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San Pedro Apostol
Nominal Guns80W006
OperatorArmada Real
Keel Laid Down1748W006
First Commissioned31.1.1750/51W006
How acquiredPurpose builtW006
ShipyardHavana - Cuba 010
Designed by
Juan JorgeSpanish
Ship Builder
Pedro de TorresSpanish
Ship Builder
CategoryThird RateW006
Ship TypeShip of the Line W006
Sailing RigShip RiggedW006


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB006
Length of Gundeck180' 0"Burgos Feet50.148 (164′ 6″ Imperial)
Length of Keel155' 0"Burgos Feet43.183 (141′ 8″ Imperial)
Breadth55' 0"Burgos Feet15.323 (50′ 3″ Imperial)
Depth in Hold27' 6"Burgos Feet7.5421 (24′ 8″ Imperial)
Burthen1,889Tons BM 
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric Equivalent010
Length of Keel165' 0"Imperial Feet50.292 
Breadth57' 0"Imperial Feet17.3736 
Depth in Hold28' 3"Imperial Feet8.5439 
Draught Forward27' 0"Imperial Feet8.2296 
Draught Aft27' 0"Imperial Feet8.2296 


1766Broadside Weight = 712 Spanish libre (768.248 lbs 326.808 kg)B053
Lower Gun Deck30 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck32 Spanish 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck12 Spanish 8-Pounder
Forecastle4 Spanish 8-Pounder

1782Broadside Weight = 720 Spanish libre (776.88 lbs 330.48 kg)B006
Lower Gun Deck30 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck32 Spanish 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle18 Spanish 8-Pounder

1782Broadside Weight = 3 Spanish libre (3.237 lbs 1.377 kg)B053
Quarterdeck2 Spanish 3-Pound Obusier

1805Broadside Weight = 1010 Spanish libre (1089.79 lbs 463.59 kg)010
Lower Gun Deck30 Spanish 36-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck32 Spanish 18-Pounder
Roundhouse6 Spanish 18-Pound Carronades
Spardeck32 Spanish 8-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1805670 010

2 Ship Commanders

1790Capitan de navio
Fernando ReynosoSpanish
Naval Sailor
2.1805 - 21.10.1805Capitan de navio
Don Enrique MacdonelSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1755-1855

1 Flag Officer

1790Jefe de Escuadra
Juan Joaquin MorenoSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1740-1840

Service History

31.1.1750/51Commissioned, with sails & guns but without crew & captain?.B006
16.3.1750/51Ordered to left to Spain with Princesa, Infante & GaliciaB006
8.9.1751Finished embarking supplies for the trip to Cadiz.B006
12.10.1751Due to water damages quit the departure.B006
1.3.1752Finally left with Princesa, Infante & Galicia all with reduced crew.B006
30.4.1752Arrived to Cadiz with the above ships, carring tobacco, sugar and timber.B006
10.1757At Cadiz changed masts for taller ones.B006
1758Set to careen.B006
27.4.1758Opened the second keel and sides to be covered again.B006
5.1758Left Cadiz to sail under Adm. Reggio's fleet.B006
2.1.1760Entered at Cadiz.B006
6.1761Set to careen at La Carraca, Cadiz.B006
1.1762Finished careen.B006
1765Arrived to Cadiz.B006
2.1765Set to more repairs, building and new masts due to be rotten.B006
24.6.1765Left with Arrogante, Poderoso, Guerrero, Oriente & 4 more SoL with future queen of Austria Archidukess Luisa Maria toB006
17.7.1765Arrived to Genoa.B006
25.7.1765Embarked future Pricess of Asturias, Princess Maria Luisa de Parma and departed from Genoa.B006
11.8.1765Arrived to Cartagena.B006
8.1768At Cadiz waiting for repairs & careen because of rotten parts of the hull.B006
2.1769Entered at La Carraca, Cadiz for careen.B006
4.1769Finished repairs & careen.B006
24.11.1769Commissioned at the Department of Cadiz.B006
4.1771Set to careen at Cadiz.B006
1774Left Cadiz to El Ferrol.B006
1774Arrived to El Ferrol and set to deep careen.B006
9.1774Left El Ferrol to Cadiz.B006
7.1776At Cadiz, set to careen in ordinary.B006
1777At Cadiz in ordinary.B006
23.6.1779Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordova's fleet for the English Channel campaign.B006
23.7.1779Near Sisargas Islands joinned Adm. Count d'Orvilliers' fleet.B006
14.8.1779With the french-spanish fleet at the English Channel.B006
13.9.1779With the french-spanish fleet entered at Brest due to crew sickness.B006
13.1.1780Left Brest under Com. Gaston's squadron to block Gibraltar from Cape Saint Vincent.B006
8.2.1780Arrived to Cadiz without any masts. The rest of the squadron with damages due to bad weather.B006
9.7.1780Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordova's squadron.B006
18.7.1780Enterd back at Cadiz under Adm. Cordova's fleet.B006
31.7.1780Left Cadiz to patrol Cape St Vincent again under Adm. Cordova's fleet.B006
9.8.1780Captured british convoy of 51 ships with destination Bombay & Jamaica, carring troops & suplies.B006
29.8.1780Returned to Cadiz under Adm. Cordova's fleet and is joined by Vice Adm. Count d'Estaing.B006
30.10.1780Left Cadiz.B006
1.11.1780Entered back at Cadiz due to bad SSW weather.B006
6.2.1781Left Cadiz to patrol Cape St Vincent & waters off portugal under Adm. Cordova's squadron.B006
28.3.1781Arrived to Cadiz under Adm. Cordova's squadron.B006
1.5.1781Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordova's squadron to scort the fleet coming from La Habana.B006
19.6.1781Returned to Cadiz because the fleet from La Habana did not departed on time.B006
20.7.1781Arrived to Cadiz 22 french ships under Vice Adm. Count of Guichen & La Motta-Picquet.B006
23.7.1781Left Cadiz with 50 french-spanish ships of the line to the English Channel.B006
8.1781The french-spanish fleet near Cape Finisterre.B006
15.8.1781The french-spanish fleet at the English Channel.B006
5.9.1781Some french ships left the fleet to Brest and the rest returned to Cadiz.B006
23.9.1781The rest of french-spanish fleet arrives to Cadiz.B006
4.1.1782Left Cadiz to patrol Cape St Vincent, Spartel & Lagos, left Com. Borja's squadron to Guarico (St. Domingo).B006
10.2.1782Entered at Cadiz with the rest of the squadron.B006
5.6.1782Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordova's fleet of 27 SoL & 2 frigates to break british blockage of Brest.B006
8.7.1782Vice Adm. La Motte-Picquer with 9 ships joinned Adm. Cordova's fleet near Ouessant island.B006
8.1782With the french-spanish fleet captured a british convoy of 19 ships.B006
9.9.1782Arrived to Algeciras to assault Gibraltar.B006
13.9.1782Assault & siege of Gibraltar.B006
3.10.1782Left Cadiz?B006
20.10.1782Battle of Cape Spartel.B006
20.10.1782Battle of Cape Spartel
28.10.1782Entered at Cadiz.B006
23.4.1783Signed the peace treaty, Adm. Cordova's squadron was set in ordinary (disarmed).B006
7.1783Set to careen & coppered at La Carraca, Cadiz.B006
8.1783Finished careen & coppered at La Carraca, Cadiz.B006
12.1783Set in commissioned (armed and fitted).B006
25.4.1784Left Cadiz to Cartagena with 5,000,000 pesos.B006
30.4.1784Arrived to Cartagena.B006
27.6.1784Left Cartagena for the Campaign of Argel.B006
10.7.1784Arrived to Argel.B006
23.7.1784Left Argel after 8 assaults.B006
27.7.1784Entered at Cartagena.B006
13.8.1784Left Cartagena to Malaga & the Strait with San Fermin, Colon & brig Atocha.B006
28.9.1784Arrives to Malaga.B006
25.10.1784Transported from Malaga to Mazalquivir (Oran), Sevilla's Regimient with San Fermin, Colon & brig Atocha.B006
29.10.1784Arrived to Mazalquivir, Oran.B006
31.10.1784Left Mazalquivir, Oran to Cartagena.B006
11.1784Set in ordinary (disarmed).B006
5.11.1784Arrived to Cartagena with the rest of the division.B006
11.11.1784Left Cartagena to Cadiz, alone.B006
16.11.1784Entered at Cadiz.B006
1.1785Set in commission urgently.B006
3.2.1785Left Cadiz to Mahon with Pilar & Loreto transporting Guadalajara's regiment.B006
7.2.1785Arrived to Mahon.B006
14.2.1785Left back to Cadiz, stopping at Cartagena & Malaga due to bad weather.B006
6.4.1785Entered at Cadiz.B006
7.4.1785Set in ordinary (disarmed).B006
2.1790Campaign of Nutka.B006
12.1790Entered at Cadiz.B006
12.1790Set in ordinary (disarmed) at Cadiz.B006
1798At La Carraca, Cadiz needed of careen.B006
1799At La Carraca, Cadiz needed of careen.B006
1800At La Carraca, Cadiz needed of careen.B006
1801At La Carraca, Cadiz needed of careen.B006
1802At La Carraca, Cadiz needed of careen.B006
1803At La Carraca, Cadiz needed of careen.B006
1804Refitted as a 84 gun Second Rate
12.5.1804Set to careen, coppered and raised a 3rd deck & 100 guns by engineer D. Honorato de Bouyon.BWAS-1793
30.11.1804Finished and set in ordinary, at Cadiz disarmed.B006
1805Refitted as a 100 gun Second Rate
27.8.1805Commissioned to join the Franco-Spanish fleet instead of Terrible due to damages with his crew.BWAS-1793
20.10.1805Left Cadiz harbour at 10 a.m.010
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
23.10.1805Taken by
Donegal (76) 1798-1845
British 76 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line
off Cape Trafalgar

25.10.1805Stranded near Arenas Gordas beach.B006
31.10.1805Set on fire by the British frigate Naiad.BWAS-1793


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