Nominal Guns50B028
NationalityKingdom of England
OperatorRoyal Navy
How acquiredPurpose builtB028
ShipyardPortsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth B028
Constructor William StigantBWAS-1603
CategoryFourth RateB028
Ship TypeShip of the Line B028
Sailing RigShip RiggedB028
Broken Up to Rebuild13.6.1717BWAS-1603
BecomesBritish Fourth Rate ship of the line 'Weymouth' (1719) (50)


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1603
Length of Gundeck123' 4"Imperial Feet37.4948 
Length of Keel107' 10"Imperial Feet32.6136 
Breadth34' 3"Imperial Feet10.3823 
Depth in Hold13' 10"Imperial Feet3.9624 
Burthen672 7994Tons BM 


1703Broadside Weight = 228 Imperial Pound ( 103.398 kg)BWAS-1603
Lower Gun Deck22 British 12-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck22 British 6-Pounder
Quarterdeck8 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 6-Pounder

13 Ship Commanders

8.8.1693 - 23.11.1697Captain William Jumper (d.1714/15): on board from 25.8.1693 TransferedBWAS-160324.11.1697 - 20.6.1699Captain Thomas Poulton (d.1699)† Discharged Dead ADM 6/4/126BWAS-160313.7.1699 - 27.12.1699Captain Charles Desborough (d.1722/23) ADM 6/6/7BWAS-16034.4.1701 - 13.1.1701/2Captain William Gifford (1649-1724) Transfered ADM 6/6/83BWAS-160313.1.1701/2 - 31.3.1703Captain Samuel Whitaker (d.1707) ADM 6/6/130BWAS-16031.4.1703 - 14.10.1706Captain John Mitchell ADM 6/7/114BWAS-16032.1.1706/7 - 16.12.1707Captain Charles Smith (d.1750) Transfered ADM 6/9/37BWAS-160317.12.1707 - 6.3.1709/10Captain Thomas Legge (d.1711/12) ADM 6/9/111BWAS-160318.5.1710 - 25.2.1712/13Captain Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) ADM 6/11/45BWAS-160326.2.1712/13 - 13.6.1713Captain Edward Falkingham (c.1679-1757) Transfered ADM 6/12/12
Confirmed 24.12.1714
13.6.1713 - 4.1.1714/15Captain Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744) ADM 6/11/262BWAS-160312.3.1714/15 - 15.2.1715/16Captain Robert Studley (d.1717) ADM 6/12/33BWAS-160316.2.1715/16 - 31.1.1716/17Captain Richard Lestock (1678/79-1748) ADM 6/12/62ADM 6/12

26 Commissioned Officers

13.2.1696/97 - 24.11.1697Second Lieutenant Mathew Gregory Transfered ADM 6/4/73ADM 6/49.6.1697 - 24.11.1697First Lieutenant Nicholas Smith (c.1671-1721) Transfered ADM 6/4/103ADM 6/425.11.1697 - 22.3.1697/98First LieutenantSir Charles Rich (1680-1706) Transfered ADM 6/4/127ADM 6/425.11.1697 - 29.11.1699Second Lieutenant Edward Leigh Transfered ADM 6/4/127ADM 6/423.3.1697/98 - 14.2.1699/1700First Lieutenant Nathaniel Blackmore ADM 6/5/12ADM 6/530.11.1699 - 14.2.1699/1700Second Lieutenant Paul Sorrell ADM 6/6/19ADM 6/65.4.1701 - 21.12.1702Second Lieutenant William Lloyd (d.1723) ADM 6/6/85ADM 6/610.4.1701 - 15.1.1701/2First Lieutenant Jordan Sandys (d.1734) Transfered ADM 6/6/87ADM 6/616.1.1701/2 - 21.12.1702First Lieutenant Thomas Stephenson Transfered ADM 6/6/134ADM 6/622.12.1702 - 2.11.1703First Lieutenant William Lloyd (d.1723) ADM 6/7/69ADM 6/723.12.1702 - 31.10.1703Second Lieutenant Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744) ADM 6/7/68ADM 6/71.11.1703 - 20.2.1704/5First Lieutenant Charles Hardy (c.1680-1744) Transfered ADM 6/8/23ADM 6/83.11.1703 - 30.8.1704Second Lieutenant Ezekiel Wright (d.1736) Transfered ADM 6/8/22ADM 6/831.8.1704 - 4.5.1705Second Lieutenant John Harris ADM 6/8/91ADM 6/85.5.1705 - 14.10.1706Second Lieutenant Thomas Waterhouse (d.1743) ADM 6/8/175ADM 6/82.1.1706/7 - 11.1.1708/9First Lieutenant Richard Thomas Girlington (d.1743) ADM 6/9/37ADM 6/92.1.1706/7 - 18.1.1707/8Second Lieutenant Vincent Pearce (c.1679-1745) Transfered ADM 6/9/37ADM 6/922.1.1707/8 - 11.1.1708/9Second Lieutenant Samuel Hill (d.c.1729) ADM 6/9/127ADM 6/912.1.1708/9 - 6.3.1709/10First Lieutenant Samuel Hill (d.c.1729) ADM 6/11/19
Confirmed 13.1.1709/10
ADM 6/11
18.5.1710 - 5.12.1711First Lieutenant William Stephenson Transfered ADM 6/11/45ADM 6/1118.5.1710 - 28.7.1711Second Lieutenant Edward Nurse (d.bef.1716) Transfered ADM 6/11/45ADM 6/111.1.1711/12 - 4.3.1711/12Second Lieutenant William Bridge (d.1744) ADM 6/11/264
Confirmed 16.6.1713
ADM 6/11
5.3.1711/12 - 4.1.1714/15First Lieutenant William Bridge (d.1744) ADM 6/11/264
Confirmed 16.6.1713
ADM 6/11
5.3.1712/13 - 4.1.1714/15Second Lieutenant Thomas Bridges ADM 6/11/270
Confirmed 15.8.1713
ADM 6/11
12.3.1714/15 - 31.1.1716/17First Lieutenant Humphrey Haycocke ADM 6/12/33ADM 6/1212.3.1714/15 - 31.1.1716/17Second Lieutenant John Stepney ADM 6/12/33ADM 6/12

2 Warrant Officers

1.3.1694/95 - 1695Volunteer John Nagel ADM 6/3/38ADM 6/35.12.1704 - 1704Boatswain Richard Gale ADM 6/8/115ADM 6/8

9 Petty Officers

29.9.1693 - 10.9.1694Midshipman Nicholas Smith (c.1671-1721) ADM 107/1/72ADM 107/114.4.1694 - 31.10.1694Midshipman William Hamilton (c.1672-?) ADM 107/1/76ADM 107/13.4.1695 - 1695Volunteer Thomas Smart (d.1722) ADM 6/3/44ADM 6/328.6.1699 - 27.12.1699Midshipman John Roberts (c.1680-1744/45) ADM 107/1/350ADM 107/120.10.1701 - 17.1.1701/2Midshipman Edmund Hooke (c.1681-1744/45) ADM 107/1/220ADM 107/115.1.1707/8 - 30.1.1709/10Midshipman William Baker (d.bef.1727) ADM 107/2/253ADM 107/226.5.1710 - 27.1.1711/12Midshipman John Gascoigne (d.1753) ADM 107/3/10ADM 107/327.1.1711/12 - 22.3.1712/13Master's Mate John Gascoigne (d.1753) Transfered ADM 107/3/10ADM 107/31.11.1713 - 19.8.1714Midshipman Richard Newell ADM 107/3/39ADM 107/3

2 Crewmen

22.8.1692 - 23.4.1694Able Seaman Edmund Hickey (c.1673-?) ADM 107/1/69ADM 107/117.2.1715/16 - 1.2.1716/17Unknown Thomas Griffin (1692-1771)NMM-GRI

Service History


On the 18th Captain Cross in the Weymouth captured a Dutch merchant ship from Surinam with a cargo of sugar, wood, copper ore and ivory.

ADM 106
8.3.1693/94Took the Privateer Le Dauphin
1.8.1694Took the Privateer Le Montpertu
1.8.1694Took the Privateer Le Prosper
11.8.1694Took the Privateer La Marie Bien Aimée
31.8.1694Took the Privateer La Ville de Saint Malo
6.5.1695Took the Privateer La Pucelle d'Orléans BWAS-1603
11.7.1695Took the Privateer La Harpe
20.7.1695Took the Ship Le Comte de Revel (36)
13.11.1695Took the Privateer L'Émerillion
11.12.1696Capture of the Fougueux
2.4.1697Took the Privateer L'Union
21.7.1697Took the Frégate Légère L'Héroine (24) off Olonne
1.12.1697Took the Privateer L'Espérance
1698Sailed for NewfoundlandBWAS-1603
14.2.1699/1700Paid offADM 33
1702East India convoyBWAS-1603
5.6.1702Took the Privateer Le Renau off Olonne
7.6.1702Took the Privateer La Légère off Olonne
13.6.1702Took the Privateer Le Succès off Olonne
26.2.1702/3Took the Privateer Le Reynold off Olonne
9.6.1703Took the Privateer L'Aurore off Olonne
14.7.1703Took the Privateer La Diane off Olonne
1704In the North SeaBWAS-1603
1705Sailed to BarbadosBWAS-1603
14.10.1706Paid offADM 33
1708Sailed to the West IndiesBWAS-1603
23.2.1707/8Took the Privateer Le Marquis de Bernières off Olonne
1710Fitted and sailed to the JamaicaBWAS-1603
6.3.1709/10Paid offADM 33
7.8.1711Capture of the San Joaquín
1713Returned homeBWAS-1603
6.1713Began refitting at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth BWAS-1603
6.1714Completed refitting at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth at a cost of £2572.11.5dBWAS-1603
1715In the BalticBWAS-1603
4.1.1714/15Paid offADM 33
1716In the BalticBWAS-1603
31.1.1716/17Paid offADM 33
13.6.1717Docked at Woolwich to be broken up for rebuildingBWAS-1603


DatesFleetFleet CommanderSource
18.5.1715-29.11.1716British Baltic Fleet 1715Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 

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Follow the link to the next incarnation and all shall be revealed. This version was broken up in 1717

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Who was captain of weymouth 1722 when it was ordered with swallow to apprehend black bart

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London Gazette, 8 Sep. 1696, Dublin, Sep.2 - The letters from Kinsale of the 28th past, say, they had advice from Bali?more, that the Dolphin of Leverpool, bound home with sugars, from Nevis, having been taken by 2 French privateers, and retaken soon after by the Weymouth, and that the Harwich and Weymouth were gone in pursuit of the said Privateers.

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