Nominal Guns70BWAS-1714
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down1.2.1721/22BWAS-1714
First Commissioned19.4.1726
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardChatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1714
Ship Class1719 Establishment 70-Gunner
ConstructorBenjamin Rosewell (d.1742)BWAS-1714
CategoryThird RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShip of the Line
Sailing RigShip Rigged
Sunk as Breakwater4.1756BWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck151' 0"Imperial Feet46.0248 
Length of Keel123' 2"Imperial Feet37.4926 
Breadth41' 6"Imperial Feet12.6492 
Depth in Hold17' 4"Imperial Feet5.1961 
Burthen1,128 3994Tons BM 


1726Broadside Weight = 522 Imperial Pound ( 236.727 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck14 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder

1756Broadside Weight = 504 Imperial Pound ( 228.564 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource

9 Commanding Officers

19.4.1726 - 23.11.1726CaptainHercules Baker (d.1744) ADM 6/13/111BWAS-171424.11.1726 - 6.6.1729CaptainDigby Dent (d.1737) ADM 6/14/125BWAS-171423.11.1733 - 11.1735CaptainTyrwit Cyley (d.1751) ADM 6/14/155BWAS-17141735 - 18.3.1737/38CaptainJoseph Winder (c.1661-1737/38)BWAS-171414.7.1738 - 27.4.1741CaptainCovill Mayne (c.1674-1746) ADM 6/15/131BWAS-171428.4.1741 - 3.1742/43CaptainJames Compton (d.1746) ADM 6/15/413BWAS-171423.5.1744 - 1.10.1744CaptainCharles Wyndham (d.1747) ADM 6/16/310BWAS-17142.10.1744 - 10.5.1747CaptainPeter Lawrence (d.1758) ADM 6/16/367BWAS-171411.5.1747 - 29.12.1748CaptainCharles Holmes (1711-1761)BWAS-1714

42 Commissioned Officers

19.4.1726 - 19.12.1726First LieutenantWilliam Mason (d.1742) ADM 6/14/111ADM 6/1319.4.1726 - 6.6.1729Second LieutenantDavid Warren (d.c.1730) ADM 6/14/111ADM 6/1319.4.1726 - 6.6.1729Third LieutenantJohn Hughes ADM 6/14/111ADM 6/135.10.1726 - 19.6.1728Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsAndrew Hawes (d.1741) ADM 6/14/122
Commission confirmed 27.10.1726
ADM 6/13
20.12.1726 - 6.6.1729First LieutenantJoshua Paine (d.1748) ADM 6/13/128ADM 6/1323.11.1733 - 31.3.1734First LieutenantHumphrey Haycocke ADM 6/14/155ADM 6/1423.11.1733 - 30.1.1733/34Second LieutenantAndrew Stevens (d.bef.1741) ADM 6/14/155ADM 6/1431.1.1733/34 - 31.5.1735Second LieutenantJohn Watkins (d.1757) ADM 6/14/162ADM 6/1431.1.1733/34 - 29.3.1734Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJohn Cooke (d.1762) ADM 6/14/162ADM 6/1430.3.1734 - 7.6.1739Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsIngram Kniblo (d.c.1741) ADM 6/16/180ADM 6/141.4.1734 - 14.3.1737/38First LieutenantJohn Fenwick (d.1744) ADM 6/15/181ADM 6/141.4.1734 - 1.5.1738Third LieutenantAndrew Stevens (d.bef.1741) ADM 6/15/181ADM 6/1431.5.1735 - 23.3.1737/38Second LieutenantLeonard Bellamy (d.1746) ADM 6/15/213ADM 6/1414.7.1738 - 3.1.1739/40First LieutenantRowland Frogmere (d.1744) ADM 6/15/131ADM 6/1514.7.1738 - 12.4.1739Third LieutenantWilliam Carleton ADM 6/15/131ADM 6/1514.7.1738 - 6.6.1739Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsHugh Forbes (d.1750) ADM 6/15/131ADM 6/157.6.1739 - 15.7.1739Third LieutenantHugh Forbes (d.1750) ADM 6/15/180ADM 6/1516.7.1739 - 13.9.1739Third LieutenantCharles Mason (d.1747) ADM 6/15/204ADM 6/1516.7.1739 - 25.7.1739Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsHugh Forbes (d.1750) ADM 6/15/204ADM 6/1514.9.1739 - 5.12.1739Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsLisle Rowe ADM 6/15/221ADM 6/156.12.1739 - 3.1.1739/40Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsRoger Adams (d.1749) ADM 6/15/239ADM 6/154.1.1739/40 - 27.9.1740First LieutenantAbraham Duncomb (d.c.1778) ADM 6/15/243ADM 6/154.1.1739/40 - 26.9.1740Third LieutenantRoger Adams (d.1749) ADM 6/15/243ADM 6/158.7.1740 - 26.9.1740Second LieutenantHugh Forbes (d.1750) ADM 6/15/307ADM 6/1527.9.1740 - 15.1.1740/41Third LieutenantJohn Pitman (d.1746) ADM 6/15/337ADM 6/1527.9.1740 - 15.1.1739/40Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsPeter Burville (d.1743) ADM 6/15/337ADM 6/1516.1.1740/41 - 22.1.1740/41Second LieutenantThomas Williams (d.1754) ADM 6/15/370ADM 6/1516.1.1740/41 - 1.2.1740/41Third LieutenantWilliam Ambrose (d.1743) ADM 6/15/370ADM 6/1523.1.1740/41 - 1.2.1740/41First LieutenantThomas Williams (d.1754) ADM 6/15/372ADM 6/1523.1.1740/41 - 1.2.1740/41Second LieutenantFrancis Parry (d.1742) ADM 6/15/372ADM 6/152.2.1740/41 - 24.3.1740/41First LieutenantFrancis Parry (d.1742) ADM 6/15/376ADM 6/152.2.1740/41 - 1743Second LieutenantWilliam Ambrose (d.1743)† ADM 6/15/376ADM 6/1527.3.1741 - 23.1.1743/44First LieutenantFrancis Mohun (d.1744) ADM 6/15/404ADM 6/1529.4.1742 - 2.1.1742/43Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsGeorge Beaumont (d.1746) ADM 6/16/102
Commission confirmed 25.9.1742
ADM 6/16
8.9.1742 - 4.10.1742Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsRichard Haddock (d.1749) ADM 6/17/109
Commission confirmed 31.5.1746
ADM 6/18
7.6.1744 - 9.9.1744First LieutenantThomas Fincher (d.1749) ADM 6/16/318ADM 6/167.6.1744 - 31.10.1745Second LieutenantJohn Selden ADM 6/16/318ADM 6/169.9.1745 - 10.5.1747Third LieutenantRowland Pritchett ADM 6/17/434
Issued by William Rowley (1690-1768), The Mediterranean Sea
Commission confirmed 27.1.1748/49
ADM 6/17
11.11.1745 - 10.5.1747First LieutenantNathaniel Davis (d.1765) ADM 6/17/438
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 3.2.1748/49
11.11.1745 - 10.5.1747Second LieutenantMichael Hinde ADM 6/17/473
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 3.7.1749
ADM 6/17
14.4.1748 - 29.12.1748Third LieutenantJohn Bowerbank (c.1725-1777) ADM 6/17/534
Issued by Charles Knowles (1704-1777), Jamaica - Greater Antilles
Commission confirmed 26.10.1750
ADM 6/17
21.12.1748 - 29.12.1748Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJames Wilkie ADM 6/17/421ADM 6/17

1 Petty Officer

6.7.1726 - 20.9.1729MidshipmanGeorge Rawlings (c.1710-?) ADM 107/3/296ADM107/3

Service History

1726Completed in the spring at a cost of £14,917.12.6d to build, plus £1,057.11.0d for fittingBWAS-1714
1726Commissioned for Jenning's fleetBWAS-1714
10.1726To the StraitsBWAS-1714
12.1726Fitted at PortsmouthBWAS-1714

Paid off

ADM 51
8.1730Started a small repair at PortsmouthBWAS-1714
10.1730Completed small repair at a cost of £5,253.5.9dBWAS-1714
1734Fitted as a guardship at PortsmouthBWAS-1714
11.1735Paid offBWAS-1714
6.1738Started repair and refit at PortsmouthBWAS-1714
8.1738Completed repair and refit at a cost of £2,088.7.9dBWAS-1714
12.1738Reduced to a guardshipBWAS-1714
23.7.1739Sailed with Vernon's squadronBWAS-1714
8.1739Off FinisterreBWAS-1714
8.4.1740Capture of the Princesa
8.4.1740Took the Third Rate Ship of the Line Princesa (70) off Cape Finisterre
7.1740With Norris' fleet of Ferrol until SeptemberBWAS-1714
7.1741With Norris' fleetBWAS-1714
1742In the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
3.1742/43Strated a great repair and refit at PortsmouthBWAS-1714
4.1744Recommissioned for Medley's squadron in the WinterBWAS-1714
6.1744Completed repair and refit at a cost of £15,066.10.4dBWAS-1714
8.1745Sailed for the West IndiesBWAS-1714
8.1746Engaged in Mitchel's encounter with ConflansBWAS-1714
3.8.1746Action of August 3 1746
25.3.1747Action of March 25 1747
26.3.1747Encounter with Dubois de la Motte's squadron off Cape NicholasBWAS-1714

Paid off

ADM 51
8.3.1747/48Involved in the attack on Port LouisBWAS-1714
5.4.1748At SantiagoBWAS-1714
9.4.1748Battle of Santiago de Cuba
12.10.1748Battle of Havana
29.12.1748Paid offADM 51
15.11.1755Reported as unfitBWAS-1714
1756Refitted as a 64 gun Third Rate
2.4.1756Order sunk as a breakwater at SheernessBWAS-1714

FromUntilFleetFleet CommanderSource
1726/12/241728/04/09British Squadron for the relief of GibraltarSir Charles Wager (1666-1743)
1739/07/251741British Fleet in the West indiesEdward Vernon (1684-1757)


BWAS-1714British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792Rif WinfieldBook
ADM 6/13ADM 6/13 Commission and Warrent Book 1721 Feb.-1728 3 Oct. Archive
ADM 6/14ADM 6/14 Commission and Warrant Book 1728 4 Oct.-1735 23 Dec. Archive
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ADM 6/16ADM 6/16 Commission and Warrent Book 1742 Jan 4 - 1745 Sept 18 Archive
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ADM107/3ADM 107/3 1712-1745 Lieutenants' passing certificates.  Archive
ADM 51ADM 51 1669-1853 Admiralty: Captains' Logs Archive

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