Nominal Guns60BWAS-1714
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down12.12.1729BWAS-1714
First Commissioned3.1733/34BWAS-1714
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardDeptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
Ship Class1719 Establishment 60-GunnerBWAS-1714
CategoryFourth RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShip of the Line BWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck144' 0"Imperial Feet43.8912 
Length of Keel117' 7"Imperial Feet35.6721 
Breadth39' 0"Imperial Feet11.8872 
Depth in Hold16' 5"Imperial Feet4.898 
Burthen951 2794Tons BM 


22.8.1732Broadside Weight = 435 Imperial Pound ( 197.2725 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck24 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck8 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 6-Pounder

6.1752Broadside Weight = 315 Imperial Pound ( 142.8525 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck22 British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck22 British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck4 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1719365Design Complement

14 Ship Commanders

20.3.1733/34 - 19.7.1736Captain James Cornewall (1698-1743/44) ADM 6/15/177BWAS-171416.5.1738 - 4.12.1738Captain Samuel Mead (d.1776) ADM 6/15/117BWAS-171414.6.1739 - 5.12.1739Captain John Yeo (1681-1756) ADM 6/15/186BWAS-171412.10.1740 - 23.12.1743Captain Savage Mostyn (1713-1757) ADM 6/15/350BWAS-171414.12.1743 - 17.4.1744Captain Edward Pratten (c.1715-1763) Transfered ADM 6/16/249BWAS-171418.4.1744 - 24.2.1744/45Captain John Phillipson (d.1745) ADM 6/16/295ADM 6/1625.2.1744/45 - 25.9.1746Captain John Moore (1717/18-1779) ADM 6/17/159BWAS-171412.6.1747 - 15.4.1750Captain Thomas Lake (d.1750)† Discharged Dead ADM 6/17/236BWAS-17143.6.1752 - 22.3.1756Captain George Edgcumbe (1720-1795) ADM 6/18/36BWAS-171422.3.1756 - 3.10.1756Captain John Amherst (1718-1778) ADM 6/18/245BWAS-17143.10.1756 - 25.1.1758Captain Polycarpus Taylor (d.1780) ADM 6/18/348
Issued by Edward Hawke (1704/5-1781), English Channel - British Isles
Confirmed 25.1.1757
ADM 6/18
25.1.1758 - 21.1.1761Captain John Hollwall (c.1723-1775) Transfered ADM 6/18/477BWAS-17145.8.1761 - 27.4.1763Captain Dudley Digges (d.1779) ADM 6/19/338BWAS-171427.4.1763 - 17.5.1764Captain William Paston (1731-1774) ADM 6/20/49
Issued by Augustus Keppel (1725-1786), Jamaica - Greater Antilles
Confirmed 6.9.1764

32 Commissioned Officers

23.2.1733/34 - 8.3.1733/34First Lieutenant Thomas Johnson (d.c.1736) Transfered ADM 6/14/168ADM 6/1423.2.1733/34 - 23.3.1733/34Second Lieutenant Edward Chaloner (1689-1766) Transfered ADM 6/14/168ADM 6/142.3.1733/34 - 1.8.1734Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms Edward Legge (d.1747) Transfered ADM 6/14/171ADM 6/1423.3.1733/34 - 19.7.1736First Lieutenant Edward Chaloner (1689-1766) ADM 6/15/178ADM 6/1423.3.1733/34 - 1.8.1734Second Lieutenant Christopher Dalton (d.1734) ADM 6/14/178ADM 6/142.8.1734 - 19.7.1736Second Lieutenant Thomas Coates (1712-1767) ADM 6/15/193ADM 6/1416.5.1738 - 4.12.1738First Lieutenant Thomas Limeburner (d.1750) ADM 6/15/118ADM 6/1516.5.1738 - 4.12.1738Second Lieutenant Thomas Philpott ADM 6/15/118ADM 6/1514.6.1739 - 17.8.1739First Lieutenant Thomas Elliot ADM 6/15/187ADM 6/1517.8.1739 - 11.3.1739/40First Lieutenant James Newnam (d.c.1753) ADM 6/15/212ADM 6/1531.8.1739 - 12.3.1739/40Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms John Morris (c.1709-?) ADM 6/15/218ADM 6/1512.3.1739/40 - 9.8.1741Second Lieutenant John Morris (c.1709-?) ADM 6/15/260ADM 6/1512.3.1739/40 - 25.6.1741Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms Edward Rich (c.1720-1753) ADM 6/15/260ADM 6/1526.6.1741 - 23.10.1741Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms John Neale ADM 6/15/21
Confirmed 27.2.1741/42
ADM 6/15
10.8.1741 - 23.10.1741Second Lieutenant Hugh Lyttelton (c.1719-1744) ADM 6/15/22
Confirmed 1.3.1741/42
ADM 6/15
24.10.1741 - 19.4.1742Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms Coll McDonald (d.1753) ADM 6/16/22
Confirmed 1.3.1741/42
ADM 6/15
24.11.1741 - 13.12.1743First Lieutenant Hugh Lyttelton (c.1719-1744) Transfered ADM 6/15/22
Confirmed 1.3.1741/42
ADM 6/15
20.4.1742 - 13.12.1744Second Lieutenant Coll McDonald (d.1753) Transfered ADM 6/16/46ADM 6/1614.12.1743 - 17.4.1744First Lieutenant William Bulley (d.1746) Transfered ADM 6/16/249ADM 6/1614.12.1743 - 17.4.1744Second Lieutenant John Hughes (c.1721-?) Transfered ADM 6/16/249ADM 6/1614.12.1743 - 17.4.1744Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms Jeremiah Harmer (d.c.1758) Transfered ADM 6/16/249ADM 6/1618.4.1744 - 25.2.1744/45First Lieutenant Thomas Griffin (d.1748) ADM 6/16/295ADM 6/1618.4.1744 - 21.7.1745Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms Nathaniel Stephens (d.1747/48) ADM 6/16/295ADM 6/1626.2.1744/45 - 21.7.1745First Lieutenant Peter Cowe (c.1701-1773) Superannuated ADM 6/17/503
Issued by Curtis Barnet (d.1746), East Indies - Asia
Confirmed 10.11.1749
ADM 6/17
21.7.1745 - 1.2.1745/46Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms Wheeler Hoult (d.1749) Transfered ADM 6/17/407
Issued by Curtis Barnet (d.1746), East Indies - Asia
Confirmed 15.11.1748
ADM 6/17
20.12.1745 - 25.9.1746First Lieutenant Thomas Woolley Pickering (c.1728-1792) ADM 6/17/160
Confirmed 4.10.1746
ADM 6/17
1.2.1745/46 - 25.9.1746Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms Robert Carkett (c.1719-1780) ADM 6/17/157
Confirmed 24.9.1746
ADM 6/17
12.6.1747 - 9.10.1747First Lieutenant Matthew Whitwell (c.1720-1789) ADM 6/17/236ADM 6/199.10.1747 - 14.7.1749First Lieutenant George Ireland (c.1718-1750) ADM 6/17/273ADM 6/175.4.1749 - 14.7.1749Third Lt. & Lt. at Arms William Bayne (1730-1782) ADM 6/17/539
Issued by The Hon. Edward Boscawen (1711-1761), East Indies - Asia
Confirmed 13.12.1750
ADM 6/17
3.6.1752 - 7.10.1756Second Lieutenant Henry John Phillips (1718-1762) ADM 6/18/36ADM 6/1821.8.1761 - 9.1761Second Lieutenant Peter Debat (c.1733-c.1761) Discharged Dead ADM 6/19/344PROB11

1 Warrant Officer

7.9.1740 - 12.1.1744/45Master James Shirley (c.1705-1774) Transfered ADM 107/4/86ADM 107/4

3 Petty Officers

16.11.1738 - 25.2.1738/39Midshipman Robert Farmar (c.1715-c.1758) Transfered ADM 107/3/482ADM 107/323.2.1742/43 - 28.11.1743Midshipman Thomas Riggs (c.1715-1754) Transfered ADM 6/86/100ADM 6/861764Midshipman John Williamson (d.1798)ref:676

Service History

23.9.1732Completed Completed at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £12985.0.4dBWAS-1714
26.9.1732Began Completed at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
1735In the TagusBWAS-1714
7.1736Began small repair at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth BWAS-1714
12.1736Completed small repair at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth at a cost of £1523.16.0dBWAS-1714
1738In home watersBWAS-1714
4.12.1738Paid offBWAS-1714
1740Off UshantBWAS-1714
23.5.1740Took the Brig San Sebastian y las Animas (12) off UshantBG
26.10.1740Sailed for the West IndiesBWAS-1714
4.3.1740/41Operations against Cartagena
28.9.1742Took the Privateer Nuestra Señora del Carmen
1743Cruise to the AzoresBWAS-1714
1744In the ChannelBWAS-1714
30.4.1744Sailed for the East IndiesBWAS-1714
26.5.1744Took the Privateer L'Aimable Maria
24.1.1744/45Straits of Banca
4.1746Returned homeBWAS-1714
25.9.1746Paid offADM 51
10.1746Began middling repair at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich BWAS-1714
8.1747Completed middling repair at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich at a cost of £13410.0.0dBWAS-1714
11.1747Sailed for the East IndiesBWAS-1714
7.1748At Port St DavidBWAS-1714

Paid off at Deptford Dockyard

ADM 106
1.1751Began great repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
6.1752Refitted as a 50 gun Fourth RateBWAS-1714
7.1752Completed great repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £17872.2.4dBWAS-1714
5.9.1752Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
20.5.1756Battle of Minorca
12.1757Began fitting at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1714
2.1758Completed fitting at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham at a cost of £10995.10.6dBWAS-1714
6.1758At St Malom then Cherbourg and St CasBWAS-1714
5.6.1758Raid on Saint-Malo
1759In the ChannelBWAS-1714
3.7.1759Bombardment of Le Havre
3.7.1759Took the Privateer La Madame Barail (14)
3.7.1759Took the Privateer La Madame Durat (16)
6.1761Began small repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth BWAS-1714
9.1761Completed small repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £6511.13.3dBWAS-1714
28.11.1761Sailed for Jamaica, performing a trial of John Harrison's Naval ChronometerBWAS-1714
6.6.1762Operations against Havana

Paid off



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