Nominal Guns24DANFS
NationalityUnited States of America
OperatorUnited States Navy
How acquiredPurpose builtDANFS
ShipyardChatham - Connecticut DANFS
ConstructorSeth OvertonDANFS
CategorySixth RateDANFS
Ship TypeShip DANFS
Sailing RigShip RiggedDANFS


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentDANFS
Burthen492Tons BM 


1799Broadside Weight = 156 Imperial Pound ( 70.746 kg)DANFS
Gun Deck26 American 12-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1799180 DANFS

1 Commanding Officer

20.9.1798 - 12.11.1800CaptainMoses Tryon (1750-1817)ref:1150

2 Commissioned Officers

23.4.1799 - 30.4.1800LieutenantAndrew McComb: on board from 17.7.1799ref:115024.4.1799 - 12.11.1800LieutenantJohn May: on board from 22.7.1799ref:1150

9 Warrant Officers

8.6.1799 - 12.11.1800CarpenterReubin Atkins: on board from 17.7.1799ref:115010.6.1799 - 9.11.1800CookRoger Clark: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115028.6.1799 - 12.11.1800SailmakerJames Richards: on board from 25.7.1799ref:11501.7.1799 - 12.11.1800ArmourerMontgomery Orr: on board from 24.7.1799ref:11503.7.1799 - 12.11.1800PurserSilas Butler: on board from 6.8.1799ref:115029.7.1799 - 12.11.1800MasterLoudon Baily: on board from 10.8.1799ref:115029.7.1799 - 10.6.1801MasterLoudon Baileyref:12031.8.1799 - 9.11.1800Master-at-ArmsWait Goodrich: on board from 30.8.1799ref:11509.8.1799 - 12.11.1800BoatswainJohn Hanes: on board from 26.8.1799ref:1150

18 Petty Officers

15.3.1799 - 18.1.1800Surgeon's MateNathan Tisdale: on board from 26.7.1799ref:115024.4.1799 - 12.11.1800SurgeonJames Wells: on board from 26.9.1799ref:11501.5.1799 - 1.11.1800QuartermasterJedediah Norton: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115016.5.1799 - 2.1.1800Quarter GunnerSilas Goodrich: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115022.5.1799 - 12.12.1799Master's MateAsa Bulkley: on board from 17.7.1799ref:115027.5.1799 - 7.11.1800CoxswainNathaniel Trundy: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115013.6.1799 - 12.11.1800Captain's ClerkRussell Belden: on board from 17.7.1799ref:115025.6.1799 - 7.11.1800QuartermasterDaniel Winchell: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115015.7.1799 - 18.6.1800MidshipmanJames L Reynolds: on board from 23.7.1799ref:115015.7.1799 - 12.11.1800StewardSamuel Tuells: on board from 18.7.1799ref:115016.7.1799 - 7.11.1799MidshipmanGeorge Merrill (d.1822): on board from 17.7.1799ref:115025.7.1799 - 30.10.1800Boatswain's MateJohn Gordon: on board from 1.8.1799ref:115010.8.1799 - 26.10.1800Gunner's MateAmbrose D Trott: on board from 29.8.1799ref:115011.9.1799 - 12.11.1800MidshipmanGeorge Tryonref:115011.9.1799 - 12.11.1800MidshipmanMatthew Talcottref:115011.9.1799 - 12.11.1800MidshipmanOwen Tudorref:115013.9.1799 - 1.1.1800Master's MateJohn Gould Lennetref:115010.6.1800 - 30.9.1810Master's MateJames G Averyref:1203

55 Crewmen

2.8.1798 - 25.10.1799LandsmanWilliam McDanielsref:11501.5.1799 - 28.10.1800Ordinary SeamanDavid Squires: on board from 26.6.1799ref:11501.5.1799 - 6.11.1800Ordinary SeamanWilliam Woolcott: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115020.5.1799 - 7.11.1799BoyJohn Bush: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115020.5.1799 - 10.9.1799SeamanJoseph Dorr: on board from 21.7.1799ref:115027.5.1799 - 6.11.1800SeamanTimothy Tripp: on board from 26.6.1799ref:11505.6.1799 - 1.11.1800SeamanJoseph Antonio: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115010.6.1799 - 1.11.1800BoyAlexander Wood: on board from 23.6.1799ref:115010.6.1799 - 2.11.1800Ordinary SeamanGiles Strichland: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115010.6.1799 - 11.11.1800BoyAndrew Mason: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115010.6.1799 - 2.1.1800LandsmanRobert Bertles: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115010.6.1799 - 27.11.1799CooperRobert White (d.1799)†: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115011.6.1799 - 28.9.1799LandsmanSolomon Mosseck: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115011.6.1799 - 19.10.1800SeamanIsrael Smith: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115012.6.1799 - 2.1.1800Ordinary SeamanHenry D Clemetson: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115012.6.1799 - 8.11.1800Ordinary SeamanFrancois Leflour: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115012.6.1799 - 30.10.1800LandsmanDaniel Kenney: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115020.6.1799 - 24.10.1800Ordinary SeamanJames Smith: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115024.6.1799 - 1.10.1799Ordinary SeamanAllyn Bidwell: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115024.6.1799 - 4.1.1800LandsmanJohn Jordon (d.1800)†: on board from 30.6.1799ref:115024.6.1799 - 21.6.1800LandsmanJohn Barnum: on board from 26.6.1799ref:115028.6.1799 - 24.10.1800Ordinary SeamanRobert Willsonref:115028.6.1799 - 10.9.1799SeamanGeorge Tryon: on board from 20.7.1799ref:115029.6.1799 - 8.12.1799Ordinary SeamanJonathan Holden (d.1799)ref:115029.6.1799 - 22.10.1800Ordinary SeamanLewis Manierre: on board from 19.7.1799ref:11501.7.1799 - 7.11.1800Cook's MateBenjamin Hunterref:11501.7.1799 - 10.9.1799SeamanMatthew Talcott: on board from 17.7.1799ref:11502.7.1799 - 7.11.1800BoyHorace Laneref:11504.7.1799 - 24.10.1800LandsmanJohn Grimes: on board from 22.8.1799ref:11505.7.1799 - 24.10.1800Ordinary SeamanNathaniel Thorp: on board from 19.7.1799ref:11508.7.1799 - 14.3.1800BoyLewis Guernseyref:11509.7.1799 - 7.11.1800Ordinary SeamanJohn Clemens: on board from 19.7.1799ref:115010.7.1799 - 1.11.1800Ordinary SeamanJames Holt: on board from 19.7.1799ref:115010.7.1799 - 11.11.1800LandsmanJohn A Graham: on board from 18.7.1799ref:115012.7.1799 - 30.10.1800LandsmanTruman Robertsref:115013.7.1799 - 10.9.1799SeamanOwen Tudor: on board from 17.7.1799ref:115016.7.1799 - 6.11.1800Ordinary SeamanDaniel Collierref:115027.7.1799 - 24.10.1800SeamanGordon Woggs: on board from 1.8.1799ref:115029.7.1799 - 30.10.1800Ordinary SeamanJames Pharoah: on board from 1.8.1799ref:115029.7.1799 - 30.10.1800SeamanIsaac James: on board from 1.8.1799ref:11501.8.1799 - 12.11.1800LandsmanMoses Payne: on board from 5.8.1799ref:11506.8.1799 - 2.1.1800Ordinary SeamanThomas Franklin: on board from 15.8.1799ref:11506.8.1799 - 7.11.1800BoyJames Franklin: on board from 15.8.1799ref:11507.8.1799 - 30.10.1800SeamanJohn Clark: on board from 15.8.1799ref:11508.8.1799 - 8.10.1799Ordinary SeamanJohn Paul: on board from 15.8.1799ref:11508.8.1799 - 15.4.1800SeamanEarl Sheffield Jackson (d.1800)†: on board from 15.8.1799ref:11509.8.1799 - 26.9.1800Ordinary SeamanWilliam Hamilton: on board from 20.8.1799ref:115016.8.1799 - 7.11.1799SeamanEliakim Johnsonref:115017.8.1799 - 25.10.1800Ordinary SeamanJames Patterson: on board from 23.8.1799ref:115020.8.1799 - 20.10.1800SeamanJames Hart: on board from 30.8.1799ref:115024.8.1799 - 30.10.1800LandsmanRichard Danielsref:115027.8.1799 - 2.1.1800Ordinary SeamanWilliam Toneyref:115027.8.1799 - 21.6.1800SeamanAsa Billings: on board from 2.9.1799ref:115027.8.1799 - 2.11.1800SeamanJames Anderson: on board from 2.9.1799ref:115030.8.1799 - 7.11.1799Ordinary SeamanWilliam Phillips: on board from 16.9.1799ref:1150

Service History

29.12.1799Connecticut vs Italic Conquest
18.10.1800Arrived in New London, CTDANFS

Notes on Ship

Full entryDANFS
The second Connecticut was built by Seth Overton at Chatham, Conn. and launched 6 June 1799 at Middle-town, Conn. She sailed 15 Oct. 1799 under the command of Captain M. Tryon for the Guadaloupe Station, and cruised in the West Indies for a year during the Quasi-War with France, protecting American commerce from French privateers. Connecticut's successful career was highlighted by the capture of four privateers and the recapture of seven American merchantmen. Arriving at New London, Conn., 18 Oct. 1800, Connecticut was sold at New York in 1801.


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Posted by AvM on Wednesday 24th of July 2019 23:24

She was launched at Chatham not Middletown

Posted by AvM on Monday 15th of October 2018 08:47

She is very probabla the Connecticut, master Pittman which was Totally lost 12-12-1809 at Studwell Island
voyage: New York-Liverpool
crew & a few bales of cotton saved

Posted by AvM on Sunday 14th of October 2018 21:41

She was sold at New Youk, and then registered here on 20 Jun 1801 (548t). Sailed to Liverpool.

Listed LLoyd 1805, master T.Miller (518 tons - note Britsh tons are different to US tons)

Posted by AvM on Saturday 13th of October 2018 13:37

She was sold in may 1801 for $19,300

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