San Justo

Nominal Guns74
OperatorArmada Real
How acquiredPurpose built
ShipyardCartagena - Spain
Ship ClassSan Joaquín Class
Designed byFrancisco Gautier (1733-1800)
CategoryThird Rate
Ship TypeShip of the Line
Sailing RigShip Rigged
Broken Up1828


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB006
Length of Gundeck190' 6"Burgos Feet52.9355 (173′ 7″ Imperial)
Length of Keel1666' 0"Burgos Feet464.1476 (1522′ 8″ Imperial)
Breadth52' 6"Burgos Feet14.5569 (47′ 9″ Imperial)
Depth in Hold25' 4"Burgos Feet6.9836 (22′ 10″ Imperial)
Draught Aft26' 0"Burgos Feet7.2436 (23′ 9″ Imperial)
Burthen1,672Tons BM 


11.11.1779Broadside Weight = 670 Spanish libre (722.93 lbs 307.53 kg)B006
Gun Deck16 Spanish 8-Pounder
Lower Gun Deck28 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 Spanish 18-Pounder

1805Broadside Weight = 775 Spanish libre (836.225 lbs 355.725 kg)B006
Gun Deck7 Spanish 30-Pound Obusier
Gun Deck16 Spanish 8-Pounder
Lower Gun Deck28 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 Spanish 18-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
11.11.1779550Design Complementref:1266

9 Commanding Officers

1790Capitan de navioFrancisco OrdoñezTODO1796Capitan de navioJose JordanB00625.11.1801 - 2.1805Capitan de navioBernardo MuñozB00614.3.1805 - 23.6.1808Capitan de navioMiguel Gaston de IriarteB00624.6.1808 - 23.3.1809Capitan de navioJose Manuel de VillenaB00624.3.1809 - 11.1809BrigadierJose JordanB00611.1809 - 1810BrigadierAgustin de FigueroaB0061810 - 8.1810BrigadierAntonio Pareja y Serrano de LeonB0061818 - 1819Capitan de navioAntonio Ruiz Mateos y Perez de MecaB006

Service History

16.11.1779Set in commission & armed.
24.11.1779At Cartagena joinned Adm. Langara's fleet.
30.12.1779Left Cartagena under Adm. Langara's fleet of 9 ships to block access to Gibraltar from the Atlantic.
1.1.1780Crossed the strait with Langara's fleet.
16.1.1780Left Langara's fleet with San Genero to Cadiz.
16.1.1780Battle of Cape St. Vincent
18.1.1780Entered at Cadiz with San Genero to join Adm. Cordoba's fleet at Cadiz.
9.7.1780Left Cadiz with Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
18.7.1780Entered at Cadiz with Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
31.7.1780Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet to patrol Cape St. Vincent.
9.8.1780Captured a british convoy of 51 ships with Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
29.8.1780Entered at Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
30.10.1780Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet scorting a convoy.
11.1780Left Cadiz under Com. Doz's squadron to Brest.
1.11.1780Entered Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet and convoy due to heavy winds.
7.11.1780Left Brest under Com. Doz's squadron & Adm. Estaing scorting a convoy.
20.11.1780Entered at Cadizt and joinned again Adm. Cordoba's fleet there.
6.2.1781Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet crossing over Cape St. Vincent & waters off Portugal.
28.3.1781Entered back at Cadiz.
1.5.1781Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet to wait for Adm. Solano's fleet from La Habana.
19.6.1781Entered back at Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet due to late departure of Adm. Solano's fleet.
23.7.1781Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet (28 ships) & 22 french ships under Count Guichen & La Motte-Picquet.
8.1781At Cape Finisterre.
15.8.1781At the English Channel.
5.9.1781Count Guichen squadron left.
23.9.1781Entered at Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
4.1.1782Left Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet to Capes St. Vincent, Spartel & Lagos.
5.1.1782Com. Borja's squadron left Adm. Cordoba's fleet to reinforce Adm. Solano's fleet at La Habana.
10.2.1782Entered back at Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
9.9.1782Left Cadiz to Algeciras.
13.9.1782Assault & siege of Gibraltar.
3.10.1782Left under Adm. Cordoba's fleet
20.10.1782At Battle of Cape Spartel had 1 killed & 3 wounded, with small damages at hull & masts.
20.10.1782Battle of Cape Spartel
28.10.1782Entered at Cadiz after the battle.
1783Assigned to El Ferrol.
23.4.1783By Royal Order Adm. Cordoba's fleet is set in ordinary.
22.11.1783By Royal Order, is set in ordinary (disarmed) due to peace.
9.1789At El Ferrol, entered at dry dock.
1790At El Ferrol, under a squadron for the Campaign of Nutka. 1
1791At El Ferrol, set to careen.
6.11.1793Arrived at Toulon under Adm. Langara's fleet.
18.12.1793Left Toulon to Cartagena.
21.1.1794Entered at Cartagena.
9.10.1794Assigned to Cartagena department.
10.12.1794Left Cartagena with Adm. Solano's fleet?
25.1.1795Entered at Cartagena.
4.2.1795Left Cartagena.
11.2.1795Left Cartagena.
29.3.1795Entered at Cartagena.
4.1795Left Cartagena to Cadiz to join Adm. Mazarredo's fleet.
5.1795At La Carraca, Cadiz entered at dry yard.
8.1797At El Ferrol, set to careen.
11.1798At Cadiz, in commission and coopered.
At El Ferrol.
25.11.1801At La Carraca, Cadiz, in ordinary, disarmed & in need of deep careen.
7.1802Set to careen at Cadiz.
9.1802Left Cadiz to El Ferrol and set in ordinary.
15.1.1805Finished careened and coppered at Cadiz.
2.1805At Cadiz.
20.10.1805Left Cadiz under Adm. Villeneuve french-spanish fleet.
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
2.11.1805At La Carraca, Cadiz to repair damages from battle.
4.2.1806Set to careen at Cadiz.
11.2.1806Finished careen at Cadiz.
1.4.1806At Cadiz, set in commission.
14.6.1808Battle of Cadiz
8.8.1808Left Cadiz to Veracruz with mercury.
11.1808Arrived to Puerto Rico from Cadiz.
27.12.1808Arrived to La Habana from Puerto Rico.
30.12.1808Left La Habana to Veracruz.
1809Arrived to La Habana and left to Cadiz.
1809Defensed Cadiz from french siege.
31.1.1809Arrived to Veracruz.
2.2.1809Left Veracruz to Cadiz with 9,000,000 pesos & other goods.
23.3.1809Arrived to Cadiz.
1810At Cadiz.
8.8.1810Left Cadiz to Mahon with Neptuno, Glorioso & San Francisco de Paula carring french prisioners.
1811At Mahon.
3.7.1812At Mahon, ordered to be sold to careen with the money the rest of the ships at Mahon.
1813Careened at Cadiz and set in commission.
13.9.1813Entered at Mahon, set in ordinary in need of careen.
10.1815Transported supplies between Mahon and Cartagena.
8.5.1818Set in ordinary.
20.4.1819At Cadiz, set in commission.
1820Assisted at the revolt of Isla de Leon at Cadiz.
1828Broke up at Cartagena.
Arrived to Cartagena and set in ordinary.


B006La Campaña de Trafalgar (1804-1805) Corpus Documental (2 vols)J Ignacio González-AllerBook
ref:1266Spanish Warships in the Age of Sail 1700-1860 (Unpublished Manuscript) Book
TODOTodo a BaborUnknownWeb Site

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