Nominal Guns74BWAS-1714
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down5.1782BWAS-1714
First Commissioned1.1793BWAS-1714
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardChatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1714
Ship ClassCarnatic ClassBWAS-1714
Designed bySir John Henslow (1730-1815)BWAS-1714
ConstructorJohn Nelson (d.1793)BWAS-1714
CategoryThird RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShip of the Line BWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1793
Length of Gundeck172' 3"Imperial Feet52.4267 
Length of Keel140' 4"Imperial Feet42.6745 
Breadth47' 10"Imperial Feet14.3256 
Depth in Hold20' 9"Imperial Feet6.3246 
Draught Forward11' 9"Imperial Feet3.5814 
Draught Aft17' 6"Imperial Feet5.2034 
Burthen1,707 8594Tons BM 


9.10.1790Broadside Weight = 781 Imperial Pound ( 354.1835 kg)BWAS-1793
Lower Gun Deck28 British 32-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck28 British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck14 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 9-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1.1793640Design establishmentBWAS-1793

17 Commanding Officers

19.10.1790 - 10.10.1792CaptainLord Constantine John Phipps (1st Baron of Mulgrave in the County of York) (1744-1792)† ADM 6/24/79ADM 6/2421.1.1793 - 13.9.1793CaptainHugh Seymour Conway (d.1801) ADM 6/24/196BWAS-179313.9.1793 - 12.4.1794CaptainGeorge Johnstone Hope (1767-1818) ADM 6/24/297ADM 6/2410.1793CaptainBenjamin Hallowell (1761-1834)BWAS-17937.1794 - 1797CaptainJohn Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817)WWNH8.1797 - 1798CaptainJoseph BinghamBWAS-17931798 - 2.1799CaptainHenry Digby (1770-1842)BWAS-17932.1799 - 1800CaptainJames May (d.1808)BWAS-17931800 - 4.1800CaptainJames Carpenter (1760-1845)BWAS-17936.1800 - 1801CommanderEdward Durnford King (1771-1862)BWAS-179330.6.1801 - 20.1.1802CommanderChristopher Cole (1770-1836)ref:6161802 - 12.1803CaptainRichard Dalling Dunn (d.1813)BWAS-17931.1804 - 11.1807CaptainHenry William Bayntun (1766-1840)BWAS-17936.1808 - 8.1811CaptainJohn Harvey (d.1837)BWAS-17938.1811 - 8.1813CaptainPatrick Campbell (1773-1841)BWAS-179310.1813 - 4.1814CaptainSir Adam Drummond (d.1849)BWAS-179310.1814 - 19.7.1816CaptainThomas Briggs (1780-1852)NBD1849

2 Flag Officers

1797 - 4.1798CommodoreJohn Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817)BWAS-179314.2.1799 - 12.1803Rear-Admiral of the WhiteJohn Thomas Duckworth (1748-1817)BWAS-1793

11 Commissioned Officers

20.11.1798 - 1.11.1799Acting LieutenantJames Brockman (d.1845)NBD184928.5.1803 - 1806LieutenantAlexander Burgoyne Howe (d.1865)NBD184914.7.1803 - 9.1805LieutenantCharles KnightonNBD184914.7.1803 - 1806LieutenantJames HardingNBD184914.7.1803 - 1806LieutenantJohn BaldwinNBD184914.7.1803 - 1806LieutenantFrancis Baker (d.1823)NBD184923.12.1803 - 1806LieutenantEyles MounsherNBD18491804LieutenantLeslie BouldersonNBD18491808LieutenantWilliam Silvester Addington (1783-1863)NBD18491812LieutenantAlexander DobbsBWAS-179322.2.1815 - 12.1815LieutenantGeorge Hans Blake (1791-?)NBD1849

7 Warrant Officers

1794SurgeonCharles Boveard (d.1813)ref:9241794PurserAbraham N Yatesref:9241794GunnerThomas O'Brien (d.1821)ref:9241794CarpenterWilliam Haswellref:9241794BoatswainThomas Bakieref:9241794MasterJames Parkref:9241794ChaplainWilliam Stephensref:924

16 Petty Officers

1790 - 1792Master's MateWilliam Pryce Cumby (1771-1837)ref:6161794MidshipmanNisbet Glenref:9051794MidshipmanAlexander EllisADM 171/825.1.1795 - 15.3.1795MidshipmanThomas Bladen Capel (1776-1853)NAO6.7.1797 - 17.11.1798Yeoman of the Powder RoomJohn HeadleyADM29-124.4.1801 - 7.8.1802MidshipmanGeorge CanningNAO9.1802 - 20.10.1802MidshipmanChristopher BellNBD18499.1802 - 3.9.1803MidshipmanLeslie BouldersonNBD18491803 - 4.1803MidshipmanWilliam Hill (1779-?)NAO27.10.1805 - 3.11.1805Master's MateJohn Man (1783-?)NAO1808 - 1810MidshipmanWilliam Edward Curlewis (1789-1847)NBD18491809 - 9.1813MidshipmanJohn BarnesNBD18496.1809 - 4.1813MidshipmanWilliam Henry Woodham (1794-?)NBD18491811 - 1814MidshipmanJohn RadcliffNBD18491814 - 1815MidshipmanWilliam George Ashby (d.1850)NBD18491814 - 16.9.1816Master's MateJohn RadcliffNBD1849

16 Crewmen

13.4.1793 - 1794Able SeamanWilliam BlackNBD18491794Able SeamanJoseph BatesADM 171/81794Able SeamanCharles Thomas Jones (1778-1853)ADM 171/81794Able SeamanJoseph BassettADM 171/81794Captain's ServantWilliam Henry HaswellADM 171/81794LandmanRichard BakerADM 171/81794Captain's ServantThomas HarveyADM 171/81794Able SeamanJoseph MajesticADM 171/81794Able SeamanGeorge AyresADM 171/81794Ordinary SeamanAndrew HardisADM 171/81794Able SeamanThomas MaddenADM 171/81794Able SeamanJohn AndersonADM 171/81794Able SeamanJohn ElderADM 171/81794Able SeamanRobert LowrieADM 171/81794Able SeamanBenjamin JoyADM 171/819.3.1795 - 27.6.1797Able SeamanElias Bodah (1773-?)ref:848

4 Marines

1794Lieutenant of MarinesJames Maxwellref:9241794Captain of MarinesThomas Lewisref:9241794PrivateJohn InchADM 171/81794Private, 29th Regiment of FootRichard Stephen BamfordADM 171/8

Service History

8.1791Began fitting at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1714
27.8.1791Completed at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham at a cost of £4810.19.8dBWAS-1714
27.8.1791Completed fitting at Chatham Dockyard - Chatham at a cost of £2064.16.5dBWAS-1714
1.1793First commissionedBWAS-1793
4.1793Fitted at SheernessBWAS-1793
22.5.1793Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1793
9.8.1793Took the Brig Le Vrai Patriote (10) near Flavanger Norvègeref:692
10.1793At ToulonBWAS-1793
4.1794refitting at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £11673.0.0dBWAS-1714
1.6.1794Glorious 1st of June
14.5.1795Sailed for JamaicaBWAS-1793
21.3.1796At LeoganeBWAS-1793
21.3.1796Attack on Leogane
8.1797refitting at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth at a cost of £10624.0.0dBWAS-1714
2.6.1798Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1793
11.1798Present at the capture of MinorcaBWAS-1793
1800Present at the blockade of CadizBWAS-1793
5.4.1800Action of 1800-04-07
6.1800Sailed for the Leeward IslesBWAS-1793
10.1803Began refitting at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth BWAS-1714
12.1803Paid offBWAS-1793
1.1804Completed refitting at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £22261.0.0dBWAS-1714
26.4.1804Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1793
21.10.1805Battle of Trafalgar
11.1807Began middling repair at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth BWAS-1714
8.1808Completed middling repair at Plymouth Dockyard - Plymouth at a cost of £39026.0.0dBWAS-1714
7.2.1809Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1793
21.10.1809Action of 1809-10-21
23.10.1809Present in attack on convoyBWAS-1793
29.4.1812Her boats attacked shipping near FrejusBWAS-1793
29.4.1812Action of 1812-04-29
9.5.1812In company with America (74) and Eclair (12) destroyed a convoy near LaiguegliaNNF-1715
27.6.1812In company with Imperieuse (38) and Curacao (36) destoryed a second convoyNNF-1715
27.6.1812Attack at Laigueglia 2
8.1813Began making good defects at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth BWAS-1714
11.1813Completed making good defects at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £13396.0.0dBWAS-1714
1814At JamaicaBWAS-1793
4.1814At Lisbon, CorkBWAS-1793
1816Paid offBWAS-1793
10.1816Fitted as a convict ship at PortsmouthBWAS-1793
10.1846Scuttled as a target ship at PortsmouthBWAS-1793
7.8.1848Remains sold to Mr Burns for £805BWAS-1793


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Posted by Tim Oakley on Sunday 8th of April 2018 06:51

15 Feb 1804 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, at Spithead, on Mr W Rudgley, Boatswain of the Leviathan, was tried for absenting from duty himself without leave, and the charge being proved he was sentenced to be dismissed the Service.

18 Feb 1804 a boat belonging to the Leviathan, Lying at St Helen's, in attempting to get on board, struck on the rocks of the Bembridge Ledge, and overset, by which melancholy accident, 12 persons were drowned. Those who died included Mr Foster, nephew of the commanding officer, Captain Brenton ; Mr Stephenson, surgeon's mate ; Mr Monkatine, a Russian officer ; and 9 seamen : W S Smith, J Atkinson, T Dedworth, J White (1), J Davis (3), W Wareing, R Bowen, J Quin, servant, and J Yeates, Marine Servant.

20 Feb 1804 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, at Spithead, on T Mahoney, of the Leviathan, was sentenced to 300 lashes for disobedience of orders and contempt.

Posted by Tim Oakley on Sunday 8th of April 2018 06:37

18 Jul 1801 letters dated Martinique advise that Capt C Cole, late of the Surinam, has been promoted to be Flag Captain to R.-Adm. Duckworth in the Leviathan, preparing for a cruise, with the hurricane season approaching.

Posted by Tim Oakley on Sunday 8th of April 2018 06:15

6th April 1800 Lieutenant Charles March Gregory, Leviathan's 2nd Lieutenant.

Posted by Tim Oakley on Friday 6th of April 2018 07:27

19 Oct 1803 arrived Spithead, from Jamaica, the Leviathan, Capt Bayntum, her convoy being escorted to the River by the Santa Margaritta. It is reported that her passage from the West Indies took 3 months ; and her crew has been very sickly during the passage, 20-30 men having been lost, amongst whom was Mr Thompson, late purser of the Hercule, son of J Thompson of the Dockyard ; 24 men have been sent into RNH Haslar following her arrival.

Circa 22 Oct 1803 Mr Richards, Purser of the Santa Margaritta, apptd to the Leviathan. Mr Holes, Clerk of the Leviathan, apptd to the Santa Margaritta.

Posted by Brian Stephens on Thursday 3rd of April 2014 17:01

American and Daily Advertiser
June 14, 1799 p. 2
Letter from Cart. Bowen, to Earl St. Vincent, Argo, off Port Mahon, Feb. 9, 1799
Sir. I have great pleasure in acquainting you, that in caring your orders into execution in company with the Liviathan, on the 6th inst. at 4 P.M. drawing around 5the east end of Majorca under storm stay sails, with violent gale westerly. I discovered two large Spanish frigates at anchor, near a fortified tower on the south point of Bahiad Aleude, who, immediately on seeing us, cut their cables and made sail to N. N. E. We instantly gave chase with all the canvas the ship could bear, unfortunately the Liviathan's main top sail gave way, which caused her to drop astern,; the enemy seeing this took advantage, and after the close of the day spoke each other and separated; one hauling their wind to the northwest and the other set top gallant sails and kept away before it, which later I followed. The darkness of the night precluded the Liviathan from seeing their maneuver as also my signal to her to alter her course for port; however the Liviathan kept sight of the Argo, and was near up with us at midnight, when I got along side of the enemy, who still persevered in his endeavors to get off., (although his small sails were either shot or carried away in the chase) and did not surrender until he received our whole broadside which proved to be the Santa Teresa commanded by Don Pab? Perez, mounting in all 42 guns, besides swivels and cohorns and manned with 280 seaman and marines, besides 230 soldiers; in all 530 person on board ???Lieutenant, Mr. Lyne has much merit in keeping sight and observing the different shifts of the enemy by which great advantage was gained by the Argo during the chase. etc...

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