Nominal Guns80B028
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
First Commissioned28.12.1710B028
How acquiredPurpose builtB028
ShipyardDeptford Dockyard - Deptford B028
Ship Class1706 Establishment 80-GunnerB028
Constructor Joseph Allin (d.1716)BWAS-1603
CategoryThird RateB028
Ship TypeShip of the Line B028
Sailing RigShip RiggedB028
Broken Up to Rebuild10.1732BWAS-1603


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck156' 2"Imperial Feet47.5497 
Length of Keel128' 0"Imperial Feet39.0144 
Breadth43' 10"Imperial Feet13.1064 
Depth in Hold17' 8 ½"Imperial Feet5.1943 
Burthen1,308 1594Tons BM 
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1603
Length of Gundeck156' 2"Imperial Feet47.5497 
Length of Keel128' 0"Imperial Feet39.0144 
Breadth43' 10"Imperial Feet13.1064 
Depth in Hold17' 8 ½"Imperial Feet5.1943 
Burthen1,308 1594Tons BM 


6.1.1710/11Broadside Weight = 734 Imperial Pound ( 332.869 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck26 British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck22 British 6-Pounder
Quarterdeck6 British 6-Pounder

1716Broadside Weight = 656 Imperial Pound ( 297.496 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck26 British 12-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck24 British 6-Pounder
Quarterdeck4 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
6.1.1710/11360Peace EstablishmentBWAS-1714

13 Ship Commanders

28.12.1710 - 25.1.1710/11Captain Francis Wyvell (d.1729) Transfered ADM 6/11/89ADM 6/1126.1.1710/11 - 1.10.1711Second Captain William Ockman (c.1670-1740) ADM 6/11/105BWAS-160326.1.1710/11 - 1.10.1711Captain Stephen Martin (d.1737) ADM 6/11/100BWAS-17142.10.1711 - 30.11.1711Captain William Ockman (c.1670-1740) ADM 6/11/165ADM 6/1110.3.1712/13 - 4.3.1714/15Captain Stephen Martin (d.1737) ADM 6/11/250ADM 6/1110.3.1712/13 - 4.3.1714/15Second Captain William Ockman (c.1670-1740) ADM 6/11/249ADM 6/115.3.1714/15 - 5.1.1717/18Second Captain William Faulknor (d.1724/25) Transfered ADM 6/12/31BWAS-171421.2.1716/17 - 23.1.1717/18Captain Robert Coleman ADM 6/12/91BWAS-171424.1.1717/18 - 30.3.1718Captain Joseph Soanes (d.1737) ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/1231.3.1718 - 8.10.1718Captain William Faulknor (d.1724/25) Transfered ADM 6/12/127BWAS-17149.10.1718 - 5.11.1718Captain William Martin (c.1696-1756) Transfered ADM 6/12/143
Confirmed 10.11.1718
5.11.1718 - 12.1.1719/20Captain William Faulknor (d.1724/25) ADM 6/12/143ADM 6/1229.4.1723 - 21.1.1726/27Captain Robert Coleman ADM 6/13/55BWAS-1714

6 Flag Officers

6.1.1710/11 - 7.1711Admiral of the BlueSir John Leake (1656-1720)BWAS-17147.1711 - 1713Admiral of the BlueSir George Byng (1663/64-1732/33)BWAS-17141715 - 1716Admiral of the BlueSir John Norris (1670-1749)BWAS-17141.2.1716/17 - 1718Rear-Admiral of the Red James Littleton (1668-1722/23) ADM 107/3/65BWAS-17141718 - 12.1.1719/20Admiral of the BlueSir John Norris (1670-1749) ADM 6/13/79BWAS-17141726Rear-Admiral of the BlueSir George Walton (1665-1739)BWAS-1714

34 Commissioned Officers

30.12.1710 - 12.2.1710/11First Lieutenant Justinian Miller ADM 6/11/90ADM 6/1130.12.1710 - 12.2.1710/11Second Lieutenant Samuel Toft Transfered ADM 6/11/90ADM 6/1130.12.1710 - 12.2.1710/11Third Lieutenant Edward Touzell ADM 6/11/90ADM 6/1113.2.1710/11 - 30.11.1711First Lieutenant William Haddock (d.1726) ADM 6/11/108ADM 6/1113.2.1710/11 - 30.11.1711Second Lieutenant Mungo Herdman (d.1727/28) ADM 6/11/108ADM 6/1113.2.1710/11 - 18.4.1711Third Lieutenant Philip Dumaresque (d.1764) ADM 6/11/108ADM 6/1118.4.1711 - 30.4.1711Third Lieutenant James Dalzell (d.1712) ADM 6/11/130ADM 6/111.5.1711 - 5.10.1711Third Lieutenant John Guilford (d.1726) ADM 6/11/133ADM 6/116.10.1711 - 30.11.1712Third Lieutenant John Christ ADM 6/11/165ADM 6/1110.3.1712/13 - 5.3.1714/15First Lieutenant Philip Dumaresque (d.1764) ADM 6/11/251ADM 11810.3.1712/13 - 4.3.1714/15Second Lieutenant John Guilford (d.1726) ADM 6/11/249ADM 6/1110.3.1712/13 - 4.3.1714/15Third Lieutenant John Best (d.1751) ADM 6/11/249ADM 6/115.3.1714/15 - 12.10.1716First Lieutenant Thomas Whitney (d.1741) ADM 6/12/31ADM 6/125.3.1714/15 - 20.2.1716/17Second Lieutenant Samuel Atkins (d.1765) ADM 6/12/31ADM 6/125.3.1714/15 - 14.10.1716Third Lieutenant William Martin (c.1696-1756) ADM 6/12/31ADM 6/1214.10.1716 - 20.2.1716/17Third Lieutenant John Waldron (d.1721) ADM 6/12/83
Confirmed 12.12.1716
ADM 6/12
21.2.1716/17 - 23.1.1717/18First Lieutenant Israel Sparkes (d.1753) ADM 6/12/91ADM 6/1221.2.1716/17 - 9.1.1717/18Second Lieutenant John Stanley (d.1740) Transfered ADM 6/12/91ADM 6/1221.2.1716/17 - 9.1.1717/18Third Lieutenant John Dove (d.1743) Transfered ADM 6/12/91ADM 6/1224.1.1717/18 - 1.4.1718First Lieutenant John Morris Transfered ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/1224.1.1717/18 - 16.4.1718Second Lieutenant George Beech (c.1673-1749) ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/1224.1.1717/18 - 1.4.1718Third Lieutenant John Norbury Transfered ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/122.4.1718 - 9.10.1718First Lieutenant William Martin (c.1696-1756) ADM 6/12/128ADM 6/122.4.1718 - 10.1.1719/20Second Lieutenant Daniel Morris (d.1728) Transfered ADM 6/12/128ADM 6/122.4.1718 - 10.1.1719/20Third Lieutenant John Weller (d.1752) Transfered ADM 6/12/128ADM 6/121.5.1723 - bef.26.6.1724First Lieutenant Henry Power (d.1749) Discharged ADM 6/13/55ADM 6/131.5.1723 - 6.7.1724Second Lieutenant George Withers ADM 6/13/55ADM 6/137.7.1724 - 12.4.1725First Lieutenant George Withers ADM 6/13/73ADM 6/137.7.1724 - 15.1.1726/27Second Lieutenant Arthur Davis (d.1743) Transfered ADM 6/13/73ADM 6/1313.4.1725 - 1.2.1725/26First Lieutenant William Parry (d.1753) Transfered ADM 6/13/87ADM 6/1324.1.1725/26 - 21.1.1726/27Third Lieutenant William Young ADM 6/13/96ADM 6/1324.1.1725/26 - 17.9.1726Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Edward Norris ADM 6/13/96ADM 6/131.2.1725/26 - 21.1.1726/27First Lieutenant L'Estrange Mordaunt (d.c.1751) ADM 6/13/101ADM 6/1318.9.1726 - 15.1.1726/27Third Lieutenant Edward Norris Transfered ADM 6/13/125
Confirmed 14.11.1726
ADM 6/13

1 Warrant Officer

10.3.1712/13 - 7.8.1713Midshipman Extra Israel Sparkes (d.1753) Transfered ADM 6/11/249ADM 6/11

1 Petty Officer

12.3.1717/18 - 12.1.1719/20Midshipman George Prowse ADM 107/3/79ADM 107/3

2 Crewmen

26.4.1716 - 11.1.1716/17Admiral's Servant John Pocock (d.c.1732) Transfered ADM 107/3/143ADM 107/314.5.1719 - 22.3.1719/20Volunteer Robert Shorting (d.1734) Transfered ADM 107/3/121ADM 107/3

Service History

6.1.1710/11Commissioned for the ChannelBWAS-1714
30.11.1711Paid offADM 51
1713Fitted for the BalticBWAS-1714
1715In the BalticBWAS-1714
1716In the BalticBWAS-1714

Paid off

4.1723Commissioned as guard ship at BlackstakesBWAS-1714
1726With Wager's fleet in the BalticBWAS-1714

Paid off

10.1732Broken up at WoolwichBWAS-1714


DatesFleetFleet CommanderSource
18.5.1715-29.11.1716British Baltic Fleet 1715Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 
28.4.1718-10.1718British Baltic Fleet 1718Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 
6.1719-11.1719British Baltic Fleet 1719Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 

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