Nominal Guns64BWAS-1714
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down25.11.1742BWAS-1714
First Commissioned20.2.1744/45BWAS-1714
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardDeptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
Designed byJoseph Allin (d.1759)BWAS-1714
ConstructorJoseph Allin (d.1759)BWAS-1714
CategoryThird RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShip of the Line BWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714
Broken Up4.1811BWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck160' 0"Imperial Feet48.768 
Length of Keel131' 8"Imperial Feet39.9354 
Breadth44' 0"Imperial Feet13.4112 
Depth in Hold18' 11"Imperial Feet5.4896 
Burthen1,355 8894Tons BM 


1745Broadside Weight = 704 Imperial Pound ( 319.264 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 9-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
3.1744/45480 BWAS-1714
11.1748140as a guardshipBWAS-1714
5.1754480 BWAS-1714

24 Commanding Officers

20.2.1744/45 - 10.8.1746CaptainRoger Martin (d.1779) ADM 6/16/445BWAS-171411.8.1746 - 26.8.1747CaptainPeircy Brett (c.1710-1781) ADM 6/17/139BWAS-171426.8.1747 - 9.11.1747CaptainCharles Saunders (1713-1775) ADM 6/17/261BWAS-17149.11.1747 - 26.8.1748CaptainPeircy Brett (c.1710-1781) ADM 6/17/281BWAS-171425.11.1748 - 18.11.1752CaptainPeircy Brett (c.1710-1781) ADM 6/17/412ADM 6/176.9.1753 - 16.1.1755CaptainGeorge Cockburne (c.1717-1770) ADM 6/18/78BWAS-171416.1.1755 - 28.1.1755CaptainCharles Saunders (1713-1775) ADM 6/18/121ADM 6/1830.1.1755 - 30.6.1756CaptainHarry Norris (d.1764) ADM 6/18/125BWAS-171430.6.1756 - 20.8.1756CaptainChaloner Ogle (1738-1816) ADM 6/18/287BWAS-171423.8.1756 - 11.11.1756CaptainStephen Colby (c.1720-1779) ADM 6/18/303ADM 6/1815.11.1756 - 25.12.1757CaptainRobert Frankland (c.1725-1757)† ADM 6/18/324BWAS-17142.3.1758 - 19.12.1760CaptainJohn Harrison (c.1720-1791) ADM 6/19/292
Issued by George Pocock (1705/6-1792), East Indies - Asia
Commission confirmed 16.3.1760
6.5.1763 - 27.12.1763CaptainCharles Proby (d.1799) ADM 6/19/493BWAS-171417.12.1763 - 12.10.1766CommodoreCharles Proby (d.1799) ADM 6/19/556ADM 6/1912.10.1766 - 15.11.1769CaptainJames Gambier (1723-1789) ADM 6/20/143BWAS-171415.11.1769 - 3.1.1770CommodoreWilliam Saltern Willett (d.1769) ADM 6/20/260ADM 6/203.1.1770 - 25.10.1770CaptainEdward Vernon (1723-1794) ADM 6/20/266BWAS-171425.10.1770 - 14.3.1771CaptainWeston Varlo (d.1789) ADM 6/20/304BWAS-17143.4.1777 - 22.7.1778CaptainNicholas Vincent (c.1723-1809) ADM 6/21/273B05122.7.1778 - 24.10.1780CaptainNathaniel Bateman (c.1723-1797) ADM 6/21/436BWAS-171428.3.1781 - 21.9.1782CaptainJohn Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817)BWAS-171423.8.1781 - 27.9.1781CaptainWilliam Denne (c.1733-1791) ADM 6/22/329BWAS-171427.9.1781 - 13.3.1783CaptainAnthony Parrey (d.1789) ADM 6/22/345BWAS-171413.3.1783 - 10.6.1783CaptainEdward Herbert ADM 6/23/142
Issued by Hugh Pigot (1722-1792), Barbados - Windward Islands - Barbados & the Leeward Islands
Commission confirmed 24.9.1783

3 Flag Officers

c.7.1746 - 7.1746Vice-Admiral of the WhiteWilliam Martin (c.1696-1756) ADM 107/2/251BWAS-17149.8.1746 - 20.6.1746Vice-Admiral of the BlueGeorge Anson (1697-1762)ref:10591758 - 1760Vice-Admiral of the RedGeorge Pocock (1705/6-1792)BWAS-1714

14 Commissioned Officers

22.2.1744/45 - 4.9.1745Second LieutenantRobert Sisson (d.1747/48) ADM 6/16/447ADM 6/1622.2.1744/45 - 4.9.1745Third LieutenantWilliam Mawman (d.bef.1752) ADM 6/16/446ADM 6/1622.2.1744/45 - 4.9.1745Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJohn Spence ADM 6/16/447ADM 6/165.9.1745 - 5.5.1746First LieutenantRobert Sisson (d.1747/48) ADM 6/16/539ADM 6/165.9.1745 - 5.5.1746Second LieutenantWilliam Mawman (d.bef.1752) ADM 6/16/539ADM 6/165.9.1745 - 5.5.1746Third LieutenantJohn Spence ADM 6/16/539ADM 6/166.5.1746 - 10.8.1746First LieutenantWilliam Mawman (d.bef.1752) ADM 6/17/101ADM 6/176.5.1746 - 10.8.1746Second LieutenantJohn Spence ADM 6/17/101ADM 6/1711.8.1746 - 29.5.1747Second LieutenantRobert Wilson (d.1749) ADM 6/17/139ADM 6/1711.8.1746 - 19.5.1747Third LieutenantJohn Spence ADM 6/17/139ADM 6/1729.5.1747 - 21.9.1747First LieutenantRobert Wilson (d.1749) ADM 6/17/231ADM 6/1923.11.1747 - 5.12.1747First LieutenantSamuel Gibbs ADM 6/17/286ADM 6/175.12.1747 - 26.8.1748Second LieutenantSamuel Gibbs ADM 6/17/291ADM 6/171.12.1748 - 18.11.1752First LieutenantSamuel Gibbs ADM 6/17/415ADM 6/17

2 Warrant Officers

1753 - 23.5.1753BoatswainRichard Dutton ADM 6/18/70ADM 6/181769 - 20.12.1769MasterWilliam Nichelson ADM 6/20/265ADM 6/20

1 Petty Officer

1767 - 1770MidshipmanJames Gambier (1756-1833)ref:676

Service History

10.5.1745Completed at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £30527.4.9dBWAS-1714
15.4.1746Took the Privateer Le Chasseur (18) date must be researchedBG
3.5.17471st Battle of Cape Finisterre
14.10.17472nd Battle of Cape Finisterre
11.1748Reduced to a guardshipBWAS-1714
18.11.1752Paid off at Chatham Dockyard ADM 6/18
2.1753fitting at UnknownBWAS-1714
9.1753Guardship at SheernessBWAS-1714
5.1754refitting at UnknownBWAS-1714
11.5.1755Sailed as a reinforcement to BoscawenBWAS-1714
12.1755Began repairs at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth BWAS-1714
9.1756Completed repairs at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £10666.6.3dBWAS-1714
10.3.1757Sailed for the East IndiesBWAS-1714
29.4.1758Battle of Cuddalore
3.8.1758Battle of Negapatam
10.9.1759Battle of Pondicherry
1760Sailed home to pay offBWAS-1714
19.12.1760Paid offADM 51
7.1761Began large repair at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1714
5.1763Recommissioned as a guardship at ChathamBWAS-1714
7.1763Completed large repair at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham at a cost of £30338.9.3dBWAS-1714
1767Commissioned as a guardship at Sheerness, then moved to ChathamBWAS-1714
1770Guardship at SheernessBWAS-1714
14.3.1771Paid offADM 51
9.9.1777Sailed for the Leeward IslandsBWAS-1714
7.3.1778Action of 1778-03-07
26.12.1778Sailed for the Leeward IslandsBWAS-1714
6.7.1779Battle of Grenada
17.4.1780Battle of Martinique
15.5.1780Action of March 15 1780
19.5.1780Action of March 19 1780

Paid off

ADM 51
5.1781Began fitting at UnknownBWAS-1714
10.1781Completed fittingBWAS-1714
5.1.1782Sailed for the Leeward IslandsBWAS-1714
12.4.1782Battle of the Saintes
19.4.1782Battle of the Mona Passage
21.7.1782Sailed to AmericaBWAS-1714
6.1783Home and paid offBWAS-1714

Paid off

ADM 51
11.1783Began fitting at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth BWAS-1714
12.1783Completed fitting at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth BWAS-1714
4.1811Broken up at PlymouthBWAS-1714


DatesFleetFleet CommanderSource
27.4.1755-4.11.1755Fleet for North AmericaThe Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761) 

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Posted by Brian Stephens on Thursday 24th of April 2014 21:01

The Edinburgh Magazine, and Literary Miscellany: 1778
Capt. Vincent of His Majesty's ship Yarmouth, to Admiral Young , March 17, 1778
I Take the opportunity of the January's packet sailing from hence tomorrow, morning, directly for St John's, Antigua, of acquainting you of my having, on the 7th instant, at half past five p.m. discovered fix sail in the S. W. quarter, on a wind standing to the northward ; two of them ships, three brigs, and a schooner. We were then 50 leagues due East of this island. We immediately bore down upon them, and about nine got close to the weather-quarter of the largest and head most ship. They had no colours hoisted ; and, as ours were then up, 1 hailed her to hoist hers, or I would fire into her: on which she hoisted American, and immediately gave us her broadside; which we returned, and in about a quarter of an hour she blew up. It was fortunate for us that we were to windward of her ; as it was, our ship was in a manner covered with parts of her; a great piece of a top timber, six feet long, fell on our poop ; another large piece of timber stuck in our fore-top-gallant fail (then upon the cap) ; an American ensign rolled up, blown in upon the forecastle, not so much as singed, &c. Immediately on her blowing up, the other four dispersed different ways. We chased a little while two that stood to the southward, and afterwards another that bore away right before the wind ; but they were soon out of fight; our sails being torn all to pieces in a most surprising manner. We had five men killed and twelve wounded. — But what I am now going to mention is something very remarkable: The 12th following, being then in chase of a ship steering west, we discovered a piece of a wreck, with four men on it waving: we hauled up to it, got a boat out, and brought them on board : they proved to be four men who had been in the ship which blew up, and who had nothing to subsist on from that time but by sucking the rain-water that fell on a piece of blanket, which they luckily had picked up. They informed us the ship blown up was called the Randolph, of 36 guns and 305 men ; the other ship was the General Moutry, of 2o guns; and the other three armed brigs; and sailed from Charlestown, South Carolina, about a month before.— I resumed the chase; but she was too far ahead to get up with her: however I continued it, in order to drive her at least off the station, till eleven that night, when we made this island, having lost, fight of her.

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