Nominal Guns90B028
NationalityKingdom of England
OperatorRoyal Navy
ShipyardPortsmouth Dockyard B028
ConstructorWilliam Bagwell (d.bef.1697/98)B065
CategorySecond RateB028
Ship TypeShip of the Line
Sailing RigShip Rigged


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB065
Length of Gundeck165' 0"Imperial Feet50.292 
Length of Keel133' 6"Imperial Feet40.543 
Breadth45' 4"Imperial Feet13.7363 
Depth in Hold18' 3"Imperial Feet5.4959 
Burthen1,459Tons BM 
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1603
Length of Gundeck165' 0"Imperial Feet50.292 
Length of Keel133' 6"Imperial Feet40.543 
Breadth45' 4"Imperial Feet13.7363 
Burthen1,459 3294Tons BM 


1697Broadside Weight = 792 Imperial Pound ( 359.1731 kg)B032
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck28 British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck28 British Saker
Quarterdeck12 British Saker
Forecastle4 British Saker
Roundhouse2 British 3-Pounder

1697Broadside Weight = 697 Imperial Pound ( 316.0901 kg)BWAS-1603
Gun Deck22 British Demi-Cannon
Gun Deck30 British Culverin
Gun Deck2 British 6-Pounder
Gun Deck24 British Saker
Gun Deck2 British 3-Pounder

1703Broadside Weight = 821 Imperial Pound ( 372.3235 kg)BWAS-1603
Lower Gun Deck26 British Demi-Cannon
Middle Gun Deck26 British Culverin
Upper Gun Deck26 British Demi-Culverin
Quarterdeck12 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder
Roundhouse2 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
16975801689 Establishment figureB032

10 Commanding Officers

3.1.1696/97 - 31.1.1698/99CaptainFrancis Wyvell (d.1729) ADM 6/4/59BWAS-160313.1.1701/2 - 19.1.1701/2CaptainJohn Leake (1656-1720) ADM 6/6/130BWAS-160323.1.1701/2 - 31.5.1702CaptainSir Robert Robinson (d.1718/19) ADM 6/6/138ADM 6/61.6.1702 - 1702CaptainJohn Leake (1656-1720) ADM 6/7/39ADM 6/77.1702 - 9.11.1702CaptainWilliam Bokenham (d.1702)TRN24.1.1702/3 - 1.3.1702/3CaptainBasil Beaumont (1669-1703) ADM 6/7/70ADM 6/72.3.1702/3 - 26.7.1703Second CaptainRichard Hughes (1670-1756) ADM 6/7/101BWAS-160326.7.1703 - 16.11.1704Second CaptainRichard Canning (d.1726) ADM 6/8/49
Commission confirmed 11.2.1703/4
ADM 6/8
13.12.1704 - 16.9.1706Second CaptainSamuel Whitaker (d.1707) ADM 6/8/117BWAS-160322.8.1706 - 22.10.1707Second CaptainEdmund Loades (d.1707) ADM 6/9/65
Commission confirmed 29.4.1707
ADM 6/9

3 Flag Officers

1703Vice-AdmiralStafford Fairborne (d.1716)SOTON1705 - 9.1705Rear-Admiral of the RedSir Thomas Dilkes (d.1706)BWAS-16039.1705 - 22.10.1707Admiral of the FleetSir Cloudisley Shovell (1650-1707)TRN2

41 Commissioned Officers

5.1.1696/97 - 27.3.1698First LieutenantFrancis Jurin ADM 6/4/60ADM 6/49.1.1696/97 - 16.1.1697/98Second LieutenantJohn Power ADM 6/4/60ADM 6/413.1.1696/97 - 27.7.1699Third LieutenantRobert Stevens ADM 6/4/61ADM 6/413.1.1696/97 - 9.9.1697Fifth LieutenantThomas Stephenson ADM 6/4/61ADM 6/43.2.1696/97 - 1697Fourth LieutenantRobert Stiles ADM 6/4/69ADM 6/416.1.1701/2 - 28.1.1702/3First LieutenantJoshua Roydhouse (c.1657-?) ADM 6/6/133ADM 6/616.1.1701/2 - 20.7.1702Fifth LieutenantJames Stewart (c.1678-1757) ADM 6/6/134ADM 6/620.1.1701/2 - 19.7.1702Fourth LieutenantRichard Leake (d.1720/21) ADM 6/6/135ADM 6/627.1.1701/2 - 10.10.1703Third LieutenantJohn Babb (d.1704) ADM 6/6/140ADM 6/630.1.1701/2 - 11.2.1702/3Second LieutenantStrickland Tyrwhit ADM 6/7/4ADM 6/720.7.1702 - 12.2.1702/3Fourth LieutenantJames Stewart (c.1678-1757) ADM 6/7/83ADM 6/720.7.1702 - 2.2.1702/3Fifth LieutenantGeorge Warren ADM 6/7/63
Commission confirmed 4.12.1702
ADM 6/7
29.1.1702/3 - 25.7.1703First LieutenantRobert Bowler (d.1734) ADM 6/7/89ADM 6/73.2.1702/3 - 25.7.1703Fifth LieutenantGeorge Loggan (d.1703/4) ADM 6/7/85ADM 6/712.2.1702/3 - 26.7.1703Second LieutenantJames Stewart (c.1678-1757) ADM 6/7/92ADM 6/712.2.1702/3 - 25.7.1703Fourth LieutenantGeorge Warren ADM 6/7/92ADM 6/726.7.1703 - 3.8.1704First LieutenantLewis Billingsley (d.1707) ADM 6/8/58
Commission confirmed 29.2.1703/4
ADM 6/8
26.7.1703 - 7.12.1704Second LieutenantRobert Clarke (d.1708/9) ADM 6/8/39
Commission confirmed 5.1.1703/4
ADM 6/8
26.7.1703 - 10.10.1703Fourth LieutenantArthur Field (d.1726) ADM 6/8/53
Commission confirmed 4.2.1703/4
ADM 6/8
26.7.1703 - 10.10.1703Fifth LieutenantNicholas Haddock (1686-1746) ADM 6/8/49
Commission confirmed 10.2.1703/4
ADM 6/8
11.10.1703 - 22.8.1704Third LieutenantArthur Field (d.1726) ADM 6/8/53ADM 6/811.10.1703 - 14.6.1704Fourth LieutenantNicholas Haddock (1686-1746) ADM 6/8/49
Commission confirmed 10.2.1703/4
ADM 6/8
26.12.1704 - 11.1.1704/5Second LieutenantThomas Witts (d.1707) ADM 6/8/126ADM 6/85.1.1704/5 - 11.1.1704/5First LieutenantThomas Witts (d.1707) ADM 6/8/130ADM 6/812.1.1704/5 - 13.1.1705/6First LieutenantWilliam Ockman (c.1670-1740) ADM 6/8/136ADM 6/812.1.1704/5 - 6.3.1704/5Second LieutenantCharles Howard (d.1707) ADM 6/8/136ADM 6/812.1.1704/5 - 6.3.1704/5Third LieutenantGeorge Lumley (c.1671-1710) ADM 6/8/136ADM 6/812.1.1704/5 - 6.3.1704/5Fourth LieutenantNicholas Saule (d.1707) ADM 6/8/136ADM 6/812.1.1704/5 - 18.2.1704/5Fifth LieutenantRobert Clarke (d.1708/9) ADM 6/8/136ADM 6/819.2.1704/5 - 30.1.1705/6Fifth LieutenantCharles Boyle (d.1720) ADM 6/8/154ADM 6/87.3.1704/5 - 30.1.1705/6Second LieutenantGeorge Lumley (c.1671-1710) ADM 6/8/160ADM 6/87.3.1704/5 - 30.1.1705/6Third LieutenantNicholas Saule (d.1707) ADM 6/8/160ADM 6/87.3.1704/5 - 30.1.1705/6Fourth LieutenantRobert Clarke (d.1708/9) ADM 6/8/160ADM 6/89.1705 - 22.10.1707Second LieutenantSamuel Whitaker (d.1707)BWAS-160331.1.1705/6 - 1706First LieutenantGeorge Lumley (c.1671-1710) ADM 6/8/226ADM 6/831.1.1705/6 - 16.10.1706Second LieutenantNicholas Saule (d.1707) ADM 6/8/226ADM 6/831.1.1705/6 - 1706Third LieutenantGeorge Shelvocke (d.1728) ADM 6/8/226ADM 6/831.1.1705/6 - 22.3.1705/6Fourth LieutenantCharles Boyle (d.1720) ADM 6/8/226ADM 6/831.1.1705/6 - 9.7.1707Fifth LieutenantThomas Kitchin (d.1737) ADM 6/8/226ADM 6/823.3.1705/6 - 20.10.1706Fourth LieutenantThomas Chapman ADM 6/8/244ADM 6/821.10.1706 - 10.11.1706Third LieutenantThomas Chapman ADM 6/9/18ADM 6/9

1 Crewman

1707 - 22.10.1707MidshipmanSir John Narborough (1st Baronet Narborough) (1684-1707)EWIKI

Service History

19.6.1702Left Spithead as part of the Allied fleet bound for CadizTRN2
12.8.1702The fleet anchored in the Bay of Bulls, 6 miles from CadizTRN2
12.10.1702Battle of Vigo
24.7.1703Arrived off LisbonSOTON
22.9.1703Off Altea, sailing for England soon afterwardsSOTON
21.7.1704Present at the capture of GibraltarEWIKI
8.5.1705Put to see from Portsmouth as part of a convoy escort with the Hazardous (54) , Lennox (70) and Monmouth (64)
7.1707At the seige of Toulon until AugustTRN2
22.10.1707Wrecked on the Scilly Isles with the loss of all on boardTRN2


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