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Nominal Guns64/56NNF-1715
NationalityRoyaume de France
OperatorMarine Royale
Keel Laid Down4.1722NNF-1715
First Commissioned12.1724NNF-1715
How acquiredPurpose builtNNF-1715
ShipyardBrest Dockyard - Brest NNF-1715
Ship ClassEclatant Class (1721)NNF-1715
Laurent HelieFrench
Ship Builder
CategoryThird RateNNF-1715
National RateTroisième RangNNF-1715
Ship TypeShip of the LineNNF-1715
Sailing RigShip RiggedNNF-1715


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentNNF-1715
Length of Gundeck140'French Feet (Pied du Roi)45.472 (149′ 2″ Imperial)
Breadth38'French Feet (Pied du Roi)12.3695 (40′ 6″ Imperial)
Depth in Hold18' 6"French Feet (Pied du Roi)5.8667 (19′ 2″ Imperial)
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentFWAS1626
Length of Gundeck140' 0"French Feet (Pied du Roi)45.472 (149′ 2″ Imperial)
Length of Keel125' 0"French Feet (Pied du Roi)40.6 (133′ 2″ Imperial)
Breadth38' 0"French Feet (Pied du Roi)12.3424 (40′ 5″ Imperial)
Draught Aft18' 6"French Feet (Pied du Roi)5.8667 (19′ 2″ Imperial)


12.1724Broadside Weight = 486 French Livre (524.4912 lbs 237.897 kg)NNF-1715
Lower Gun Deck24 French 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 French 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle14 French 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
12.1724Home: 456 Abroad: 456 Peacetime: 406including 6 officersNNF-1715

6 Ship Commanders

1725Capitaine de Vaisseau
Chevalier Vincent d'Irrumberry de Salaberry de BennevilleFrench
Naval Sailor
Service 1684-1750
1728Lieutenant de Vaisseau
François Henri de CoulombeFrench
Naval Sailor
Service 1702-1746
4.1739 - 9.1739Capitaine de Vaisseau
Chevalier Joseph de Nesmond de BrieFrench
Naval Sailor
Service 1690-1714
21.7.1740 - 23.5.1741Capitaine de Vaisseau
Chevalier Joseph de Nesmond de BrieFrench
Naval Sailor
Service 1690-1714
1745 - 9.7.1745Capitaine de Corsaire
Pierre DehauFrench
Naval Sailor
Service 1744-1745
9.7.1745 - 1746Capitaine de Corsaire
Pierre Jean BartFrench
Naval Sailor
Service 1744-1746

1 Commissioned Officer

1745 - 9.7.1745Lieutenant de Corsaire
Pierre Jean BartFrench
Naval Sailor
Service 1744-1746

Service History

9.7.1745Lion v L'Elizabeth

Took 8 british ships

1748Refitted as an unarmed Unrated HulkFWAS1626


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Posted by Albert Parker on Sunday 18th of April 2021 05:03

French accounts have many different spellings for De Hau's name, probably from Frenchmen who heard it but did not see it written by De Hau himself. The spelling of French names at this time was not fixed; Admiral d'Antin and his wife spelled the name differently, one as "d'Entin." I suppose both spellings were pronounced the same. As I noted, however, De Hau was from a Flemish, not a French, family, although we can presume that he could both speak and write French, and he might not even have been able to speak or write Dutch. I have seen speculation that he was related to the marquises d'O, based on the misspelling.

Posted by Thierry GUIHENEUF on Friday 4th of December 2020 12:18

In response to Albert Parker's comments of Thursday 20th of February 2020. Very interesting information on sources but there are a couple of mistaked. Both Pierre Dehau (or D'Hau or De Hau, sometimes even referred to as "d'O" with no link to the "Marquess of O") and I believe his brother Charles as well were fatally wounded in the early broadside on the 9th of July 1745 (O.S.) between HMS Lion and L'Elisabeth. Pierre-jean Bart, rightly "flag captain" or second captain, became acting captain of "l'Elisabeth" and commanded gallantly against a newly fitted HMS Lion and her well-trained British crew commanded by Piercy Brett. Traditionally, the French would have aimed more at the rigging of the British ships in hope that the soldiers would be able to board the enemy ship and seize it as prize. It was quite an ambitious task against HMS Lion, given that the captain of the Elisabeth and his brother have been killed in the early phases of the sea battle and the Elisabeth had made a poor start in the engagement. The crew of HMS Lion would have probably been aiming at the top and middle decks of the Elisabeth trying to disable as many soldiers and marines as possible as well as gunners in the lower gun decks. The result was a mighty and bloody draw, which, given that the Elisabeth was carried troops and supplies for Prince Charles Stuart, was a disaster for the Prince. Yet, Pierre-Jean Bart must have impressed the French Navy for his action and rewarded with a ship's command as a result. Pierre-Jean Bart was not killed on the 9th of July 1745 (O.S.) but on the 27th of March 1759 on board the Danae in a desperate sea battle against the Royal Navy, and buried with full honours by the Admiralty after ship had been seized.

Posted by Albert Parker on Thursday 20th of February 2020 07:52

Pierre De Hau's name was spelled as two words--he was Flemish, so the name is Dutch, like De Ruyter. He was not a "lieutenant" but the capitaine en second. A[rmand] Corré, _Amateurs et marins Bretons d'autrefois_, 2nd series (Vannes: Imprimerie Lafolye, 1897), p. 16, lists all the officers, including a "écrivain du roy et premier lieutenant," 11 numbered lieutenants (from "1er" to "11e") and 7 ensigns, plus the surgeon and chaplain. There were so many officers because the ship was going to go privateering after the voyage to Scotland with munitions and few soldiers for Prince Charles Edward Stewart, and officers who could navigate were needed to bring in the prizes that the ship hoped to captured. That's why the crew for that voyage was 543 (net of 562 + 87 "supplemental" - 106 deserters before sailing), not either 400 or 450. Bart was killed in action on July 20 (July 9 in the British calendar), 1745. He had been born at Dunkirk on October 22, 1712 [Émile Mancel, "Gaspart Art et ses descendants," Union Faulconnier: Société historique & archéologique de Dunkerque & de la Flandre maritime, _Bulletin_, vol. 7 (1904), p. 25].

Posted by regis on Sunday 29th of December 2019 19:42

correct in the bio of Pierre Bart , second of the Elisabeth,Captain Pierre Dehau

Posted by regis on Sunday 29th of December 2019 19:00

I think Dau is Pierre Dehau , Captain of Elisabeth in Salein Base, same details as this ship , just error in the date of death

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