Nominal Guns60BWAS-1603
NationalityKingdom of England
OperatorRoyal Navy
First Commissioned3.4.1706BWAS-1603
ShipyardPlymouth Dockyard - Plymouth BWAS-1603
ConstructorJohn LockBWAS-1603
CategoryFourth RateBWAS-1603
Ship TypeShip of the Line BWAS-1603
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1603
Sunk as Breakwater4.2.1750/51BWAS-1603


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck146' 6 "Imperial Feet44.5008 
Length of Keel122' 0 "Imperial Feet37.1856 
Breadth39' 0"Imperial Feet11.8872 
Depth in Hold16' 0"Imperial Feet4.8768 
Burthen987 394Tons BM 


4.1706Broadside Weight = 375 Imperial Pound ( 170.0625 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck24 British Culverin
Upper Gun Deck26 British Demi-Culverin
Quarterdeck10 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder

18 Commanding Officers

3.4.1706 - 4.1.1714/15CaptainNicholas Trevanion (1670-1737) ADM 6/8/245BWAS-16039.3.1715/16 - 10.2.1716/17CaptainThomas Scott (d.1725) ADM 6/12/64ADM 6/1211.2.1716/17 - 9.12.1717CaptainCharles Browne (c.1678-1753) ADM 6/12/88BWAS-16038.5.1719 - 17.1.1719/20CaptainFrancis Percy (d.1740/41) ADM 6/12/167BWAS-160318.1.1719/20 - 16.2.1720/21CaptainWilliam Ellford (d.1723) ADM 6/12/190BWAS-160317.2.1720/21 - 5.2.1721/22CaptainHenry Medley (d.1747) ADM 6/13/4BWAS-160313.4.1726 - 26.7.1728CaptainWilliam Smith (c.1674-1756) ADM 6/13/111BWAS-160326.7.1728 - 19.12.1729CaptainJohn St Loe (d.1757) ADM 6/14/212BWAS-160330.1.1730/31 - 20.12.1731CaptainPhilip Vanbrugh (d.1753) ADM 6/14/66BWAS-16031.1.1731/32 - 14.6.1732CaptainPhilip Vanbrugh (d.1753) ADM 6/14/96ADM 6/1414.6.1732 - 1.4.1734CaptainJoseph Lawes (d.1740/41) ADM 6/17/258BWAS-16032.4.1734 - 9.4.1737CaptainEdmund Williams (d.1751/52) ADM 6/15/181BWAS-160330.8.1739 - 10.7.1740CaptainJohn Gascoigne (d.1753) ADM 6/15/216ADM 6/1511.7.1740 - 17.7.1740CaptainJohn Towry (d.1757) ADM 6/15/307ADM 6/1518.7.1740 - 19.2.1744/45CaptainThomas Coates (1712-1767) ADM 6/15/312ADM 6/1520.7.1745 - 21.7.1746CaptainPhilip Saumarez (1710-1747) ADM 6/16/516ADM 6/1622.7.1746 - 16.1.1749/50CaptainTimothy Nucella (c.1713-1756) ADM 6/17/131ADM 6/1716.1.1749/50 - 14.5.1750CaptainAndrew Cockburne (c.1709-1768) ADM 6/17/520
Issued by The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761), East Indies - Asia
Commission confirmed 11.5.1750
ADM 6/17

39 Commissioned Officers

3.4.1706 - 4.1.1714/15First LieutenantChristopher Hughes (d.1727) ADM 6/8/245ADM 6/83.4.1706 - 28.9.1707Second LieutenantJohn Bray (c.1672-1750) ADM 6/8/245ADM 6/829.9.1707 - 4.1.1714/15Second LieutenantGeorge Knowler (d.1743) ADM 6/10/94
Commission confirmed 14.10.1709
ADM 6/10
9.3.1715/16 - 9.12.1717First LieutenantGilbert Wallis (d.1738) ADM 6/12/64ADM 6/129.3.1715/16 - 9.12.1717Second LieutenantNathaniel Darkin ADM 6/12/64ADM 6/128.5.1719 - 23.2.1721/22First LieutenantHenry Huish (d.1751) ADM 6/12/167ADM 6/128.5.1719 - 5.2.1721/22Second LieutenantWilliam Kinsey (d.1744) ADM 6/12/167ADM 6/124.4.1720 - 5.2.1721/22Third LieutenantJohn Norbury ADM 6/12/201ADM 6/1213.4.1726 - 25.7.1728First LieutenantGilbert Wallis (d.1738) ADM 6/13/111ADM 6/1313.4.1726 - 2.12.1727Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsIsaiah Burgess ADM 6/13/111ADM 6/133.12.1727 - 25.7.1728Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJames Peers (d.1746) ADM 6/13/191ADM 6/1326.7.1728 - 10.4.1729First LieutenantEdmund Williams (d.1751/52) ADM 6/14/212ADM 6/1326.7.1728 - 19.12.1729Second LieutenantJohn Mallett ADM 6/14/212ADM 6/139.2.1728/29 - 19.12.1729Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJoseph Cooper (d.1747) ADM 6/14/11ADM 6/1411.4.1729 - 19.12.1729First LieutenantGeorge Cundett (d.1741) ADM 6/14/22ADM 6/1430.1.1730/31 - 18.5.1731First LieutenantWilliam Kinsey (d.1744) ADM 6/14/66ADM 6/1430.1.1730/31 - 18.5.1731Second LieutenantWilliam Hay ADM 6/14/66ADM 6/1430.1.1730/31 - 24.1.1731/32Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsBradwarden Thompson (d.1756) ADM 6/14/66ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 31.12.1731First LieutenantThomas Lake (d.1750) ADM 6/14/77ADM 6/1419.5.1731 - 31.12.1731Second LieutenantWilliam Campbell (d.1755) ADM 6/14/77ADM 6/141.1.1731/32 - 14.2.1732/33First LieutenantThomas Lake (d.1750) ADM 6/14/96ADM 6/141.1.1731/32 - 2.3.1732/33Second LieutenantWilliam Campbell (d.1755) ADM 6/14/96ADM 6/1414.6.1732 - 14.2.1732/33Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJohn Thomas (d.1735) ADM 6/14/111ADM 6/1415.2.1732/33 - 3.11.1734First LieutenantRichard Wilson (d.c.1735) ADM 6/14/134ADM 6/1415.2.1732/33 - 2.3.1732/33Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsFrancis Wakeman (d.1741) ADM 6/14/134ADM 6/142.3.1732/33 - 11.5.1733Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJames Smith (d.1740) ADM 6/14/137ADM 6/143.3.1732/33 - 26.2.1733/34Second LieutenantFrancis Wakeman (d.1741) ADM 6/14/142ADM 6/1412.5.1733 - 26.2.1733/34Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsAlexander Michell (d.1763) ADM 6/14/144ADM 6/1427.2.1733/34 - 3.11.1734Second LieutenantAlexander Michell (d.1763) ADM 6/14/170ADM 6/142.3.1733/34 - 3.11.1734Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsArthur Crocker (d.1740) ADM 6/14/171ADM 6/144.11.1734 - 10.3.1736/37Second LieutenantArthur Crocker (d.1740) ADM 6/15/196ADM 6/144.11.1734 - 10.6.1736Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsEdmund Williams (d.1741) ADM 6/15/196ADM 6/1411.3.1735/36 - 9.4.1737Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsLord Montague Bertie (c.1713-1753) ADM 6/15/54ADM 6/1514.9.1739 - 3.3.1739/40First LieutenantThomas Harrison (d.1749) ADM 6/15/222ADM 6/154.3.1739/40 - 1.2.1740/41First LieutenantWilliam Henry Bruce (d.1742) ADM 6/15/256ADM 6/1518.4.1744 - 11.8.1745Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsCharles Hardy (d.bef.1750) ADM 6/16/454
Commission confirmed 13.3.1744/45
ADM 6/16
14.8.1744 - 23.6.1745First LieutenantCharles Brown ADM 6/16/411
Commission confirmed 28.12.1744
ADM 6/16
3.9.1745 - 1.1.1748/49Third Lt. & Lt. at ArmsPhilip Worth ADM 6/16/537ADM 6/165.2.1745/46 - 9.2.1746/47First LieutenantRichard Bligh (1713-1748) ADM 6/17/56ADM 6/17

4 Petty Officers

7.11.1732 - 13.2.1732/33Volunteer-per-orderDenbigh Woodifield (c.1716-?) ADM 107/3/321ADM107/326.5.1734 - 16.4.1735Gunner's MateThomas Cook (c.1698-?) ADM 107/3/509ADM107/321.11.1735 - 22.5.1736Master's MateBartholomew Gidley (c.1715-?) ADM 107/3/223ADM107/322.5.1736 - 6.4.1738MidshipmanBartholomew Gidley (c.1715-?) ADM 107/3/223ADM107/3

6 Crewmen

29.7.1716 - 9.8.1716Not RatedRichard Newell ADM 107/3/39ADM107/330.12.1716 - 23.9.1719Captain's ServantWilliam Manduit ADM 107/3/128ADM107/324.9.1719 - 20.8.1720Able SeamanWilliam Manduit ADM 107/3/128ADM107/311.5.1731 - 1732VolunteerThomas Frankland (1718-1781)ODNB21.11.1731 - 23.5.1732Able SeamanPeter Rattenbury (c.1710-1746) ADM 107/3/356ADM107/330.9.1735 - 21.11.1735Able SeamanBartholomew Gidley (c.1715-?) ADM 107/3/223ADM107/3

Service History

1707In the MediterraneanBWAS-1603
6.6.1710Took the Privateer Le Saint François
1711In the ChannelBWAS-1603
4.1.1710/11Took the Privateer Le Duc de Montmorency
17.4.1711Took the Privateer La Reine des Anges (18)
1712Off NewfoundlandBWAS-1603
1713Off NewfoundlandBWAS-1603
10.1713Began large repair at Plymouth - Devon BWAS-1603
1714Guardship at PlymouthBWAS-1603
1715In the DownsBWAS-1603

Paid off

5.1716Completed large repair at Plymouth - Devon at a cost of £4823.7.8dBWAS-1603
1717In the BalticBWAS-1603
17.12.1717Paid offADM33
1719Fitted at Chatham, completing in 1720BWAS-1603
1719Recommissioned for the BalticBWAS-1603
1719fitting at Portsmouth - Hampshire at a cost of £4404.19.10dBWAS-1603
1724Began refitting at Plymouth - Devon BWAS-1603
1726Completed refitting at Plymouth - Devon at a cost of £7498.9.9dBWAS-1603
1727Off the coast of SpainBWAS-1603
1728Guardship at PlymouthBWAS-1603
1735With the fleet to the TagusBWAS-1603
9.4.1737Paid offBWAS-1603
10.4.1737Started a "Great Repair wich amounted to a rebuild, completing January 1740BWAS-1603


DatesFleetFleet CommanderSource
6.1719-11.1719British Baltic Fleet 1719Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 
13.4.1721-20.10.1721British Baltic Fleet 1721Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 
24.12.1726-9.4.1728British Squadron for the relief of GibraltarSir Charles Wager (1666-1743) 

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