Nominal Guns100
NationalityKingdom of England
OperatorRoyal Navy
PreviouslyBritish First Rate ship of the line 'Royal Charles' (1673) (100)
First Commissioned12.2.1693/94
How acquiredPurpose built
ShipyardPortsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth B065
Designed bySir Anthony Deane (1633-1721)B065
ConstructorSir Anthony Deane (1633-1721)B065
CategoryFirst Rate
Ship TypeShip of the Line
Sailing RigShip Rigged
Broken Up to Rebuild5.1709


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentB065
Length of Gundeck170' 6"Imperial Feet51.8182 
Length of Keel137' 8"Imperial Feet41.7631 
Breadth47' 7"Imperial Feet14.351 
Depth in Hold18' 0"Imperial Feet5.4864 
Burthen1,658Tons BM 


1.1693Broadside Weight = 966 Imperial Pound ( 438.081 kg)BWAS-1603
Gun Deck24 British Cannon of 7
Gun Deck32 British Culverin
Gun Deck30 British Demi-Culverin
Quarterdeck/Forecastle12 British 6-Pounder
Roundhouse2 British 3-Pounder

1703Broadside Weight = 848 Imperial Pound ( 384.568 kg)BWAS-1603
Lower Gun Deck26 British Demi-Cannon
Middle Gun Deck28 British Culverin
Upper Gun Deck28 British Demi-Culverin
Quarterdeck12 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder
Roundhouse2 British 6-Pounder

9 Ship Commanders

14.2.1693/94 - 22.3.1694/95Captain John EveryBWAS-160322.3.1694/95 - 2.6.1695Captain Thomas Jennings (d.1723) ADM 6/3/42ADM 6/33.6.1695 - 25.8.1695Captain James Wishart (d.1723) ADM 6/3/59ADM 6/319.8.1695 - 6.5.1696Second Captain John Hubbard (d.1723) Transfered ADM 6/3/71ADM 6/32.9.1695 - 5.5.1696Captain William Bokenham (d.1702) Transfered ADM 6/3/74ADM 6/320.4.1697 - 10.10.1697Captain Thomas Jennings (d.1723) ADM 6/4/91ADM 6/414.1.1701/2 - 3.11.1702Second CaptainSir James Stewart (d.1704/5) ADM 6/6/130ADM 6/64.1.1702/3 - 13.3.1702/3Second CaptainSir James Stewart (d.1704/5) ADM 6/7/70ADM 6/716.3.1702/3 - 15.5.1703Captain Edward Good (d.1709/10) ADM 6/7/106ADM 6/7

1 Flag Officer

16.2.1693/94 - 1695AdmiralLord John Berkeley (3rd Baron Berkeley of Stratton) (1663-1696/97)BWAS-1603

35 Commissioned Officers

9.5.1695 - 19.7.1695First Lieutenant Richard Culliford (d.1738) ADM 6/3/55ADM 6/39.5.1695 - 14.8.1695Second Lieutenant Nicholas Dyer (d.1697) ADM 6/3/55ADM 6/39.5.1695 - 10.6.1695Third Lieutenant John Henry Holmes ADM 6/3/56ADM 6/39.5.1695 - 3.9.1695Acting Fourth Lieutenant Robert Groome ADM 6/3/55ADM 6/39.5.1695 - 25.12.1695Fifth Lieutenant John Tildsely ADM 6/3/55ADM 6/310.6.1695 - 26.9.1695Third Lieutenant Philip Browne (d.aft.1702) ADM 6/3/61ADM 6/319.7.1695 - 28.7.1695First Lieutenant Charles Smith (d.1750) ADM 6/3/66ADM 6/314.8.1695 - 9.2.1695/96First Lieutenant Nicholas Dyer (d.1697) ADM 6/3/70ADM 6/319.8.1695 - 10.10.1697Second Lieutenant Edmond Draper ADM 6/3/71ADM 6/33.9.1695 - 10.10.1697Third Lieutenant Robert Groome ADM 6/3/75ADM 6/33.9.1695 - 10.10.1697Acting Fourth Lieutenant Richard Hughes (1670-1756) ADM 6/3/75ADM 6/33.9.1695 - 14.4.1697Fifth Lieutenant Alexander Stewart ADM 6/3/75ADM 6/314.4.1697 - 10.10.1697Fifth LieutenantSir Charles Rich (1680-1706) ADM 6/4/90ADM 6/416.1.1701/2 - 20.1.1701/2First Lieutenant Nathaniel Hubbard (d.1731) ADM 6/6/133ADM 6/616.1.1701/2 - 20.1.1701/2Second Lieutenant Thomas Kempthorne (d.1736) ADM 6/6/133ADM 6/616.1.1701/2 - 3.11.1702Acting Fourth Lieutenant Charles Parsons (d.1705/6) ADM 6/6/133ADM 6/621.1.1701/2 - 3.11.1702First Lieutenant Peter Chamberlain (d.1720) ADM 6/6/137ADM 6/621.1.1701/2 - 3.11.1702Second Lieutenant John Power ADM 6/6/136ADM 6/623.2.1701/2 - 5.5.1702Fifth Lieutenant Thomas Clarke ADM 6/7/23ADM 6/76.5.1702 - 28.9.1702Fifth Lieutenant Edward Leslie ADM 6/7/33ADM 6/717.11.1702 - 21.1.1702/3First Lieutenant Peter Chamberlain (d.1720) ADM 6/7/60ADM 6/78.1.1702/3 - 2.2.1702/3Second Lieutenant Thomas Kempthorne (d.1736) ADM 6/7/73ADM 6/78.1.1702/3 - 2.2.1702/3Third Lieutenant Charles Parsons (d.1705/6) ADM 6/7/73ADM 6/78.1.1702/3 - 2.2.1702/3Acting Fourth Lieutenant Thomas Cooke ADM 6/7/73ADM 6/78.1.1702/3 - 2.2.1702/3Fifth Lieutenant Daniel Butler ADM 6/7/73ADM 6/73.2.1702/3 - 23.3.1702/3First Lieutenant Thomas Kempthorne (d.1736) Transfered ADM 6/7/85ADM 6/73.2.1702/3 - 23.3.1702/3Second Lieutenant Charles Parsons (d.1705/6) ADM 6/7/85ADM 6/73.2.1702/3 - 23.3.1702/3Third Lieutenant Thomas Cooke ADM 6/7/85ADM 6/73.2.1702/3 - 23.3.1702/3Acting Fourth Lieutenant Daniel Butler ADM 6/7/85ADM 6/73.2.1702/3 - 23.3.1702/3Fifth Lieutenant Francis Percy (c.1676-1740/41) Transfered ADM 6/7/85ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 15.5.1703First Lieutenant Walter Massy ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 15.5.1703Second Lieutenant John Stephens (c.1664-1731) ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 15.5.1703Third Lieutenant Nicholas Gibbon (c.1661-?) ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 15.5.1703Acting Fourth Lieutenant Edward Gregory (c.1670-?) ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 15.5.1703Fifth Lieutenant Edmund Hooke (c.1681-1744/45) ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/7

2 Warrant Officers

c.1698 - c.1700Carpenter Paul Stigant (d.1717)ADM 10616.1.1702/3 - 15.5.1703Midshipman Extra William Grouard ADM 6/7/79ADM 6/7

Service History


In Ordinary until 1702


Paid off



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