Nominal Guns38B028
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down6.1780B028
First Commissioned3.1782B028
How acquiredPurpose builtB028
ShipyardLiverpool - Lancashire B028
Ship ClassMinerva ClassB028
Designed byEdward Hunt (d.bef.1740)BWAS-1714
ConstructorJohn SmallshawBWAS-1714
CategoryFifth RateB028
Ship TypeFrigate B028
Sailing RigShip RiggedB028
Sold for Break Up26.3.1828B028


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck141' 0"Imperial Feet42.9768 
Length of Keel116' 5 ¼"Imperial Feet35.3632 
Breadth39' 0 ½"Imperial Feet11.8999 
Depth in Hold13' 10 ¼"Imperial Feet3.9688 
Burthen944 494Tons BM 


12.6.1782Broadside Weight = 390.5 Imperial Pound ( 177.0921 kg)BWAS-1714
Upper Gun Deck28 British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck14 British 1/2-Pound Swivel
Quarterdeck6 British 18-Pound Carronade
Quarterdeck8 British 9-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 18-Pound Carronade
Forecastle2 British 9-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
6.11.1778270Design Complement

17 Commanding Officers

21.3.1782 - 29.4.1783CaptainWilliam Waldegrave (1753-1825) ADM 6/22/428BWAS-171429.4.1783 - 26.8.1785CaptainJohn Colpoys (1742-1821) ADM 6/23/58BWAS-171426.8.1785 - 20.9.1786CaptainGeorge Dawson (c.1739-?) ADM 6/23/296ADM 6/2320.9.1786 - 20.11.1788CaptainGeorge Dawson (c.1739-?) ADM 6/23/356BWAS-171422.11.1790CaptainGeorge Losack ADM 6/24/88ADM 6/2426.12.1792 - 31.3.1794CaptainSir Andrew Snape Douglas (1761-1797) ADM 6/24/188BWAS-171431.3.1794 - 7.7.1794CaptainWilliam Bentinck (1764-1813) ADM 6/25/25ADM 6/257.7.1794 - 7.1799CaptainRobert Stopford (1768-1847) ADM 6/25/57BWAS-17147.1799 - 3.1802CaptainJames Nicoll Morris (1763-1830)BWAS-17147.1803 - 10.1806CaptainGeorge Cockburn (1772-1853)BWAS-171410.1806 - 7.1808CaptainJohn WoodBWAS-17147.1808 - 13.10.1808CommanderFleetwood Broughton Reynolds PellewBWAS-171414.10.1808 - 8.1812CaptainFleetwood Broughton Reynolds PellewBWAS-171410.1816 - 1817CaptainFrancis StanfellBWAS-171414.4.1818 - 10.1819CaptainWilliam Henry Dillon (d.1857)BWAS-171429.10.1819 - 23.9.1822CaptainWilliam Augustus MontaguRNB18239.1822 - 1825CaptainHenry Evelyn Pitfield SturtBWAS-1714

13 Commissioned Officers

17.8.1784 - 1784First LieutenantRichard Harrison ADM 6/23/237ADM 6/231794First LieutenantEdward Fellowes (d.1841)ref:9241794Second LieutenantJohn Nashref:9241794Third LieutenantJohn Forfarref:92424.12.1794 - 9.1797LieutenantGeorge WolfeRNB182310.5.1796 - 12.11.1800LieutenantFrancis Beaufort (1774-1857)RNB18231800 - 13.11.1800First LieutenantFrancis Beaufort (1774-1857)NBD184931.10.1815 - 7.1.1818LieutenantRichard HoareRNB182331.10.1815 - 3.4.1818First LieutenantJohn Norman Campbell (d.1849)NBD18494.1818 - 10.1819LieutenantJohn GearyRNB182329.10.1819 - 17.5.1822LieutenantCharles Philip Yorke (1799-?)RNB182329.10.1819 - 23.9.1822First LieutenantHenry Fage BelsonNBD18491.11.1819 - 28.1.1822LieutenantCoote Hely HutchinsonRNB1823

9 Warrant Officers

25.7.1781 - 16.8.1781PurserTitus Livie (d.1805) ADM 6/22/317ADM 6/221794CarpenterJoshua Reynoldsref:9241794BoatswainThomas Littleref:9241794MasterWilliam Bruceref:9241794PilotJohn Flochref:9241794SurgeonAndrew Baird (1757-1843)ref:9241794PurserGeorge C Groutref:9241794GunnerJohn Austinref:9248.7.1808 - 21.1.1809MasterStephen ThomasADM29-1

14 Petty Officers

4.1783 - 1787MidshipmanJohn HancockRNB182321.11.1786 - 3.12.1788MidshipmanRichard Curry (1772-?)RNB18231793 - 4.1794MidshipmanGraham Eden Hamond (1779-1862)RNB18231794MidshipmanWilliam Payne (1773-1852)ADM 171/89.1794 - 9.5.1796MidshipmanFrancis Beaufort (1774-1857)RNB18231795 - 10.5.1796MidshipmanFrancis Beaufort (1774-1857)NBD18491798 - 7.7.1799MidshipmanFrancis Mason (1779-?)RNB18237.1799 - 10.1.1802MidshipmanAnthony Collins Stanton (d.1827)RNB18236.1802 - 3.1807MidshipmanJames AndersonNBD18499.1803 - 6.1805MidshipmanJames Scott (1790-?)RNB18231810 - 19.9.1810MidshipmanNicholas Atkin (1791-1852)NBD18491815 - 1816Master's MateWilliam Boulton (d.1851)NBD184930.10.1819 - 8.1824MidshipmanEdward John CarpenterRNB18231825 - 3.1825MidshipmanRichard Brydges Beechey (1808-?)NBD1849

8 Crewmen

1794Captain's ServantWilliam Fitzroy (1782-1857)ADM 171/81794Able SeamanRobert DuncanADM 171/81794Ordinary SeamanMatthew StaffordADM 171/81794Able SeamanHugh Tilly Shellshear (d.1849)ADM 171/81794Able SeamanGeorge SaverADM 171/81794Able SeamanJames KemptonADM 171/81795BoyJohn LittleADM 171/810.12.1819 - 4.18221st Class VolunteerSt Leger Aldworth (1806-?)NL1865

3 Marines

1794Lieutenant of MarinesAbraham James Tregentref:9241794PrivateWilliam SorthonADM 171/81794 - 1795PrivateJohn SherrardADM 171/8

Service History

3.1782First CommissionedBWAS-1714
11.1782Began fitting at Plymouth - Devon BWAS-1714
27.12.1782Completed at Plymouth - Devon at a cost of £18986.8.1dBWAS-1714
27.12.1782Completed fitting at Plymouth - Devon at a cost of £7565.18.4dBWAS-1714
8.10.1783Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
8.1785Paid offBWAS-1714
17.12.1786Sailed for the MediterraneanBWAS-1714
12.1788Paid offBWAS-1714
12.1790Began large repair at Portsmouth - Hampshire BWAS-1714
1.1793Completed large repair at Portsmouth - Hampshire at a cost of £15788.0.0dBWAS-1714
3.1793Took the Lugger L'Aimable Liberte
14.4.1793Took the Brig Le Général Dumourier (22) ref:692
28.5.1793Took the Corvette La Prompte (22) off the Spanish coastBWAS-1714
6.1793Took the Privateer Le Général Washington BWAS-1714
19.6.1793Took the Lugger Le Poisson Volant (10) BG
27.11.1793Took the Frigate La Blonde (20)
2.1794Paid offBWAS-1714
1.6.1794Took the Defence (74) in tow having briefly engaged the L'Impétueux (74)
1.6.1794Glorious 1st of June
1795Part of the royal escort for Princess Carolina of BrunswickBWAS-1714
7.6.1795Assisted at the capture of eight vessels laden with wine and naval stores from Bourdeaux; during which she endeavouried to take a corvette that had sought refuge under a battery on the south end of Belleisle, the Phaeton had 1 man killed, 7 others wounded, and 2 guns dismounted.RNB1823
16.6.1795First Battle of Groix
10.3.1796Took the Corvette La Bonne Citoyenne (20) off Cape FinisterreBWAS-1714
6.3.1797Took the Brig L'Actif (18) Ushant bearing E. by W. 46 leaguesBG
16.9.1797Took the Schooner Le Chasseur (6) BG
24.9.1797Took the Privateer L'Indienne (16) BG
7.10.1797Took the Brig Découverte (10) in the ChannelBWAS-1714
28.12.1797Took the Unrated Le Hasard (12)
28.12.1797Took the Ship La Daphne (20)
1.1.1798Took the Privateer L'Aventure (12)
19.2.1798Took the Corvette La Légère (18) BG
22.3.1798Destroyed a large frigate near Cordoban lighthouseBWAS-1714
22.3.1798Chased the French Charente (36) off the il d'Aix, which escaped after running agroundTRN4
31.8.1798Took the Privateer Le Mercure (18) BG
6.9.1798Took the Frigate La Flore (36) after a search of 7 days and a chace of 20 hoursBG
8.10.1798Took the Brig Le Lévrier (16) BG
20.11.1798Took the Corvette L'Hirondelle (20) in the Channel
24.11.1798Took the Privateer La Résolue (18)
6.12.1798Took the Brig La Ressource (10) BG
1800To the Mediterranean until 1801BWAS-1714
5.1800Present at the seige of GenoaTRN4
16.5.1800Her boats, together with Naiad (38) , took El Reposo and destroyed La Alcudia at Pontevedro
27.10.1800Took the Polacca San Jose (14)
3.1802Paid offBWAS-1714
12.1802Began large repair at Deptford - London BWAS-1714
8.1803Completed large repair at Deptford - London at a cost of £21545.0.0dBWAS-1714
2.8.1805Action of 1805-08-02
1808At NagasakiBWAS-1714
24.4.1811Sailed from MadrasTRN5
21.5.1811Arrived at PenangTRN5
24.5.1811Left PenangTRN5
24.5.1811Left Penang for MalaccaTRN5
11.6.1811Left Malacca as part of the fleet to suppress JavaTRN5
8.1811Present at the reduction of JavaBWAS-1714
31.8.1811Landing parties from the Phaeton and the Sir Francis Drake (32) rushed and took the fort of Sumenap, in the island of Madura
8.1812Returned home with the East India convoyBWAS-1714
10.1812Began large repair at Deptford - London BWAS-1714
4.1814Fitted for ordinary at SheernessBWAS-1714
4.1814Completed large repair at Deptford - London BWAS-1714
11.1815Began fitting at Sheerness - Kent BWAS-1714
1.1816Completed fitting at Sheerness - Kent BWAS-1714
10.1816Commissioned for St HelenaBWAS-1714
4.1818Commissioned for the East IndiesBWAS-1714
10.1819Paid off and then recommissionedBWAS-1714
1825Paid offBWAS-1714
11.7.1827Sold to Mr Freake for £3,430. The sale was cancelled Mr Freake having been declared insaneBWAS-1714
26.3.1828Resold to Joshua Cristall for £2,500 for breaking upBWAS-1714


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