San Agustín

Nominal Guns74ref:1266
OperatorArmada Real
How acquiredPurpose builtref:1266
ShipyardGuarnizo - Spain ref:1266
Ship ClassSan Juan Nepomuceno Classref:1266
Designed byFrancisco Gautier (1733-1800)ref:1266
ConstructorManuel de Zubiriaref:1266
CategoryThird Rateref:1266
Ship TypeShip of the Line ref:1266
Sailing RigShip Riggedref:1266


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric Equivalent
Length of Gundeck185' 0"Burgos Feet51.541 (169′ 1″ Imperial)
Length of Keel173' 0"Burgos Feet48.1978 (158′ 1″ Imperial)
Breadth45' 6"Burgos Feet12.5649 (41′ 2″ Imperial)
Depth in Hold21' 4"Burgos Feet5.9435 (19′ 5″ Imperial)
Draught Aft27' 6"Burgos Feet7.5421 (24′ 8″ Imperial)


9.12.1768Broadside Weight = 670 Spanish libre (722.93 lbs 307.53 kg)ref:1266
Lower Gun Deck28 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 Spanish 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck16 Spanish 8-Pounder

21.10.1805Broadside Weight = 1028 Spanish libre (1109.212 lbs 471.852 kg) 
Lower Gun Deck28 Spanish 36-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 Spanish 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 Spanish 30-Pound Obusier
Quarterdeck6 Spanish 8-Pounder
Forecastle6 Spanish 24-Pound Obusier
Roundhouse4 Spanish 4-Pound Pederoso

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
9.12.1768550Design Complementref:1266

17 Commanding Officers

15.12.1773 - 1776Capitan de navioVicente Doz y Funes14.12.1776 - 20.4.1777Capitan de navioJose Joaquin Fechain12.6.1779 - 1780Capitan de navioVicente Doz y Funes28.4.1780 - 1783Capitan de navioDomingo Perez de Grandallana1788 - 1790Capitan de navioFernando Reinoso6.1791 - 5.11.1791Capitan de navioFermin de Sesma1792 - 1793Capitan de navioAntonio Meca14.2.1793 - 3.2.1794Capitan de navioMiguel Antonio Tacon y Foxa4.2.1794 - 22.7.1795Capitan de navioJuan María Villavicencio23.7.1795 - 6.2.1796Capitan de navioFrancisco Vazquez Mondragon31.10.1796 - 7.1797Capitan de navioJuan Jose Ruiz de Apodaca y Eliza4.1.1799 - 2.2.1799Capitan de navioRamon Topete3.2.1799 - 1799Capitan de navioRamon Darrac1803 - 20.2.1805Capitan de navioAntonio Pareja y Serrano de Leon1805 - 21.10.1805Capitan de navioFelipe Antonio Jado y CagigalTRN521.2.1805 - 13.3.1805Capitan de fragataBlas Salcedo14.3.1805 - 21.10.1805Capitan de navioFelipe Antonio Jado y Cagigal

Service History

1769Arrived at El Ferrol and set in ordinary, disarmed.
26.7.1769Left Guarnizo for naval testing.
5.8.1769Entered at Guarnizo after naval testing & trainning.
1770At El Ferrol, ready to depart to America with troops & supplies, but never departed.
1771Left El Ferrol to Cartagena.
8.1771At El Ferrol, half careen.
26.11.1771At Cartagena, entered & exit from the dry dock.
15.12.1773Left Cartagen to El Ferrol with San Julian, San Justo, San Lorenzo & San Genaro.
1.1774Entered with the above ships at El Ferrol.
1776Left Cadiz under Gaston's fleet to Cape St. Vincent, Lisbon & Canary Islands.
1776At Cape St. Vincent, left the fleet to escort the privateer Gallardo from Lima to Cadiz.
23.2.1776Set to careen at El Ferrol.
9.1776Left El Ferrol to join at Cadiz Adm. Gaston's fleet
14.12.1776Left Cadiz with troops & supplies to Montevideo with Serio & Santa Gertrudis.
1777Entered at Rio de Janeiro, and renamad under portuguesse flag Santo Augustinho.
3.1777Arrived to Montevideo.
26.3.1777Left Montevideo with Serio & Santa Gertrudis scorting 7 merchantmen with supplies to Santa Catalina island.
19.4.1777Alone, due to previous storm, encountered a portuguesse squadron of 9 ships.2
20.4.1777Captured at the action versus the Portuguese squadron.
1.10.1777Returned to the Spanish Royal Navy by the peace treaty.
1779Left Rio de Janeiro to Cadiz.
1779Entered at Cartagena under Langara's fleet due to heavy winds.
6.1779At La Carraca, Cadiz under careen.
10.1779Left Cadiz to patrol nearby Gibraltar.
10.1779Joined Ulloa's fleet, days after under Langara's command.
9.10.1779Joinned at sea by San Genaro & Santa Cecilia
30.12.1779Left Cartagena under Langara's fleet to join Cordoba's fleet from Cadiz near Cape Santa Maria.
16.1.1780Battle of Cape St Maria
16.1.1780Battle of Cape St. Vincent
17.1.1780Entered at Cadiz with San Lorenzo.
28.4.1780Left Cadiz under Solano's fleet scorting a convoy to La Habana.
4.8.1780Entered at La Habana.
10.4.1781Left La Habana under Solano's fleet for the Campaign of Pensacola.
11.5.1781Siege & capture of Pensacola.
30.5.1781Entered at La Habana from Pensacola.
1782At La Habana under Solano's fleet.
3.1782Left La Habana with other 2 ships to Guarico.
4.1782Left Guarico to La Habana for gold.
1.6.1783Left La Habana to Cadiz under Solano's fleet carring tobacco & leathers.
20.7.1783Entered at Cadiz.
1784At Cadiz in ordinary, disarmed.
5.1788Patrolled under Adm. Cordoba's squadron with San Fulgencio, San Leandro, San Francisco de Asis & San Ildefonso
6.1788Entered back at Cadiz with the above ships.
8.1788Left Cadiz to Cartagena with San Leandro & San Ildefonso
5.9.1788Entered at Cartagena with San Leandro & San Ildefonso
25.9.1788Left Cartagena for naval testing with San Sebastian, San Ildefonso, San Leandro & San Francisco de Asis.
9.10.1788Entered at Cartagena from naval testing with San Sebastian, San Ildefonso, San Leandro & San Francisco de Asis.
20.10.1788Left Cartagena with San Sebastian, San Leandro & Santa Florentina to cruisse Mediterranean waters.
30.10.1788Arrived back to Cartagena with San Sebastian, San Leandro & Santa Florentina
6.1791At the assault & evacuation of Oran & Mezalquivir & siege of Larache.
5.11.1791Entered at Cartagena due to hull bad state, set in ordinary, assinged all crew & officiality to Gallardo
1792At Cartagena in ordinary.
1792At Cartagena, finished careen & coppering.
7.11.1792At Cartagena, set to careen and change copper.
1793At Barcelona, disembark of french prisioners.
1793Patrolled waters off Provenza, supporting allied land troops there.
1.1793At Cartagena, ordered to set in commission under Adm. Borja's squadron.
14.2.1793Left Cartagena to patrol Mediterranean waters.
6.5.1793Left Cartagena under Amd. Borja's squadron to San Pedro & San Antioco islands at Sardinia.
8.7.1793Entered at Cartagana under Adm. Borja's squadron due to a tifus epidemy.
8.1793Left waters off Catalonia for the allied campaign of Toulon under Adm. Langara's fleet.
9.8.1793Left Cartagena with San Rafael to join Adm. Langara's fleet actions at the waters off Catalonia.
12.1793Left Palma with troops to Toulon, notified of allied retreat of Toulon, joinned at sea Adm. Langara's fleet.
12.1793Under Adm. Langara's fleet at the Mediterranean.
1795Left Cadiz to Santander with San Francisco de Asis with troops.
25.3.1795At Mahon under Adm. Langara's fleet of 19 SoL & 9 frigates.
17.4.1795Left Cartagena with Bahama and small vessel to Barcelona.
5.1795Entered at Cadiz from Cartagena with Bahama a small vessel and french prisioners.
8.5.1795Arrvied to Barcelona with Bahama and small vessel, to carry french prisioners to Cadiz.
10.5.1795Entered at Cartagena from Barcelona with Bahama and small vessel, with french prisioners to Cadiz.
8.6.1795Left Cadiz with orders.
9.6.1795Entered at Algeciras due to a broken mast.
19.6.1795Entered back at Cadiz & joinned Vice Adm. Moreno's squadron to America.
1797Left Vigo and entered at El Ferrol, avoiding british blocking of El Ferrol.
1797Set to careen & repair at El Ferrol.
2.1797Left Cadiz scorting to Safi, Morrocco, the brig Atocha with a morrocco diplomatic & Santa Clara.
2.1797Entered at Cadiz with brig Atocha avoiding Adm. Jervis' ships with the help of a heavy fog.
2.1797Left Cadiz to El Ferrol, avoiding Com. Hood ships (2 SoL, 3 frigates & 2 brigs), entered at Vigo.
13.2.1797In their way back to Cadiz with brig Atocha encountered Amd. Jervis' fleet nearby Cape St. Maria.
1798At El Ferrol.
4.1.1799Left El Ferrol under Rear Adm. Obregron's squadron of 4 SoL & 3 frigates to Canary Islands with troops & supplies.
2.2.1799Arrived to El Ferrol under Rear Adm. Obregron's squadron of 4 SoL & 3 frigates from Canary Islands.
28.4.1799Left El Ferrol under Vice Adm. Melgarejo's squadron to support irish revolt.
7.5.1799Arrived under Vice Adm. Melgarejo's squadron to Rochefort and is blocked by british forces.
2.7.1799At Rochefort under a failed attack from british blocking forces.
30.8.1799Left Rochefort under Vice Adm. Melgarejo's squadron to join at Brest Amd. Mazarredo's & Bruix's combined fleet there.
9.1799Arrived to Brest and due to a british blocking force of over 40 SoL, turnned to El Ferrol.
11.9.1799Entered at El Ferrol under Vice Adm. Melgarejo's squadron.
25.8.1800At El Ferrol, under Vice Adm. Moreno's squadron, failed attack of Rear Adm. John Borlase Warren's fleet.
25.8.1800Attack on Ferrol
20.4.1801Left El Ferrol under Vice Adm. Moreno's squadron to Cadiz.
25.4.1801Arrived to Cadiz under Vice Adm. Moreno's squadron.
7.1801Left Cadiz to join at Algeciras Vice Adm. Linois' french fleet.
12.7.1801Left Algeciras to Cadiz under Vice Adm. Moreno's & Linios combined fleet.
12.7.18012nd Battle of Algeciras.
12.7.1801The Gut of Gibraltar
7.1802At El Ferrol, set in ordinary.
3.12.1802Finished careen & changed copper at El Ferrol.
1803At El Ferrol.
5.9.1804Ready to depart from El Ferrol with 3,000 troops to Vizcaya's revolt, but didnt
4.12.1804At El Ferrol, been set in commissiion.
14.2.1805Finished and in commission under Vice Adm. Grandallana's fleet at El Ferrol.
2.8.1805At El Ferrol, joinned Adm. Gravina's & Villenuve's combined fleet.
10.8.1805Left El Ferrol with the Franco-Spanish fleet.
13.8.1805Off El Ferrol, left with the Franco-Spanish combined fleet for Cadiz.
20.8.1805Arrived to Cadiz with the french-spanish combined fleet.
20.10.1805Left Cadiz with the french-spanish combined fleet.
21.10.1805Surrendered at the Battle of Trafalgar with 180 dead & 200 wounded.
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
30.10.1805Set on fire by the british after saved the crew and sunk.

Notes on Ship

Sources (researched by Santiago Gomez)
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