Nominal Guns34BWAS-1603
NationalityCommonwealth of England
OperatorState Navy
How acquiredPurpose builtB028
ShipyardWoodbridge - Suffolk B028
Constructor Peter Pett (1610-1672)BWAS-1603
CategoryFourth RateBWAS-1603
Ship TypeShip of the Line B028
Sailing RigShip RiggedB028
Broken Up to Rebuild1698B028
BecomesBritish Fourth Rate ship of the line 'Advice' (1698) (48)


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB065
Length of Keel100' 0"Imperial Feet30.48 
Breadth31' 2"Imperial Feet9.4996 
Depth in Hold12' 3"Imperial Feet3.6957 
Burthen554Tons BM 
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB028
Length of Gundeck118' 6"Tons BM 
Breadth31' 0"Tons BM 
Burthen516Tons BM 
DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1603
Length of Gundeck118' 6"Tons BM 
Length of Keel100' 0"Imperial Feet30.48 
Breadth31' 2"Tons BM 
Depth in Hold15' 7"Imperial Feet4.6076 
Burthen516 6494Tons BM 


1694Broadside Weight = 300 Imperial Pound ( 136.0502 kg)B065
Lower Gun Deck22 British Culverin
Upper Gun Deck20 British 8-Pounder
Quarterdeck8 British Saker

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1650150 BWAS-1603
1.1652150 B117
1653180 BWAS-1603
1660140 BWAS-1603
1.7.1673220ADM 8/1 f1 versoADM8-DB

18 Ship Commanders

4.1650 - 1652Captain George DakinsW0151653 - 3.1652/53Captain John DayBWAS-16033.1652/53 - 7.1653Captain Jeremy Smith (d.1675)BWAS-16037.1653 - 1660Captain Francis Allen (d.1662)W0158.11.1665 - 5.6.1666Captain William Poole (d.bef.1689)BWAS-160317.7.1666 - 25.11.1667Captain Charles O'Bryan (d.1669)BWAS-160317.2.1669/70 - 23.2.1669/70Captain Henry BernadistonBWAS-160327.2.1669/70 - 31.7.1670Captain Benjamin Young (d.1670)BWAS-160323.7.1670 - 30.12.1670Captain John Ashby (d.1693)BWAS-160312.11.1671 - 1.7.1673Captain Dominick NugentBWAS-16039.1673 - 12.10.1674Captain John Dawson (d.1675) ADM 8/1/22ADM8-DB30.11.1678 - 18.4.1682Captain William HouldingB0511.9.1688 - 25.3.1689Captain Henry WilliamsBWAS-16034.7.1689 - 11.2.1689/90Captain John Granville (d.1702/3)BWAS-16039.1690 - 1692Captain Edward Boys (d.1696)W01523.6.1693 - 10.9.1693Captain Charles Hawkins (d.1693/94) TransferedBWAS-1603c.11.9.1693 - 6.10.1694Captain William Harman (d.1694)BWAS-16038.10.1694 - 22.11.1697Captain Edward Acton (d.1707) ADM 6/3/44
Issued by Sir William Beeston (1636-?), Jamaica - Greater Antilles
Confirmed 4.4.1695
ADM 6/3

1 Flag Officer

1668 - 1670AdmiralSir John Harman (d.1673)BWAS-1603

8 Commissioned Officers

1663 - 1665Lieutenant Robert Werden (d.1673)W0141665Lieutenant Richard Bradford (d.1667)B0511671Lieutenant Edward Russell (1653-1727)B0511.1672 - 6.1.1672/73Lieutenant Ralph Delavall (c.1641-1706/7)ODNB1673 - 15.10.1674Lieutenant John WhistonB0515.1693 - 7.10.1694Lieutenant Edward Acton (d.1707)ODNB14.10.1694 - 22.11.1697Second Lieutenant Joseph Risby (d.1720) ADM 6/3/44
Issued by Sir William Beeston (1636-?), Jamaica - Greater Antilles
Confirmed 4.4.1695
ADM 6/3
4.4.1695 - 22.11.1697First Lieutenant Walter Pigot (d.1754) ADM 6/3/44ADM 6/3

7 Warrant Officers

30.3.1689 - 1689Cook John Prout ADM 6/3/43
Issued by Arthur Herbert (1648-1716)
Confirmed 29.3.1695
28.3.1693 - 7.4.1695Purser William Mill Transfered ADM 6/3/44
Issued by Sir Francis Wheler (d.1693/94), West Indies - North Atlantic Ocean
Confirmed 4.4.1695
ADM 6/3
1695Gunner Edward Nicholls ADM 6/3/44ADM 6/33.4.1695 - 1695Carpenter William Fredson ADM 6/3/44ADM 6/34.4.1695 - 1695Boatswain Walter Ballantine ADM 6/3/44ADM 6/38.4.1695 - 1695Purser Robert Hallowes ADM 6/3/44ADM 6/312.4.1695 - 1695Chaplain William Simmons ADM 6/3/48ADM 6/3

2 Petty Officers

3.4.1695 - 1695Volunteer Charles Tripp ADM 6/3/43ADM 64.4.1695 - 1695Volunteer Wingfield ADM 6/3/44ADM 6/3

1 Crewman

11.10.1689 - 15.5.1692Volunteer Philip Boys (1671-1726/27) ADM 107/1/41ADM 107/1

Service History

1650Commissioned for the West coastBWAS-1603
1650Completed at Woodbridge - Suffolk at a cost of £3334.10.0dBWAS-1603
16.2.1651/52C.O.S. orders to "To victual and furnish stores for the Advice frigate at Deptford for two weeks, she being appointed to go as convoy to Holland with the body of Lord Spiering."SPD-1651-2
28.9.1652Battle of Kentish Knock
1653On the Dutch coast during the winter of 1653/54BWAS-1603
1653Refitted as a 42 gunner
18.2.1652/53Battle of Portland
4.1653Capture of the Dutch East Indiaman, the Roos of Amsterdam. The Roos is described as being about 800 tons and having 26 guns. Taken into the English Fleet as the Indian (44)
2.6.1653Battle of the Gabbard
1659Operations in the SoundBWAS-1603
1660Refitted as a 40 gunner
6.1660In the MediterraneanBWAS-1603
1664In the MediterraneanBWAS-1603
3.6.1665Battle of Lowestoft
29.5.1666Damaged in a collision with the Bonaventure (48)
25.7.1666St James Day Battle
9.8.1666Holmes' Bonfire
1668Flagship in the Mediterranean until 1670BWAS-1603
7.1670The Advice and theBasing (22) fought 7 Algerian warships and beat them off from a convoy, but both captains were killed.
8.5.1671Battle of Bugia
28.5.1672Battle of Solebay
28.5.1673First Battle of Schooneveld
4.6.1673Second Battle of Schooneveld
11.8.1673Battle of Texel

Pay report for a period of 8 months, 0 weeks and 6 days totaling £2,497.0.0d. ADM 8/1 f6 verso


Noted as "newly come out of ye Dock" at Woolwich .

1674In the StraitsBWAS-1603
1678Commissioned as guardship at PortsmouthBWAS-1603
1.5.1689Battle of Bantry Bay
19.5.1692Battle of Barfleur
1.6.1692Action at Cherbourg
1693Sailed to the West IndiesBWAS-1603
1694In the West IndiesBWAS-1603
1696Sailed to the East IndiesBWAS-1603
1697Returned homeBWAS-1603


DatesFleetFleet CommanderSource
1659-1659British Baltic Fleet 1659 Edward Montagu (d.1672) 

Notes on Ship

Gunner's Stores

In 1670 the establishment for ordinance and gunner's stores was
Guns54 Tons
Shot14 tons 10 Hundred-weight
Powder130 Barrels
StoresCost £514-7-0


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Posted by Brian on Tuesday 10th of June 2014 22:51

1670/07 The Advice and the Basing fought 7 Algerian warships and beat them off from a convoy, but both captains were killed.
The London Gazette
Publication date:11 August 1670
London Aug. 14 - Letters of July 21 on board the Advice before Cartagena, confirm to us the engagement of that Frigate and the Guernsey, to the Westward of Cape de Gaes, with seven Turks men of war, whereof the Admiral carried 56 guns, the Vice Admiral the like number, the Rear Admiral a new ship of 60 guns, and none of the other less than 40 guns, telling us that Captain Young and Allingson, were the first men that were killed on either ship in the first days engagement, which notwithstanding the two frigates so well defended themselves, that the enemies Vice Admiral, was forced to bring herself upon the Careen, and might have been sunk had not the frigates tacked about to preserve their convoys. The next morning they mad several prossers to come up again but did not ? between twelve and one of the clock, but then evidently demonstrated their dislike of the former days entertainment, taking car not to come near, fighting only with their great guns, so that their small shot did no execution, which fight they continued till about six of the clock in the evening, and then stood off to sea, leaving the frigates with their convoys very safe to pursue their course, and were the next morning out off sight.
In this fight the frigate Advice had seven men beside the Captain killed, and 15 or 16 wounded; the Guernsey had none killed besides the Captain and 3 or 4 wounded.

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