Nominal Guns64B028
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down1777/05BWAS-1714
ShipyardBuckler's Hard BWAS-1714
Ship ClassArdent Class
Designed byThomas SladeBWAS-1793
ConstructorHenry AdamsBWAS-1793
CategoryThird RateB028
Ship TypeShip of the Line


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1793
Length of Gundeck160' 2"Imperial Feet48.7688 
Length of Keel131' 10 ¾"Imperial Feet39.9479 
Breadth44' 5"Imperial Feet13.443 
Depth in Hold18' 11"Imperial Feet5.4896 
Draught Forward12' 1"Imperial Feet3.6703 
Draught Aft17' 3"Imperial Feet5.1925 
Burthen1,383 5794Tons BM 


1781/04/10Broadside Weight = 575 Imperial Pound ( 260.7625 kg)BWAS-1793
Lower Gun Deck26 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 4-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 9-Pounder

1794Broadside Weight = 678 Imperial Pound ( 307.473 kg)BWAS-1793
Lower Gun Deck26 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 24-Pound Carronade
Forecastle2 British 9-Pounder
Roundhouse6 British 18-Pound Carronade

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1781500Design establishmentBWAS-1793

Commanding Officers

1781/03 - 1783/06CaptainBenjamin CaldwellBWAS-17931793/01/13 - 1796/06/10CaptainHoratio NelsonBWAS-17931796/06 - 1796/09CaptainJohn Samuel SmithBWAS-17931796/11 - 1802/04CaptainRobert Devereux FancourtBWAS-17931804/07 - 1805/09CaptainJohn HarveyBWAS-17931805/09/04 - 1806/08/10CaptainSir Edward BerryBWAS-17931806/06 - 1806/11CommanderJoseph SpearBWAS-17931806/11 - 1807CaptainWilliam Charles FahieBWAS-17931807 - 1809/06/16CaptainJonas RoseBWAS-1793

Commissioned Officers

1782Second LieutenantRichard Incledon BuryB1631793 - 1793/09/11LieutenantJoseph Bullenref:6161795/10/05 - 1796/06LieutenantJames NobleODNB1795/11/05 - 1796/06/10LieutenantEdward Berryref:6161796/10LieutenantEdward Pelham Brentonref:6161804/08/03 - 1806/06/29LieutenantHugh CookNAO1804/08/10 - 1806/10/27LieutenantSamuel ClarkeNAO1804/12/09 - 1806/06/04LieutenantWilliam CooteNAO1805/01/06 - 1807/07/28LieutenantThomas PintoNAO1806/02/11 - 1807/04/27LieutenantJohn Thomas SadlerNAO1806/07/01 - 1809/08/07LieutenantAlexander Forsyth ParrNAO1807/05/24 - 1807/12/12LieutenantJohn Thomas SadlerNAO

Warrant Officers

1796/06/11 - 1799/05/06GunnerFrancis HarrisNAO1796/12/25 - 1800/01/05MasterJohn DuckerADM29-11804/08/03 - 1806/12/23PurserCharles RossNAO1804/08/28 - 1809/08/07CarpenterGeorge RobinsNAO1805/03/26 - 1809/11/22GunnerArchibald FreeburneNAO1805/09/10 - 1806/04/16SurgeonJohn JemmisonNAO1805/09/23 - 1809/08/07BoatswainThomas NeedhamNAO1805/09/29 - 1809/08/07SailmakerJohn SmithNAO1805/10/18 - 1805/10/29MasterGeorge JonseNAO1807/03/02 - 1809/08/07QuartermasterJames RobbNAO1807/03/02 - 1809/08/07QuartermasterRoger JudsonNAO

Petty Officers

1795MidshipmanS E ChethamADM 171/81797 - 1802/04MidshipmanPhilip Henry BridgesNBD18491804/08/03 - 1807/09/29MidshipmanCharles RossNAO1804/08/12 - 1806/07/15MidshipmanStewart BlackerNAO1804/08/15 - 1809/08/06MidshipmanJoseph Chappell WoolnoughNAO1804/08/19 - 1807/02/04MidshipmanThomas JacksonNAO1804/08/30 - 1806/07/14MidshipmanJames EmeryNAO1804/09/01 - 1806/02/10Master's MateJohn Thomas SadlerNAO1804/09/06 - 1807/11/24MidshipmanJohn Charles CosensNAO1804/09/21 - 1807/01/04MidshipmanWilliam WatkinsNAO1804/09/25 - 1805/07/31Master's MateThomas BagnallNAO1804/10/28 - 1805/11/30MidshipmanCharles StewartNAO1805MidshipmanHenry BotelerNBD18491805/08/01 - 1805/09/30MidshipmanThomas BagnallNAO1805/08/16 - 1805/10/01MidshipmanJohn ReeveNAO1805/10/01 - 1807/01/04Master's MateThomas BagnallNAO1805/10/02 - 1806/07/14Master's MateJohn ReeveNAO1805/10/02 - 1807/03/01MidshipmanJames RobbNAO1805/10/02 - 1807/03/01MidshipmanRoger JudsonNAO1805/10/02 - 1807/03/02MidshipmanRobert JeffryNAO1805/10/09 - 1807/12/26MidshipmanCharles Alexander JohnstonNAO1805/10/10 - 1806/06/09MidshipmanCharles LambNAO1805/10/29 - 1806/02/10MidshipmanAlexander Forsyth ParrNAO1806/02/11 - 1806/06/30Master's MateAlexander Forsyth ParrNAO1806/07/16 - 1809/04/19Master's MateStewart BlackerNAO1807/03/03 - 1809/08/07Master's MateRobert JeffryNAO1808 - 1810MidshipmanJohn Courtnay BluettNBD18491808/08/03 - 1808/08/07MidshipmanCharles Alexander JohnstonNAO1809/08/07Master's MateJoseph Chappell WoolnoughNAO


1804/09/21 - 1805/10/01Ordinary SeamanRoger JudsonNAO1804/09/24 - 1804/10/01Able SeamanRobert JeffryNAO1804/10/04 - 18051st Class VolunteerHenry BotelerNBD18491805/09/23 - 1805/10/01Able SeamanJames RobbNAO1805/09/29 - 1805/10/09Ordinary SeamanCharles LambNAO1805/10/081st Class VolunteerCharles Alexander JohnstonNAO1807/01/11 - 1807/03/13Able SeamanWilliam WatkinsNAO1807/04/02 - 18082nd Class BoyJohn Courtnay BluettNBD18491808/08/08 - 1809/08/07Able SeamanCharles Alexander JohnstonNAO

Service History

1781/03First commissionedBWAS-1793
1781/04/10Completed at Buckler's Hard at a cost of £24415.7.0dBWAS-1714
1781/04/15Began coppering and fitting at Portsmouth Dockyard BWAS-1714
1781/07/09Completed coppering and fitting at Portsmouth Dockyard at a cost of £13844.5.10dBWAS-1714
1781/12/122nd Battle of Ushant
1782/02/06Sailed for the Leeward islandsBWAS-1714
1782/04/12Battle of the Saintes
1782/07/21Sailed to AmericaBWAS-1714
1783/06Paid offBWAS-1793
1783/06Sailed home to pay offBWAS-1714
1783/10Began small repair at Chatham Dockyard BWAS-1714
1784/06Completed small repair at Chatham Dockyard at a cost of £12593.0.9dBWAS-1714
1790/10Began fitting at Chatham Dockyard BWAS-1714
1790/11Completed fitting at Chatham Dockyard at a cost of £504.9.6dBWAS-1714
1790/11Began middling repair at Chatham Dockyard BWAS-1714
1791/08Completed middling repair at Chatham Dockyard at a cost of £12110.0.0dBWAS-1714
1793/01Began fitting at Chatham Dockyard BWAS-1714
1793/03Completed fitting at Chatham Dockyard at a cost of £4882.0.0dBWAS-1714
1793/05/04Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1793
1794In the Mediterranean fleetBWAS-1793
1795/03/13In actionBWAS-1793
1795/03/14Action off Genoa
1795/07/13In actionBWAS-1793
1796Operations off VadoBWAS-1793
1796/04/25At Loano BayBWAS-1793
1796/05/31Convoy off OnagliaBWAS-1793
1796/05/31Action of 1796-05-31
1796/09Paid offBWAS-1793
1796/10refitting at Chatham Dockyard at a cost of £10623.0.0dBWAS-1714
1801/04/02Battle of Copenhagen
1802/04Paid offBWAS-1793
1802/04Began fitting at Chatham Dockyard BWAS-1714
1804/07Recommissioned for the Channel fleetBWAS-1793
1804/09Completed fitting at Chatham Dockyard at a cost of £17695.0.0dBWAS-1714
1805/07/223rd Battle of Cape Finisterre
1805/09refitting at Portsmouth Dockyard at a cost of £51290.0.0dBWAS-1714
1805/10/21Battle of Trafalgar
1806/02/06Action of San Domingo
1806/03/24Took the Unrated Brig-Corvette Le Lutin (16) off Martinique
1806/03/30Took the Privateer Schooner La Dame Ernouf (16) BG
1807/08In the Copenhagen expeditionBWAS-1793
1807/08/15Second Battle of Copenhagen
1808/01/01Sailed for the Tagus and then to South AmericaBWAS-1793
1809/06/16Wrecked off Maldonado in the River PlateBWAS-1793

FromUntilFleetFleet CommanderSource
1782/071783Pigot's Fleet to America 


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Posted by Kurt Loewe on Tuesday 17th of January 2017 10:58


I have a question about the decks. I know a ships length is measured by her gun deck. Which deck is that in the case of 2 or 3 decks ( upper, lower, middle)?


Posted by Niek van Diepen on Tuesday 8th of September 2015 09:44

My 2014 reprint of the second (revised) edition of BWAS-1793 gives as armament LD 26x24pdr, UD 26x18pdr, QD 10x9pdr, Fc 2x9pdr (Broadside Weight 600 Lb), augmented by 2x24pdr carronades on the Fc and 6x18pdr carronades on the Roundhouse in the 1794 establishment (so probably installed at the refit in 1796) for an extra 78 Lb per broadside. So the armament with 32pdr carronades or the reference seems incorrect.

Posted by Carol Woolnough on Saturday 15th of August 2015 14:07

Any info on Midshipman Joseph Chappell Woolnough please?

Posted by Brian on Saturday 24th of May 2014 21:55

Agamememnon, Benjamin Caldwell Esq. Commander, at sea, the 23rd day of December 1781.- Ship Marchais, M. Dugay master, 350 tons bound from Bourdeaux to Martinico, laden with 15 large cables from 16 to 24 inches, cordage, wine, 300 barrels of gun powder, flour, provisions, sundry kinds of linen.

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