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San Juan Nepomuceno

Nominal Guns743DECKS
OperatorArmada Real
Keel Laid Down19.6.17653DECKS
How acquiredPurpose built3DECKS
ShipyardGuarnizo - Spain 3DECKS
Ship ClassSan Juan Nepomuceno Class3DECKS
Designed by
Francisco GautierFrench
Ship Builder
Service 1733-1800
Manuel de ZubiriaSpanish
Ship Builder
CategoryThird Rate3DECKS
Ship TypeShip of the Line 3DECKS
Sailing RigShip Rigged3DECKS
British Third Rate ship of the line 'San Juan' (1805) (74) 1805-1816
British 74 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1793
Length of Gundeck181' 0"Imperial Feet55.1688 
Length of Keel146' 0"Imperial Feet44.5008 
Breadth47' 4"Imperial Feet14.3401 
Depth in Hold21' 3"Imperial Feet6.477 
Burthen1,740Tons BM 


18.10.1766Broadside Weight = 670 Spanish libre (722.93 lbs 307.53 kg)ref:1266
Lower Gun Deck28 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 Spanish 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle16 Spanish 8-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
18.10.1766550Design Complementref:1266

3 Ship Commanders

15.5.1774 - 1.11.1774Teniente de fragata
José Adorno SpinolaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Dockyard Staff
Service 1762-1814
1797Capitan de navio
Antonio BoneoSpanish
Naval Sailor
19.2.1805 - 21.10.1805Capitan de navio
Cosme Damian Churruca y de ElorzaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1761-1805

Service History

15.12.1766Arrives to Guarnizo from El Ferrol part of the crew assigned to the ship.
5.4.1767Arrives/Departs? to El Ferrol with Francisco Gautier.
4.1767Test sailing with San Genaro (2) and Santa Barbara.
4.1767Arrives to Cadiz.
24.5.1767Departs from Cartagena with San Genaro (2), Santa Barbara to Genoa & Civitavechia scorting jesuitas.
27.5.1767Departs from Cadiz with San Genaro (2), Santa Barbara and merchants.
6.1767Arrives to Civitavechia (Rome).
14.6.1767Arrives to Orbitelo.
15.6.1767Departs to Corsica.
27.6.1767Arrives to San Fiorenzo.
14.7.1767Departs to Genoa.
22.8.1767Arrives to Cartagena.
6.9.1767Departs from Cartagena with San Genaro
1768Arrives to El Ferrol, disarmed and set to careen.
2.2.1768Finished careen at El Ferrol.
1.1769Disarmed at El Ferrol.
10.1770Careened at El Ferrol.
24.9.1774By Royal Order is assigned to El Ferrol Naval Department.
10.1776Disarmed and careened at El Ferrol.
29.12.1777Finished careen and armed.
20.12.1778Departs to La Habana with Dichoso & 5 merchantmen, transporting Navarra's Regiment and naval supplies.
16.2.1779Arrives to La Habana with Dichoso and joinned Commodoro Bautista Bonet's squadron.
15.5.1779Finished careen.
26.6.1779Oredered to patrol & scort spanish ships at the Caribean and fight british ships.
7.1779Sailed with Santa Marta & Santa Matilde.
28.8.1779Enters at La Habana with 3 frigates with gold and food from Veracruz.
1780Arrived to La Habana with San Ramon with gold.
7.3.1780Leaves La Habana to New Orleans, scorting troops with San Gabriel, San Ramon,
21.3.1780Arrived to La Habana.
19.5.1780Left La Habana to Veracruz with San Pedro de Alcantara (1) & 6 merchantmen.
6.1780Left Veracruz with San Ramon with gold.
16.10.1780Leaves La Habana scorting troops with San Ramon, Guerrero, Velasco (1), Astuto, Dragon (2),
17.11.1780Arrives to La Habana.
28.2.1781Leaves La Habana to Pensacola with a combined french-spanish fleet, troops and supplies.
19.4.1781Arrives to Pensacola.
11.1781Arrives to Puerto Rico.
9.11.1781Departs from La Habana with San Gabriel and San Ramon to patrol french's Santo Domingo.
14.12.1781Captures 22 guns HBMF Clyde
16.12.1781Arrives to Guarico.
24.12.1781Departs from Guarico to La Habana scorting 8 merchants.
1782Departs from Guarico with the corvette Heroe to Cape Samana, scorting a north american convoy.
1.1782Returns to La Habana alone to transport Vice-Admiral Bernardo Galvez to Guarico.
1.1.1782Enters at La Habana.
9.1.1782Departs from La Habana with San Nicolas, San Francisco de Paula & San Ramon to cruise Santo Domingo.
2.1782Arrives back to La Habana with San Nicolas, San Francisco de Paula & San Ramon scorting merchantmen from Cadiz to
1.2.1782Departs from La Habana to Guarico.
8.4.1782With San Nicolas, San Francisco de Paula & San Ramon, joins Vice-Admiral Solano's fleet at Guarico.
22.4.1782Departs to help 19 french ships under Admiral Vaudreuil after the Battle of The Saintes.
26.4.1782All arrive to Guarico.
4.7.1782Solano's departs from Guarico to La Habana, leaving San Juan Nepomuceno, Santa Catalina, Heroe & a brig.
1783Arrives to El Ferrol.
4.1783Francisco de Borja's squadron leaves to Guarico.
2.4.1783Enters at Puerto Rico joinning Admiral Francisco de Borja's squadron.
14.4.1783Francisco de Borja's squadron enters at Guarico with french ships.
27.4.1783Because of the peace, Francisco de Borja's squadron leaves Guarico to La Habana.
10.5.1783Francisco de Borja's squadron enters at La Habana.
17.7.1783Departs from La Habana with Santa Clotilde & 7 merchantmen with troops to Cadiz.
9.9.1783Arrives to Cadiz.
28.9.1784Departs from El Ferrol.
22.3.1785Enters at El Ferrol.
6.1785The cruisse served also as sailing testing between the ships and frigates.
9.6.1785Departs from Cartagena with San Ildefonso, Santa Casilda & Santa Brigida to Argel for a peace treaty under Mazarredo's
29.7.1785Arrives to Argel.
19.8.1785Arrives to Cartagena.
23.8.1785Arrives to Cartagena.
20.1.1786Departs from Cartagena to El Ferrol with the frigates Elena & Asuncion.
1787At El Ferrol.
1790Hull coppered at El Ferrol.
4.1790Finished coppered and armed.
9.1790Departs from El Ferrol to Cadiz.
10.1790Arrives to El Ferrol from Cadiz.
10.1790Disarmed at El Ferrol.
9.2.1793Rearmed and in commission.
3.1793Departs from El Ferrol to Cartagena.
1.4.1793Enters at Cartagena.
6.5.1793Departs with Admiral Francisco de Borja's fleet to the San Pedro & San Antioco islands.
12.7.1793Enters at Cartagena with San Leandro & Santa Rosalia.
23.7.1793Departs from Cartagena with 7 ships of the line.
1.8.1793Joins Admiral Juan Laranga's fleet at the Gulf of Lyon.
29.8.1793Enters at Toulon harbour and participes actively in the assault of the city.
19.12.1793Departs from Toulon with french refugees.
31.12.1793Enters at Cartagena with french refugees and troops & amunition from Rosas.
1.4.1794Departs from Cartagena with 4 SoL, 3 frigates & 3 brigs to Liorna (Parma) transporting Prince Luis of Parma.
11.5.1794Arrives to Cartagena.
19.1.1795Enters at Cartagena.
24.2.1795Departs from Cartagena with Monarca.
24.6.1795Assists land troops at Rosas.
30.8.1795Enters at Cartagena.
17.9.1795Cruisses around Argel.
10.1795Makes several trips from Cartagena to Cadiz and back until the end of the year.
1.1796Cruisses with Admiral Mazarredo's around Mediterranean. Had a boarding crash with the frigate Paz.
2.1796Cruissing the Mediterranean, due to a storm had a boarding crash with Reina Luisa.
4.1796Makes some artillery testing with Pomona.
6.6.1796Departs from Cadiz with San Ildefonso to Barcelona.
8.1796Back to Cadiz with San Ildefonso from Barcelona with goods & ammunition.
28.8.1796Enters at Cartagena to be disarmed.
20.12.1796Enters at Cartagena.
31.1.1797Departed from Cartagena with Vice-Admiral Cordova's fleet.
12.2.1797Captures 4 british privateer frigates.
14.2.17972nd Battle of Cape St Vincent
14.2.17972nd Battle of Cape St Vincent
3.3.1797Enters at Cadiz.
1.1798Careened at Cadiz.
11.1798Armed and in commission at Cadiz.
12.5.1799Departs 17 SoL & 4 frigates to Cartagena, Alicante, Barcelona & Mallorca, to pick up troops for the assault of Menorca.
17.5.1799The fleet suffers a storm and 11 SoL had damages.
21.5.1799Fleet enters at Cartagena.
22.6.1799Arrives to Cartagena Admiral Eustache Bruix with 22 SoL & 11 frigates.
29.6.1799The french-spanish fleet depart from Cartagena to Cadiz, aborting the assault to Menorca.
10.7.1799The french-spanish fleet arrives to Cadiz.
21.7.1799The french-spanish fleet departs from Cadiz to Brest.
9.8.1799The french-spanish fleet arrives to Brest.
9.1799Stays at Brest blocked by the british.
29.4.1802Departs from Brest to El Ferrol with Mejicano.
10.1802Disarmed and careened.
10.1804Disarmed and set to careened at El Ferrol.
10.3.1805Finished careened at El Ferrol.
6.1805Finished armed and in commission.
10.8.1805Departs from El Ferrol to Vigo and joins Admiral Villeneuve's french-spanish fleet.
13.8.1805French-spanish fleet departs to Brest.
15.8.1805French-spanish fleet turns around to Cadiz.
20.8.1805French-spanish fleet enters at Cadiz.
19.10.1805French-spanish fleet departs from Cadiz.
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
21.10.1805Taken by the British at the Battle of Trafalgar
22.10.1805Captured by the british.
Santa Matilde, Santa Marta & 34 more ships.
Santa Matilde, Santa Cecilia, Rosalia & 54 more ships.


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