Pierre Mayeuxref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Nicholas Davidref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Pierre Nicolas Archardref:13131778 - 1779Matelot Jean Louis Sauvaireref:1313

Service History

1778Refitted as a 90 gun Second Rate Ship FWAS1786
13.4.1778Sailed for North AmericaE-WIKI
5.7.1778Arrived in new YorkE-WIKI
9.7.1778Took the Cutter York (10) Little Egg Bay, Delaware
13.8.1778Renown vs Languedoc
14.12.1778Battle of St. Lucia
4.1779Conquest of GrenadaE-WIKI
6.7.1779Battle of Grenada
29.4.1781Battle of Fort Royal
5.9.1781Battle of the Chesapeake
25.1.1782Battle of Saint Kitts
12.4.1782Battle of the Saintes
1783Refitted as a 86 gun Third Rate Ship of the Line FWAS1786
29.8.1793Siege of Toulon
21.4.1794Renamed AntifédéralisteFWAS1786
8.3.1795Renamed VictoireFWAS1786
14.3.1795Action off Genoa
13.7.1795Battle of Hyeres
2.1798Condemned at BrestNNF-1715


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