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San Cristobal
Nominal Guns74W006
OperatorArmada Real
Keel Laid Down7.1777
How acquiredPurpose builtB006
ShipyardHavana - Cuba
Designed by
Francisco GautierFrench
Ship Builder
Service 1733-1800
Luis MesiasSpanish
Ship Builder
CategoryThird RateW006
Ship TypeShip of the Line W006
Sailing RigShip RiggedW006
British Third Rate ship of the line 'Bahama' (1805) (74) 1805-1814
British 74 Gun
3rd Rate Ship of the Line


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric Equivalentref:1266
Length of Gundeck190' 2"Burgos Feet52.9345 (173′ 7″ Imperial)
Breadth51' 0"Burgos Feet14.2086 (46′ 7″ Imperial)
Depth in Hold24' 6"Burgos Feet6.7212 (22′ 0″ Imperial)
Burthen1,696Tons BM 


11.3.1783Broadside Weight = 670 Spanish libre (722.93 lbs 307.53 kg)ref:1266
Lower Gun Deck28 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 Spanish 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle16 Spanish 8-Pounder

1805Broadside Weight = 784 Spanish libre (845.936 lbs 359.856 kg)3DECKS
Lower Gun Deck28 Spanish 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck30 Spanish 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle6 Spanish 30-Pound Obusier
Quarterdeck/Forecastle4 Spanish 24-Pound Obusier
Quarterdeck/Forecastle10 Spanish 8-Pounder

10 Ship Commanders

1784Brigadier de marina
Francisco de BorjaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1726-1826
1784Capitan de navio
Felix del Corral y JaimeSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1734-1834
25.5.1789 - 2.1790Capitan de navio
Andres de VianaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1739-1839
1790Capitan de navio
Rafael OrozcoSpanish
Naval Sailor
2.1790Capitan de navio
Miguel OrozcoSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1740-1840
4.2.1794 - 16.4.1794Capitan de navio
Manuel MazmelaSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1744-1844
17.4.1794 - 1794Capitan de navio
Jose de AramburuSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1744-1844
23.12.1801 - 22.5.1802Capitan de navio
Francisco Vazquez de MondragonSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1751-1851
15.2.1805 - 14.7.1805Capitan de navio
Lino TrujilloSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1755-1855
1.7.1805 - 21.10.1805Capitan de navio
Dionisio Alcala GalianoSpanish
Naval Sailor
Service 1749-1849

Service History

14.1.1784Left La Habana to Cadiz.B006
2.3.1784Arrived to Cadiz.B006
1789Entered at Naples under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1B006
1789Entered at Liorna under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1B006
1789Entered at Cartagena under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1B006
5.5.1789Entered at Cartagena.B006
28.5.1789Left Cartagena with San Telmo, San Lorenzo, 6 frigates (1) & 3 brigs under Adm. Tejada.B006
28.5.1789Left Cartagena under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1B006
7.1789Sailed around the Mediterranean, for trainning and testing the ships.B006
9.1789Entered at Cadiz under Adm. Tejada's fleet.1 Set in ordinary.B006
8.9.1789Left Cartagena to Cadiz under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1B006
1790Entered at El Ferrol.B006
1790Campaign of Nutka, sailed around the Finisterre.B006
2.1790Left Cadiz with Adm. Solano's squadron for the Nutka crisis.B006
12.1790Entered at Cadiz and is disarmed.B006
1792At Cadiz disarmed.B006
17.4.1794Left Cadiz with San Agustin to Barcelona transporting prisioners.B006
10.5.1794Entered at Cartagena and is assigned to this department.B006
3.1795At Mahon.B006
5.1795Transported french prisioners from Barcelona to Cadiz with San Agustin.B006
1796Commissioned at Cartagena.B006
31.1.1797Left Cartagena with 26 SoL, 8 frigates & 33 smaller ships to the Atlantic looking for Admiral Jervis.B006
6.2.1797Left the fleet with Terrible & Neptuno to Algeciras.B006
3.3.1797Arrived to Cadiz with Terrible & Neptuno scorting merchantmen from Malaga.B006
6.2.1798Left Cadiz under Admiral Jose de Mazarredo's squadron to break british blocking.B006
13.2.1798Entered at Cadiz with Admiral Jose de Mazarredo's squadron.B006
10.1798Disarmed and set to careen at La Carraca, Cadiz.B006
11.1798Finished careen and commissioned.B006
1799Mazarredo's fleet with the french ships are blocked at Brest by the british.B006
12.5.1799Left with a Jose de Mazarredo's fleet from Cadiz for the Campaign of Menorca.B006
20.5.1799The fleet enters at Cartagena due to damages from weather.B006
29.6.1799Left Cartagena Mazarredo's fleet joinning Bruix's french fleet to Brest.B006
11.7.1799The combined fleet enters at Cadiz.B006
21.7.1799The combined Mazarredo's & Bruix's fleet departs from Cadiz to Brest.B006
9.8.1799The combined Mazarredo's & Bruix's fleet enters at Brest.B006
1800Careened at Brest.B006
1802Left to join the fleet at Cadiz.B006
29.4.1802Left Brest under Rear Admiral Antonio de Cordova's fleet.B006
13.5.1802Entered at Cadiz.B006
6.1802With Sabina leaves the squadron at Argel and goes to Tunez for diplomacy.B006
5.6.1802Left Cadiz with Principe de Asturias, Reina Luisa, Sabina & 1 frigate.B006
17.7.1802Entered at Cartagena.B006
22.9.1802Left Cartagena with Principe de Asturias (112), Guerrero (68), Atocha & Soledad to Naples to scort future King of TwoB006
30.9.1802The squadron enters at Barcelona.B006
9.10.1802Left Barcelona to Naples.B006
19.11.1802The squadron arrives to Naples.B006
4.12.1802The squadron departed/arrived to Cartagena.B006
4.1805Entered at La Carraca, Cadiz to be careened & coppered.B006
14.6.1805Finish coppering but only 2/3 of the ship due to lack of copper plates.B006
31.6.1805Commissioned and ready but with lack of crew and unexperienced.B006
19.10.1805Left Cadiz with the franco-spanish combined fleet.B006
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
21.10.1805Taken by the British at the Battle of Trafalgar


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