Nominal Guns16B194
NationalityUnited States of America
OperatorUnited States Navy
How acquiredPurpose builtB194
ShipyardBaltimore - Maryland B194
Designed by William PriceB194
Constructor William PriceB194
Ship TypeSloop B194
Sailing RigBrigB194


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB194
Length of Keel85' 9"Imperial Feet25.9537 
Breadth29' 7"Imperial Feet8.859 
Depth in Hold14' 0"Imperial Feet4.2672 
Burthen440 6494Tons BM 


28.6.1805Broadside Weight = 75 Imperial Pound ( 34.0125 kg)B194
Upper Gun Deck14 American 9-Pounder
Bow Chaser2 American 12-Pounder

1811Broadside Weight = 300 Imperial Pound ( 136.05 kg)B194
Upper Gun Deck18 American 32-Pounder Carronade
Bow Chaser2 American 12-Pounder

1814Broadside Weight = 300 Imperial Pound ( 136.05 kg)TRN6
Upper Gun Deck18 American 32-Pounder Carronade
Bow Chaser2 American 12-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
28.6.1805150 B194
23.3.1814140 TRN6

5 Commanding Officers

24.4.1806 - 1807Captain Isaac Chauncey (d.1840)B1941812 - 1813Captain James Lawrence (1781-1813)TRN61814Master Commandant James Biddle (d.1848)TRN61828 - 18.11.1828Master Commandant Alexander Claxtonref:11774.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Master Commandant Otho Norris (d.1829)ref:1180

7 Commissioned Officers

1828 - 18.11.1828Lieutenant Robert D Thorburnref:11771828 - 18.11.1828Lieutenant T M Buchananref:11771828 - 18.11.1828Lieutenant Henry Bruceref:117718.11.1828 - 10.9.1829Lieutenant Jesse Smith (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Lieutenant Daniel H Mackay (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Lieutenant John Hamilton (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Lieutenant John L Thomas (d.1829)ref:1180

9 Warrant Officers

1828 - 18.11.1828Assistant Surgeon Samuel Barringtonref:11771828 - 18.11.1828Master P Turnerref:117718.11.1828 - 10.9.1829Surgeon William Birchmore (d.1829)ref:118018.11.1828 - 10.9.1829Purser Robert Pottenger (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Cook Nicholas Romaine (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Armourer George Wooley (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Sailmaker John Adams (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Gunner John Burns (d.1829)ref:118010.5.1829 - 10.9.1829Acting Assistant Surgeon John F Whitehill (d.1829)ref:1180

35 Petty Officers

8.2.1809 - 1809Midshipman Thomas Holdup Stevens (1795-1841)E-WIKI1821Surgeon's Mate Waters SmithUSNR-18211823Midshipman Irvine Shubrick (1797-1849)1828 - 30.9.1828Midshipman Bushrod W Turner (d.1828)ref:11771828 - 2.10.1828Midshipman Terrill M Crenshaw (d.1828)ref:11771828 - 14.11.1828Midshipman John Fisher (d.1828)ref:11774.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Captain's Steward John Bailey (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Sailmaker's Mate Alexander Morrison (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Yeoman John R Berry (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Yeoman Benjamin F Stanford (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quarter Gunner George Varnum (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quarter Gunner John Nolan (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quarter Gunner James Hurd (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quarter Gunner James Moran (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Midshipman Charles A Cannell (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Midshipman Gustavus R A Brooke (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quartermaster John C Jones (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Midshipman Samuel S Washington (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quartermaster John Smith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Midshipman Richard L Tilghman (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quartermaster Peter Tagstrom (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Midshipman Riché R Swift (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quartermaster Charles Jones (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Midshipman Edwin Laub (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Quartermaster John R Pitts (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Midshipman James N Forsyth (d.1829)ref:11804.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boatswain's Mate William Hooper (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Master's Mate T W Robertson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Steward John K Reany (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Captain's Clerk Thomas Kirk (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Carpenter's Mate John Bernard (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Carpenter's Mate Wilder H Pierce (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Gunner's Mate Judah Corell (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boatswain's Mate Thomas Smith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Passed Midshipman Edward Schermerhorn (d.1829)ref:1180

96 Crewmen

1828Seaman Bradley Bennett (d.1828)ref:11771828Seaman Benjamin Rowley (d.1828)ref:11771828Seaman W R Evans (d.1828)ref:11771828Seaman Dudley Potter (d.1828)ref:11771828Seaman David Nicholas (d.1828)ref:11771828Seaman T Stephenson (d.1828)ref:11774.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Charles Smith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Benjamin Jackson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman John Taylor (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Jacob Spaulding (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Quarter Strong (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Nathaniel Gardiner (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Charles McDonald (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Thomas Fines (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy John Rine (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy George Smith Sewell (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Manuel Stevens (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman George English (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Robert Cathcart (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Andrew Peterson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Emmel Kennedy (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Levin Stevens (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Jeremiah Murphy (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman William D Conquest (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy Joseph Morgan (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy Andrew Stansbury (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Charles Armstrong (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman William Babcock (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman John Peters (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Andrew Dornett (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman James Skinner (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman John Farley (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy Robert Clark (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy John Carr (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Thomas Murry (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman William Thomas (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Joseph Richardson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Allen Pluebair (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman William Rogers (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Thomas McGinley (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy James Brown (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy Henry Speril (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Christian Hemming (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Daniel Carmany (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Russell Merrill (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Joseph Hatch (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Henry Allen (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman John Cook (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Jacob Severn (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Peter Sewalley (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy Theodore J K Hill (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Levi Johnson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Peter Thompson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Robert Shearman (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman George Evans (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Henry Spicer (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Jacob W Mills (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Antonio Lucian (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy Andrew Snell (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman John Bennett (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman George Douglas (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Townsend Waterman (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman George Webster (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman John Green (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Charles Wilson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman John Griffith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Robert Roberts (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Robert Barney (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Gilbert Wright (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Martin Smith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Miles Kenney (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman Dennis Coile (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Ordinary Seaman John Paterson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Boy Daniel Lisk (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman James Thulas (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman James Carr (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman James Pattison (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman Ira Taylor (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Richard Jones (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman John Stuvitz (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman Dominic Gillon (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Peter Daniels (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Charles Miller (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman Thomas Keith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman William Johnson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman George Smith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Garret Myers (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman Overton Vermillion (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman Thomas Ferdon (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman George W Parmell (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman John B Thompson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman Michael Gallagher (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman James Taylor (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Seaman Henry Anderson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Landsman Samuel Weaver (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Cooper John A Thompson (d.1829)ref:1251

19 Marines

4.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Sergeant Archibald Sloan (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private William Rusell (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Peter Lefoy (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private William Day (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private John Nelson (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Horatio B G Gardner (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Henry G Ely (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Charles L Cornell (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Joseph Murphy (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Thomas Buckley (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Charles Riley (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Corporal Isaac Smith (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private James Sanborn (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Corporal Patrick Emond (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private John Hart (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private John French (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Sergeant Barthy Oelricks (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private John Doran (d.1829)ref:12514.3.1829 - 10.9.1829Marine Private Robert Farrell (d.1829)ref:1251

Service History

1811Refitted as a 18 gun Unrated Unknown
24.2.1813Hornet vs Peacock
23.3.1814Hornet vs Penguin
23.3.1815Took the Sloop Penguin (16) off Tristan da Cunha

Outbreak of yellow fever - 9 dead

West Indies
18.11.1828Arrived at New York ref:1177

Sailed from Pensacola


Foundered in a storm off  Tampico



DatesFleetFleet CommanderSource
1805-1806American Mediterranean Squadron 1805-1806 John Rodgers (d.1838) 

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Posted by Brian Stephens on Sunday 30th of March 2014 21:27

BOSTON, March 29,
Holmes Hole, 19 March 1813
This day arrived in this harbour, the U. States ship Hornet, Capt. Lawrence, form a cruise. Off Surinam fell in with his Britannic Majesty's brig, Peacock, Capt. Peake, of 10 guns, which he sunk after 15 minutes close action. The following from the Log Book was handed us which diffused a general joy.
Thursday 25 Feb. 1813. At half past three o'clock P. M. discovered a strange sail, bearing down for us. At 4, 20 she hoisted English colours, at 4,30, beat to quarters and cleared ship for action, and hauled close to the wind in order to get the weather gauge of her, at 5,10, hoisted American coloures, tacked and stood for the enemy, at 5,25, in passing each other exchanged broadsides within pistol shot, the enemy then were gave us their starboard broadside bore up close on her starboard quarter, and kept up such a heavy and well directed fire, that in less than 15 minutes, she made the signal of submission being cut to pieces. In 5 minutes after, her main mast went by the board - sent our 1st. Lieutenant on board, he returned with her 1st. Lieutenant, who reported her to be His British Majesty's brig Peacock , mounting 19 guns and a 134 men - that her commander, Capt. Peake, was killed in the action, a great number of her men killed and wounded, and that she was sinking fast - dispatched the boat immediately to take out the wounded and the rest of the prisoners, and brought both vessels to anchor - but notwithstanding every exertion was made to save the crew, she unfortunately sunk - carried own 19 of her crew and 3 of my brave fellows. Lt. Conner, Midshipman Cooper, and the remainder of our men employed in getting out the prisoners, with difficulty saved themselves, by jumping into one of her boats stowed on the booms, four men were taken from the fore-top by our boats. We had 1 man killed and 2 slightly wounded. The enemy had 8 killed and 27 wounded.

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