Nominal Guns70B028
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
PreviouslyBritish Third Rate ship of the line 'Orford' (1698) (70)
Keel Laid Down23.8.1709BWAS-1603
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1603
ShipyardDeptford - London BWAS-1603
Ship Class1706 Establishment 70-GunnerB028
Constructor George FowlerBWAS-1603
CategoryThird RateB028
Ship TypeShip of the Line B028
Sailing RigShip RiggedB028


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1603
Length of Gundeck151' 1 ½"Imperial Feet46.0375 
Length of Keel121' 2"Imperial Feet36.8832 
Breadth41' 3 ½"Imperial Feet12.5095 
Depth in Hold17' 5"Imperial Feet5.1997 
Burthen1,098 8194Tons BM 


17.3.1712/13Broadside Weight = 459 Imperial Pound ( 208.1565 kg)BWAS-1603
Lower Gun Deck24 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British Demi-Culverin
Quarterdeck12 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder
Roundhouse4 British 3-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
4.1706440Design Complement
1715110as a guardshipBWAS-1603

14 Ship Commanders

26.7.1715 - 27.9.1715Captain Rupert Billingsley (d.1720) Transfered ADM 6/12/47ADM 6/128.11.1715 - 3.4.1716Captain Rupert Billingsley (d.1720) ADM 6/12/56ADM 6/124.4.1716 - 11.9.1716Captain Francis Dove (d.1724/25) ADM 6/12/66BWAS-160311.9.1716 - 28.11.1717Captain John Balchen (1669/70-1744) ADM 6/12/77ADM 6/1214.3.1717/18 - 4.6.1720Captain Edward Falkingham (c.1679-1757) Transfered ADM 6/12/118BWAS-160320.6.1720 - 11.11.1720Captain John Mighells (d.1746) ADM 6/12/218
Confirmed 18.11.1720
ADM 6/12
13.2.1726/27 - 12.5.1728Captain Charles Browne (c.1678-1753) ADM 6/13/133BWAS-160319.5.1731 - 8.6.1731Captain Charles Browne (c.1678-1753) ADM 6/14/76ADM 6/1429.11.1733 - 21.7.1736Captain Robert Man (c.1675-1745) ADM 6/14/156BWAS-160313.6.1739 - 27.2.1739/40Captain Richard Thomas Girlington (d.1743) Transfered ADM 6/15/186BWAS-160328.2.1739/40 - 24.5.1741CaptainLord Augustus Fitzroy (1716-1741)† Discharged Dead ADM 6/15/250BWAS-16035.6.1741 - 11.3.1741/42Captain Perry Mayne (c.1697-1761) ADM 6/16/37
Confirmed 30.3.1742
13.8.1742 - bef.28.10.1742Captain Charles Dennison (d.1742) Discharged Dead ADM 6/16/85ADM 6/1629.10.1742 - 13.2.1744/45Captain Perry Mayne (c.1697-1761) ADM 6/16/112ADM 6/16

50 Commissioned Officers

27.7.1715 - 13.2.1716/17First Lieutenant George Protheroe (c.1674-?) Transfered ADM 6/12/47ADM 6/1227.7.1715 - 26.3.1716Second Lieutenant Samuel Braithwaite (d.1749) Transfered ADM 6/12/47ADM 6/1227.7.1715 - 30.11.1715Third Lieutenant Thomas Trefusis (1687-1754) ADM 6/12/47ADM 6/121.12.1715 - 18.4.1716Third Lieutenant Christopher Simons (d.1728) Transfered ADM 6/12/58ADM 6/1212.4.1716 - 20.2.1716/17Second Lieutenant William Fearnly ADM 6/12/67ADM 6/1219.4.1716 - 29.11.1716Third Lieutenant Edward Mansfield ADM 6/12/67ADM 6/1230.11.1716 - 6.12.1717Third Lieutenant Busby Mansell (d.bef.1734) ADM 6/12/81ADM 6/1221.2.1716/17 - 6.12.1717First Lieutenant William Fearnly ADM 6/12/91ADM 6/1221.2.1716/17 - 6.12.1717Second Lieutenant Samuel Hill (d.c.1729) ADM 6/12/91ADM 6/1217.3.1717/18 - 21.11.1720First Lieutenant Samuel Toft ADM 6/12/119ADM 6/1217.3.1717/18 - 21.11.1720Second Lieutenant Jeremiah Catlyne ADM 6/12/119ADM 6/1217.3.1717/18 - 27.10.1718Third Lieutenant James Howard ADM 6/12/119ADM 6/1213.5.1720 - 21.11.1720Acting Fourth Lieutenant Barrett Collier ADM 6/12/217
Confirmed 11.11.1720
ADM 6/12
14.2.1726/27 - 20.11.1727First Lieutenant Edmund Williams (d.1751/52) Transfered ADM 6/13/134ADM 6/1314.2.1726/27 - 22.5.1728Second Lieutenant Francis Robinson (d.1729) ADM 6/14/134ADM 6/1314.2.1726/27 - 20.11.1727Third Lieutenant Peter Peters (d.1754) ADM 6/13/134ADM 6/135.5.1727 - 22.5.1728Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms George Murray (d.1785) ADM 6/13/142ADM 6/1319.5.1731 - 6.6.1731First Lieutenant William Carey (d.1741) Transfered ADM 6/14/77ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 8.6.1731Second Lieutenant James Scott ADM 6/14/77ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 8.6.1731Third Lieutenant Thomas Dove (d.1767) ADM 6/14/77ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 6.6.1731Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Jacob Cornwall Transfered ADM 6/14/77ADM 6/1423.11.1733 - 21.7.1736First Lieutenant Isaac Barnard (d.1758) ADM 6/15/155ADM 6/1423.11.1733 - 30.1.1733/34Second Lieutenant Ormond Thomson (d.1753) ADM 6/14/155ADM 6/1431.1.1733/34 - 21.7.1736Second Lieutenant Ormond Thomson (d.1753) ADM 6/15/162ADM 6/1431.1.1733/34 - 29.3.1734Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Henry Stewart (d.1746) ADM 6/14/162ADM 6/1430.3.1734 - 21.7.1736Third Lieutenant Henry Stewart (d.1746) ADM 6/15/180ADM 6/1430.3.1734 - 21.7.1736Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Charles Knowler (d.1789) ADM 6/15/180ADM 6/1413.6.1739 - 13.9.1739Third Lieutenant Alexander A'Court (c.1710-1742) ADM 6/15/186ADM 6/1513.6.1739 - 13.9.1739Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Edward Bradston (1708-1742) Transfered ADM 6/15/186ADM 6/1514.9.1739 - 3.3.1739/40Second Lieutenant Alexander A'Court (c.1710-1742) ADM 6/15/222ADM 6/1514.9.1739 - 3.3.1739/40Third Lieutenant Robert Watkins (d.1746) ADM 6/15/221ADM 6/1518.9.1739 - 3.3.1739/40Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Bowles Seymour (d.1747) ADM 6/15/222ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 12.3.1739/40First Lieutenant Alexander A'Court (c.1710-1742) ADM 6/15/255ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 12.3.1739/40Second Lieutenant Robert Watkins (d.1746) ADM 6/15/255ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 12.3.1739/40Third Lieutenant Bowles Seymour (d.1747) ADM 6/15/255ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 12.3.1739/40Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Charles Greenwood (d.1749) ADM 6/15/255ADM 6/1513.3.1739/40 - 26.9.1740First Lieutenant Robert Watkins (d.1746) Transfered ADM 6/15/260ADM 6/1513.3.1739/40 - 13.1.1740/41Second Lieutenant Bowles Seymour (d.1747) ADM 6/15/260ADM 6/1513.3.1739/40 - 7.6.1741Third Lieutenant Charles Greenwood (d.1749) Transfered ADM 6/15/260ADM 6/1513.3.1739/40 - 31.5.1741Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Robert Taylor (c.1714-?) Transfered ADM 6/16/260ADM 6/1527.9.1740 - 7.6.1741First Lieutenant John Robinson ADM 6/16/338ADM 6/1514.1.1740/41 - 8.6.1741Second Lieutenant George Ireland (c.1718-1750) Transfered ADM 6/15/462
Confirmed 28.9.1741
ADM 6/15
8.6.1741 - 11.5.1742First Lieutenant Henry Rice ADM 6/16/56
Confirmed 20.5.1742
ADM 6/16
17.12.1742 - 13.2.1744/45First Lieutenant Henry Rice ADM 6/16/124ADM 6/167.3.1742/43 - 27.12.1743Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Henry Prettie (1708-1768) ADM 6/16/154ADM 6/1628.12.1743 - 17.4.1744Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Charles Hardy (d.bef.1750) Transfered ADM 6/17/99
Issued by Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750)
Confirmed 1.5.1746
ADM 6/17
19.4.1744 - 10.5.1744Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Francis Nicholls (c.1710-?) ADM 6/16/493
Confirmed 13.6.1745
ADM 6/16
11.5.1744 - 12.5.1744Third Lieutenant Francis Nicholls (c.1710-?) ADM 6/16/493
Confirmed 13.6.1745
ADM 6/16
13.5.1744 - 13.2.1744/45Second Lieutenant Francis Nicholls (c.1710-?) ADM 6/16/493
Confirmed 13.6.1745
ADM 6/16
31.5.1744 - 13.2.1744/45Third Lieutenant Joseph Willis (d.1749) ADM 6/16/528
Issued by Sir Chaloner Ogle (1681-1750)
Confirmed 13.8.1745
ADM 6/16

7 Petty Officers

15.3.1725/26 - 18.6.1727Midshipman Ordinary Thomas Dias ADM 107/3/187ADM 107/319.6.1727 - 10.7.1728Midshipman Thomas Dias ADM 107/3/187ADM 107/310.7.1739 - 25.3.1740Midshipman Francis Davis (c.1720-1770) Transfered ADM 107/3/455ADM 107/37.7.1740 - 25.6.1741Midshipman William Cook (c.1720-?) ADM 107/3/482ADM 107/312.4.1741 - 11.3.1741/42Midshipman Henry Rose (c.1721-bef.1754) ADM 107/3/473ADM 107/325.6.1741 - 21.9.1742Master's Mate William Cook (c.1720-?) ADM 107/3/482ADM 107/310.6.1743 - 16.8.1743Master's Mate Richard Manley (d.1759) ADM 6/86/88ADM 6/86

Service History

17.3.1712/13Completed at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1603
1715Guardship at ChathamBWAS-1603
1717In the BalticBWAS-1603
1718fitting at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham at a cost of £1096.8.2dBWAS-1603
11.8.1718Battle of Cape Passaro
12.1720Began great repair at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1603
4.1722Completed great repair at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham at a cost of £12580.7.4dBWAS-1603
1727At the NoreBWAS-1603
1731small repair at UnknownBWAS-1603
1733Began fitting at UnknownBWAS-1603
1734Completed fittingBWAS-1603
1735In the TagusBWAS-1603
21.7.1736Paid offBWAS-1603
7.1737Began great repair at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1603
7.1739Completed great repair at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham at a cost of £20725.18.7dBWAS-1603
8.4.1740Capture of the Princesa
8.4.1740Took the Ship of the Line Princesa (70) off Cape Finisterre
7.1740Off FerrolBWAS-1603
26.10.1740Sailed for the West IndiesBWAS-1603
7.1.1741Action of January 7 1741
3.1740/41In operations against CartagenaBWAS-1603
3.1741/42At Porto BelloBWAS-1603
13.2.1744/45Bilged on Hogsties Reef off Great Inagua Island in the BahamasBWAS-1603


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Posted by Albert Parker on Saturday 16th of November 2019 03:52

On October 6/17, 1744, French ships of the line /Neptune/, 74, and /Fleuron/, 64, patrolling off Cape Tiburon (SW tip of Hispaniola) while waiting for French merchantmen from the south shore of Saint-Domingue to work around to join a convoy at Petit Goâve, happened upon /Orford/ "and in a short engagement damaged some of the British ship's yards and rigging. The /Orford/ headed back to Port Royal." This cleared the way for the south shore merchantmen. /Source/: John Charles Martin Ogelsby, "War at Sea in the West Indies, 1739-1748 (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Washington, 1963), pp. 183-84.

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