Humber -> 1727 Princess Amelia

Nominal Guns80
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down7.10.1723
First Commissioned26.7.1728
How acquiredPurpose built
ShipyardPortsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth
Ship Class1719 Establishment 80-Gunner
CategoryThird Rate
Ship TypeShip of the Line
Sailing RigShip Rigged
Broken Up6.1752


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck158' 2"Imperial Feet48.1593 
Length of Keel128' 5"Imperial Feet39.0189 
Breadth44' 6"Imperial Feet13.4493 
Depth in Hold18' 2"Imperial Feet5.4928 
Burthen1,352 6094Tons BM 


26.7.1727Broadside Weight = 713 Imperial Pound ( 323.3455 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 9-Pounder

6.1728Broadside Weight = 656 Imperial Pound ( 297.496 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck26 British 12-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck24 British 6-Pounder
Quarterdeck4 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1719520Design Complement

9 Commanding Officers

26.7.1728 - 19.2.1728/29Captain Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) ADM 6/14/211BWAS-171422.2.1728/29 - 1.4.1729Captain Coningsby Norbury (1679-1734) ADM 6/14/16ADM 6/142.4.1729 - 12.4.1729Captain Edward Falkingham (c.1679-1757) ADM 6/14/20ADM 6/1412.4.1729 - 16.12.1729Captain William Davies (d.1759) ADM 6/14/22BWAS-171419.5.1731 - 9.7.1736Captain Edward Reddish (d.1736) ADM 6/14/76BWAS-171416.5.1738 - 2.12.1738Captain John Hemmington (d.1757) ADM 6/15/117BWAS-171430.8.1739 - 2.7.1742Captain John Hemmington (d.1757) ADM 6/16/216ADM 6/153.7.1742 - 5.6.1744Captain John St Loe (d.1757) ADM 6/16/72BWAS-171411.6.1744 - 15.2.1744/45Captain Edward Spragge (d.1757) ADM 6/16/319BWAS-1714

2 Flag Officers

1729 - 1731Vice-Admiral of the WhiteSir George Walton (1665-1739)BWAS-17141735 - 9.7.1736Vice-Admiral John Balchen (1669/70-1744) ADM 107/3/131BWAS-1714

38 Commissioned Officers

26.7.1728 - 1.4.1729First Lieutenant Henry Huish (d.1751) ADM 6/14/211ADM 6/1326.7.1728 - 8.2.1728/29Second Lieutenant James Peers (d.1746) ADM 6/14/211ADM 6/139.2.1728/29 - 20.2.1728/29Second Lieutenant Charles Crauford (d.1745) ADM 6/14/11ADM 6/149.2.1728/29 - 20.2.1728/29Third Lieutenant James Master (d.bef.1746/47) ADM 6/14/11ADM 6/149.2.1728/29 - 20.2.1728/29Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms James Peers (d.1746) ADM 6/14/11ADM 6/1422.2.1728/29 - 1.4.1729Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms George Burrish (d.1770) ADM 6/14/16ADM 6/142.4.1729 - 11.4.1729Second Lieutenant James Hutchinson (d.1733) ADM 6/14/20ADM 6/142.4.1729 - 11.4.1729Third Lieutenant John Towry (d.1757) ADM 6/14/20ADM 6/1412.4.1729 - 16.12.1729Second Lieutenant Francis Percival ADM 6/14/22ADM 6/1412.4.1729 - 16.12.1729Third Lieutenant John Ogilvie (d.1734) ADM 6/14/22ADM 6/1416.4.1729 - 16.12.1729First Lieutenant John Craford (d.1740) ADM 6/14/24ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 6.1.1731/32First Lieutenant William Kinsey (d.1744) ADM 6/14/76ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 6.1.1731/32Second Lieutenant Charles Pyott ADM 6/14/76ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 6.1.1731/32Third Lieutenant John Lloyd (d.1748) ADM 6/14/76ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 6.1.1731/32Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms William Hay ADM 6/14/76ADM 6/1414.6.1732 - 13.8.1732Third Lieutenant John Lloyd (d.1748) ADM 6/14/111ADM 6/1414.6.1732 - 27.6.1732Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms William Hay ADM 6/14/111ADM 6/1414.8.1732 - 30.1.1733/34Second Lieutenant John Lloyd (d.1748) ADM 6/14/119ADM 6/1431.1.1733/34 - 30.5.1734Third Lieutenant John Lloyd (d.1748) ADM 6/14/162ADM 6/1423.2.1733/34 - 30.5.1734Second Lieutenant Charles Pyott ADM 6/14/172ADM 6/149.3.1733/34 - 30.5.1734First Lieutenant Thomas Johnson (d.c.1736) ADM 6/14/174ADM 6/1431.5.1734 - 9.7.1736First Lieutenant Charles Pyott ADM 6/15/189ADM 6/1431.5.1734 - 9.7.1736Second Lieutenant John Lloyd (d.1748) ADM 6/15/189ADM 6/1416.5.1738 - 25.7.1738First Lieutenant Thomas Jolley (d.1741) ADM 6/15/118ADM 6/1516.5.1738 - 2.12.1738Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms Sheldrake Laton (c.1711-1776) ADM 6/15/118ADM 6/1518.8.1738 - 2.12.1738Second Lieutenant Andrew Hawes (d.1741) ADM 6/15/140ADM 6/1530.8.1739 - 3.3.1739/40Second Lieutenant William Drake ADM 6/15/216ADM 6/1530.8.1739 - 3.3.1739/40Third Lieutenant John Stringer (d.c.1747) ADM 6/15/216ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 8.6.1741First Lieutenant William Drake ADM 6/15/255ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 25.3.1740Second Lieutenant John Stringer (d.c.1747) ADM 6/15/255ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 25.3.1740Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms William Brownjohn (d.bef.1740) ADM 6/15/255ADM 6/1526.3.1740 - bef.25.8.1740Second Lieutenant William Brownjohn (d.bef.1740) ADM 6/15/267ADM 6/1526.3.1740 - 15.3.1741/42Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms John Rowzier (c.1714-1752) ADM 6/16/267ADM 6/159.6.1741 - 14.6.1744First Lieutenant George Ireland (c.1718-1750) ADM 6/15/462
Commission confirmed 28.9.1741
ADM 6/15
20.4.1742 - 24.5.1742Second Lieutenant Edward Rich (d.1753) ADM 6/16/47ADM 6/169.7.1742 - 26.3.1744Third Lieutenant Francis Stewart ADM 6/16/74ADM 6/1613.7.1744 - 15.2.1744/45Second Lieutenant John Neale ADM 6/16/338ADM 6/1615.12.1744 - 15.2.1744/45Fourth Lt. & Lt. at Arms George Sellers (d.1748) ADM 6/16/403ADM 6/16

11 Petty Officers

24.10.1729 - 16.12.1729Able Seaman Edward Bradston (1708-1742) ADM 107/3/237ADM107/324.5.1732 - 2.11.1732Midshipman Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/36.9.1732 - 29.5.1733Master's Mate Benjamin Almes (c.1715-1746) ADM 107/3/363ADM107/33.11.1732 - 5.5.1733Gunner's Mate Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/325.4.1733 - 5.11.1733Midshipman Marriot Arbuthnot (1711-1794) ADM 107/3/344ADM107/36.5.1733 - 6.7.1733Midshipman Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/37.7.1733 - 9.1.1733/34Gunner's Mate Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/310.1.1733/34 - 30.7.1734Master's Mate Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/317.2.1734/35 - 3.9.1735Master's Mate Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/34.9.1735 - 15.6.1736Midshipman Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/316.6.1736 - 11.9.1737Master's Mate Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/3

2 Crewmen

31.7.1734 - 16.2.1734/35Able Seaman Peter Rattenbury (c.1710-1745) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/326.10.1740 - 2.4.1741Able Seaman Christopher Lobb (c.1719-?) ADM 107/3/556ADM107/3

Service History

26.7.1727Renamed Princess AmeliaBWAS-1714
15.2.1745Paid offADM 51
1747Refitted as a 66 gun Third Rate


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