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Nominal Guns96BWAS-1714
NationalityKingdom of England
OperatorRoyal Navy
First Commissioned15.12.1704BWAS-1714
ShipyardChatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1714
Constructor Robert Shortis (d.1705)BWAS-1714
CategorySecond RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShip of the Line BWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714
Broken Up to Rebuild1.1722BWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck163' 6"Imperial Feet49.6848 
Length of Keel135' 0"Imperial Feet41.148 
Breadth45' 0"Imperial Feet13.716 
Depth in Hold18' 4"Imperial Feet5.4991 
Burthenc1,398Tons BM 


1705Broadside Weight = 821 Imperial Pound ( 372.3235 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck26 British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck12 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder
Roundhouse2 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource

10 Ship Commanders

15.12.1704 - 27.3.1705Second Captain Hercules Mitchell (d.1705) Transfered ADM 6/8/120ADM 6/828.3.1705 - 15.10.1705Captain Isaac Townsend (d.1731)BWAS-171419.12.1705 - 5.3.1705/6Captain William Kerr ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/86.3.1705/6 - 13.9.1706Captain John Hubbard (d.1723) ADM 6/8/237BWAS-171410.12.1706 - 29.7.1707Captain Robert Fairfax (1666-1725) ADM 6/9/31BWAS-171430.7.1707 - 7.1.1707/8Captain Stephen Martin (d.1737) ADM 6/9/85BWAS-17148.1.1707/8 - 23.12.1708CaptainSir Thomas Hardy (1666-1732) Transfered ADM 6/9/117BWAS-171422.12.1708 - 3.9.1709Captain Francis Wyvell (d.1729) ADM 6/10/16BWAS-171426.1.1710/11 - 30.4.1711Captain John Hubbard (d.1723) ADM 6/11/99ADM 6/111.5.1711 - 2.7.1711Captain Samuel Vincent (d.1719) ADM 6/11/133ADM 6/11

1 Flag Officer

1708AdmiralSir John Leake (1656-1720)BWAS-1714

52 Commissioned Officers

14.12.1704 - 15.10.1705First Lieutenant William Collier (d.1736) ADM 6/8/120ADM 6/814.12.1704 - 15.10.1705Second Lieutenant Thomas Teddiman (d.1752) ADM 6/8/120ADM 6/814.12.1704 - 14.6.1705Third Lieutenant James Carlton ADM 6/8/120ADM 6/814.12.1704 - 15.10.1705Acting Fourth Lieutenant Alexander Gordon ADM 6/8/120ADM 6/819.12.1704 - 15.10.1705Fifth Lieutenant Francis Ingoldsby ADM 6/8/124ADM 6/819.12.1705 - 5.3.1705/6First Lieutenant Thomas Weedon (d.1707) Transfered ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/819.12.1705 - 5.12.1706Fifth Lieutenant Tancred Robinson (c.1685-1754) Transfered ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/821.12.1705 - 11.9.1706Second Lieutenant Thomas Howard (d.1734) ADM 6/8/212ADM 6/821.12.1705 - 13.9.1706Third Lieutenant Francis Weston Transfered ADM 6/8/212ADM 6/821.12.1705 - 9.12.1706Acting Fourth Lieutenant Francis Ingoldsby ADM 6/8/212ADM 6/86.3.1705/6 - 13.9.1706First Lieutenant William Tomm (c.1670-?) ADM 6/8/237ADM 6/810.12.1706 - 19.8.1707First Lieutenant Thomas Witts (d.1707) ADM 6/9/32ADM 6/910.12.1706 - 24.2.1706/7Second Lieutenant Coningsby Norbury (1679-1734) ADM 6/9/32ADM 6/910.12.1706 - 16.3.1706/7Third Lieutenant John James Gaches (d.1748) ADM 6/9/32ADM 6/910.12.1706 - 21.3.1706/7Acting Fourth Lieutenant Thomas Knowler ADM 6/9/31ADM 6/910.12.1706 - 10.2.1706/7Fifth Lieutenant Robert Paston (d.1711) Transfered ADM 6/9/32ADM 6/911.2.1706/7 - 19.3.1706/7Fifth Lieutenant Ralph Saunderson (d.1718) ADM 6/9/47ADM 6/927.2.1706/7 - 16.3.1706/7Second Lieutenant Justinian Miller ADM 6/9/52ADM 6/917.3.1706/7 - 25.8.1707Second Lieutenant John James Gaches (d.1748) Transfered ADM 6/9/57ADM 6/917.3.1706/7 - 21.3.1706/7Third Lieutenant Peter Franklin (d.1735/36) ADM 6/9/57ADM 6/920.3.1706/7 - 14.7.1707Fifth Lieutenant John Blanchard ADM 6/9/58ADM 6/922.3.1706/7 - 12.6.1707Third Lieutenant Thomas Knowler ADM 6/9/59ADM 6/922.3.1706/7 - 14.7.1707Acting Fourth Lieutenant Ralph Saunderson (d.1718) ADM 6/9/58ADM 6/913.6.1707 - 25.8.1707Third Lieutenant Joseph Risby (d.1720) ADM 6/9/75ADM 6/915.7.1707 - 25.8.1707Acting Fourth Lieutenant John Blanchard Transfered ADM 6/9/82ADM 6/915.7.1707 - 19.8.1707Fifth Lieutenant George Hitchcock Transfered ADM 6/9/82ADM 6/920.8.1707 - 25.8.1707First Lieutenant John Michell ADM 6/9/89ADM 6/920.8.1707 - 25.8.1707Fifth Lieutenant Nicholas Eaton (d.c.1729) ADM 6/9/88ADM 6/926.8.1707 - 8.1.1707/8Second Lieutenant Robert Robinson ADM 6/9/90ADM 6/926.8.1707 - 8.1.1707/8Third Lieutenant John Goodall (d.1728/29) ADM 6/9/90ADM 6/926.8.1707 - 8.1.1707/8Acting Fourth Lieutenant Nicholas Eaton (d.c.1729) ADM 6/9/90ADM 6/926.8.1707 - 7.1.1707/8Fifth Lieutenant Thomas Knowler ADM 6/9/90ADM 6/98.1.1707/8 - 27.12.1708Fifth Lieutenant Mathew Ellford (d.1733) ADM 6/9/118ADM 6/99.1.1707/8 - 31.3.1708First Lieutenant Robert Robinson ADM 6/15/120ADM 6/99.1.1707/8 - 27.12.1708Second Lieutenant John Goodall (d.1728/29) ADM 6/9/120ADM 6/99.1.1707/8 - 24.12.1708Third Lieutenant Nicholas Eaton (d.c.1729) Transfered ADM 6/9/120ADM 6/99.1.1707/8 - 27.12.1708Acting Fourth Lieutenant Thomas Knowler ADM 6/9/120ADM 6/928.12.1708 - 1.2.1710/11First Lieutenant John Lambert (d.1739) ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 1.2.1710/11Second Lieutenant David Taverner ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 7.6.1709Third Lieutenant Alexander Orrok (d.1742) Transfered ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 2.11.1710Acting Fourth Lieutenant Thomas Slade (c.1673-?) Transfered ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 21.4.1710Fifth Lieutenant George Rawlings Transfered ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/108.6.1709 - 26.1.1709/10Third Lieutenant Samuel Oates Transfered ADM 6/10/68ADM 6/102.2.1710/11 - 12.1.1714/15First Lieutenant John Doleing (c.1665-1719) Transfered ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 12.2.1710/11Second Lieutenant John Wynnell (c.1674-1759) Transfered ADM 6/14/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 2.4.1712Third Lieutenant Daniel Berryman (c.1662-?) ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 9.2.1710/11Acting Fourth Lieutenant Thomas Rumsey (d.1726) ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 9.2.1710/11Fifth Lieutenant John Berry ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/1110.2.1710/11 - 8.11.1711Acting Fourth Lieutenant John Berkeley Transfered ADM 6/11/106ADM 6/1110.2.1710/11 - 14.5.1711Fifth Lieutenant Peter Peters (d.1754) Transfered ADM 6/11/106ADM 6/1112.2.1710/11Second Lieutenant Edward Vaughan ADM 6/11/107ADM 6/1115.5.1711 - 2.7.1711Fifth Lieutenant Charles Molloy (d.1760) ADM 6/11/137ADM 6/11

1 Warrant Officer

1711 - 2.7.1711Chaplain Thomas Pocock (1672-1745)E-WIKI

1 Petty Officer

20.8.1705 - 26.3.1706Midshipman Henry Rossington Transfered ADM 107/2/177ADM 107/2

1 Crewman

29.7.1706 - 25.3.1707Able Seaman John Knowles ADM 107/2/253ADM 107/2

Service History


Ordered to be launched by the Admiralty

1705Commissioned for Byng's squadron in the SoundingsBWAS-1714
15.10.1705Paid offADM 33
1706Commissioned for Shovell's fleetBWAS-1714
1708In the MediterraneanBWAS-1714

Paid off

ADM 33
29.12.1709Renamed UnionBWAS-1714
2.7.1711Paid offADM 51

Docked at Chatham to break up for rebuild



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